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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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24/07/2007 at 11:48

Welcome Hetty, Janie & AP and all your little ones. It's great to hear all's well regardless of how the births went.
It becomes a distant memory rather quickly.

Minks - you are right about travel and babies. I find flying such a challenge, changing a wriggly 8 month old in a plane with turbulence is no mean feat.
I did find Dubai to be an extremely child friendly city, the shopping malls had the largest and cleanest changing facilities I have ever seen.
There were even buggies at the airport to put the little ones in before the buggies came out of the hold.
24/07/2007 at 13:31
It has been ages since I have been on this site - it has a new look!

Firstly congrats to Janie and AP - two more wee boys for us! Glad both babies and Mums are doing well now. JT - that's what is important at the end of it that Ted is doing well now. Look after yourselves now - you both deserve the title of Proud Mum!
24/07/2007 at 13:37
I've read back now! Hetty congrats on your two girls (evens things up here a bit). Really pleased that you are getting better now.
24/07/2007 at 15:44
Hi everyone,

I have a 13 month old daughter called Evie. I didnt start running for a while after she was born as i could never find the time! You are all so great to get out there and do it.

Anna x
25/07/2007 at 10:12
I know how you feel Janie T. Harry caught septicaemia in hospital, don't ask me how ;o). Too many blood sugar test pricks I think with dirty hands? He also had IV antibiotics, poor love had a canula which kept falling out and his little tiny hands and ankles were so bruised after the two weeks. It is now a distant memory that horrendous 3 weeks, so fingers crossed you will have the same distant memory soon.

Glad you are home now though and all is well.

Had my two weighed last week, first time in over two months, as going to clinic with twins is a nightmare as noone helps. Harry 16lb3, very tiny!! Joshie 18lb7. Still pretty small for 9 months bless them!
25/07/2007 at 17:08
hello ladies with babies
wishing you all health and wealth

my cousin is preggers almost to date as I was last year - she is so lucky we're not getting the heat of last July this year!

do any of your little mites suffer from ezcema (hopefully not) and can recommend any remedies? Jacob is nearly 9mths old and has had on and off since he was 8wks.

26/07/2007 at 09:47
Go Martini, my wee James has eczema (8 months) and has seen the dermatologist a couple of times. Thankfully it i much better at the moment - to the extent that he has not worn gloves the last 3 nights.

Gloves really limit the damage - James wears his in the bath and sometimes when we go swimming. We got some from spirit of nature that tie on - unfortunately he is very talented at getting them off. We put them on when he has his nappy changed as when skin is out in hte open he immediately scratches.

Even in hot weather he has to have his legs and arms covered. Long sleeved vests are best as they are tighter round his arms and cover his tummy (he pulls up t shirts and scratches! (Difficult to get long sleeved vests at this time of year though)

Cream does help. However it needs to be so thick. We have a little snowman every nappy change - helps keep your hands soft too.

Also a lot of doctors are afraid of hydrocortisone. 1% which is the most common is a VERY mild steroid. It is much better to be used and to clear up the eczema than to let your child be suffering.

Creams we use are diprobase, doublebase, hydrocortisone and aqueous. The aqueous we just bought a big drum of (from Tesco pharmacy or chemist - really cheap) and we put this on as a soap in the bath. he already has oilatum plus in the bath water (which he drinks) but the aqueous we smother him in then wash most of it off. We still cream him up with the diprobase afterwards.

I think all these creams are available over the counter but also on prescription. I get big prescription drums of the creams and then buy little tubes to keep in his changing bag.

Bath water cooler rather than warmer. Creams should also be applied in the same direction as hair grows (downward motion) as it can irritate if rubbed up and down. Patting dry after the bath rather han rubbing....

Hope this is of some use although you probably know, have tried everything already.

26/07/2007 at 09:50
JT - Ted is gorgeous! How perfect looking - so tiny.....
30/07/2007 at 21:48
Wow, you go away for a week ...

Congratulations to AP and Janie - Janie, the pics are gorgeous! It's hard to believe that Kit was ever that tiny now. It must have been so tough hearing him in pain and seeing his tiny veins so bruised. I know how I'd feel if Kit had to go through anything like that - it would break my heart.

Just got back from a relatively dry week in Wales, staying with my in-laws. Was lovely for them to be able to spend time with their grandson and lovely for hubby and I to have meals cooked for us every night! Got some good runs in in the Welsh hills too - hard going but worth it for the scenery. Was quite surprised to discover that according to their scales, I still weigh the same as when we went up at Easter when Kit was only 6 weeks old. I certainly think I'm slimmer than I was then, and more of my clothes now fit me - either the scales are wrong or I now have loads of muscle which weighs more than the baby flab!

Will take Kit to be weighed tomorrow. He was 14lb 8oz three weeks ago so I wouldn't be surprised if he's heading for 16lb by now. He seemed to eat voraciously for a few days last week so I think he was probably having a growth spurt. He was five months last Friday, bless him - can't believe it really. The time just flies.

AP and Janie, make the most of these early weeks. They do pass in a bit of a blur but try to savour them as much as you can. Before you can blink your new little ones will be a few months old.

Kit's just learned to giggle and it's SO cute! He especially likes to laugh while he's in the bath - I think the sponge tickles!
31/07/2007 at 09:02
AP, have just read your birth story and it made my cry - it was so lovely! Also reminded me of my own labour which was progressing well and calmly before it was discovered that Kit was breech. That moment when you first start feeling contractions is weird, isn't it? I wasn't sure at first if that was what they were - but I was tuned in to expect mine as my waters had broken several hours earlier. Mine certainly didn't break with a bang like yours! I moved in bed to switch off the alarm and felt a gush - stood up and my pyjamas were soaked through. Remember turning to hubby and telling him that he wouldn't be going to work that day!
31/07/2007 at 12:53
Minks - Sorry to make you cry! I usually put it down to hormones ;)

I can't believe Kit is five months now, didn't that just fly by?! Hector is one month now and I can't work out where that time went. Your little guy is growing well and sounds like he's a joy! Hmmm, scales. I try not to get too caught up in all that, but weighed myself the other day and I'm the same as I was a couple of weeks ago, slightly disappointed because I had thought the weight was dropping off. Must be patient and not worry about it, it takes time!

We've had a difficult few days - Hector seems to be terribly uncomfortable when passing wind, to the point of squealing. It's horrible to see and makes feeding time a bit sad - I can hear his stomach gurgling. I've been drinking fennel tea and massaging his tummy on the advice of my MW, but it doesn't really seem to be easing. Poor little fella - any tips anyone?

31/07/2007 at 13:13
I can't resisit lurking on this thread - hopefully it won't be too long now before I join you!

AP - I'm sure you've thought of this but have you been eating anything unusual recently? I remember having a really strong onion soup that gave poor DD awful tummyache when I was feeding her. And have you tried laying him tummy down along your arm with his head in your hand- I think that can help sometimes. Hope it eases off soon.
31/07/2007 at 17:03
AP - Our health visitor said rubbing their tummy must be clockwise and rather than rubbing we used to 'finger walk' round in a little circle - does that make sense? (again clockwise. There was also something else to do with rubbing feet - however I can not remember whether it was to rub up to toes or away from. Sorry.
31/07/2007 at 17:07
Thanks for the tips! Sarahbob, I can't think of anything unusual, I try to keep my diet quite close to my pregnancy diet if possible, so not sure. The arm hold does work sometimes, then he'll suddenly hate it, but i usually give it a try - they look very cute in this pose!

Ploddingalong - thanks for that tip, I find it hard to rub anyway because his tummy is so small! I'll try the finger walking next time. He does love having his feet rubbed actually, so I'll do that too. I'm hoping to go to a baby massage class which is free around here, run by our local authority. I'll let you know how it goes.
31/07/2007 at 19:06

I'm a new graduate too! Louise was born 15/7/7 after over 48 hours of steady contractions and then only 1hr of pushing!

I am back in some of my old clothes but the belly is still wibbling and I think my ass has a few extra pounds on it too!

i have been getting out for walks but don't plan to run til after my 6 week check.

I will catch up with you all soon.
02/08/2007 at 09:10
AP, it's awful when they have pains in their tummies, isn't it? I think when Kit was tiny I used to lay him face down on my lap and rub his back (I found it hard to hold him on my shoulder as his head was so unsteady and I have very narrow shoulders so he kept rolling off!) Hubby always used to hold him up against his shoulder and that seemed to be the best position to help him get rid of his wind. Have you tried giving him a dose of Infacol before a feed? It can help stop them from getting so windy and also help them to bring up any wind more easily. I still give it to Kit before his final feed at night just to help make sure he isn't disturbed by wind in the night. If you do try it, I've found that giving it 5-10 minutes before the feed works best.

Congratulations to EP - I'd also advise waiting until your 6-week check before starting to run again, although some women feel ready earlier - depends on the individual really. My postnatal check didn't take place until just over 7 weeks after the birth and I had actually done a couple of runs before it which felt OK. Having had a section I was a little nervous about how the wound would feel but I took the runs VERY gently and had no adverse reactions.

I can now fit in pretty much all my old clothes, although some don't fit in the same way as they used to because my body seems to have changed shape slightly. I've just packed away the things I don't feel comfortable in any more - life's too short to worry about it and I'd rather have Kit than a perfect pre-baby body anyway! That said, I've got my brother's wedding at the end of the month and want to look as good as I can, so have decided to watch it a bit on the snacking front for the next couple of weeks as I seem to have developed a 'biscuit with cup of tea' habit that I never had before! Would never diet though - love my food too much for that!
02/08/2007 at 16:37
Thanks for the advice Minks. The front position works for a time then he gets grumpy, not a fan of lying on his front - he rolls himself over onto his back!

I like your approach to the clothes/diet thing. We're going to a (big, posh) wedding at the beginning of September too and I really haven't got a clue what to wear. It needs to cover the jelly belly, be easy to breast feed in and not show up drool stains...not much to ask! It did occur to me that people won't be looking at me anyway, so as long as Hector looks good we'll be alright ;)
03/08/2007 at 09:13
Very true, AP - haven't got Kit a wedding outfit yet as not sure how much he'll have grown between now and the end of the month, so will leave it a couple of weeks. Want him to look super-cute though!

Mum and I were joking about having some muslins custom-dyed to match our outfits to catch Kit's baby drool on the day! My outfit is lovely - a teal-green camisole and fitted bolero-style cardigan, and a slightly A-line skirt in a swirly fabric (mostly teal) with a teal satin ribbon tie belt. There's some cream in the skirt so am wearing cream shoes and bag. We're going to Ladies' Day at the races for the hen do next week. Have got a white linen trouser suit but am not sure if this will be OK - think Ladies' Day is quite dressy and am worried I'll let the side down. Still haven't got anything to go under the suit or shoes or a bag, or a feathery thing for my head. Think I might be doing some mad last-minute shopping this weekend!

Kit has been fantastic this last week. He's sleeping really well at his nap times - seems to have lengthened them to 2 hours in the morning, an hour at lunchtime and half an hour in the afternoon. He's also slept from 11pm until 7am every night this week - he was sleeping well before but we had the odd night when he'd wake up and need a reassuring touch or 'Shhhh' to settle back down again. Because he's sleeping well he's even smilier than usual during the day which is lovely. I don't think I could ever have understood before I had him how much I would love him - it overwhelms me sometimes.
03/08/2007 at 12:46
Ah Minks, that's lovely! I do find myself looking into Hector's eyes, especially when he's feeding and looking up at me, and simply melting. It is an incredibly strong feeling.

Your wedding outfit sounds very stylish! I wish I was that organised, but I suppose it is your brother's wedding, so you will have the buzz of it all around you. I'm going to wait until later on in the month due to the changing body.

Enjoy your Ladies' Day, sounds like a fun hen do!
03/08/2007 at 18:37
I am going to france in september for a wedding and panicking already about what to wear the whole weekend... only clothes that i have got that fit are 2 pairs of jeans (one new in a bigger size and 1 under bump mat jeans!) and a selectionof vests and t shirts. i am very reluctant to buy something as i am way bigger than usual.... thinkl I will wait like you AP and hope I shrink a bit!
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