Niggling Knee

no pain (yet) but I'm "aware" of it - any advice to prevent injury??

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21/02/2005 at 23:04
My right knee has started to bother me. Its not been previously injured - and I don't want to injure it now, any advice??

I'm not feeling any pain as such, but I'm "aware" of it a lot - initially (last couple of weeks) just when bending it a lot (like squats, lunges or even kneeling down) but not when I run. Now however, I am "aware" of it when I run too.

What can I do to look after it and prevent any proper full-on injury??
21/02/2005 at 23:19
Stop running for a bit is the best thing.

Stop doing squats and lunges. Maybe do some more gentle exercises to keep it mobile and use the muscles while you are resting it.

If you don't stop running then ice it after running. If you do stop running then some hot/cold therapy might be worth a go.


Support bandage.

Also if you've changed anything in your training you might want to change it back until it feels better - eg shoes, surface, intensity etc
22/02/2005 at 08:29
I remember this is how my injury started i.e. as a kind of awareness that something was wrong rather than actual pain.

Can you pinpoint where the problem is (i.e. under the kneecap, inside, below etc). How long have you been running? As popside says, have you recently started doing anything new?

If it hurst when you bend it a lot - don't bend it!
22/02/2005 at 22:34
It doens't hurt at all, its not a pain or even an ache (yet).

Even if I kneel right down and stand up again, or crouch right down to the floor and stand up again - its not a pain or ache, but I can "feel" it - I notice it more then the other knee.

The area I am feeling it is not the sides or the back of the knee, its the front, and its not the knee cap itself. And its moved around!! It was orginally (couple of weeks ago) below the knee cap (like a one inch band across the front of the very top of my shin, immediately below the knee cap). Now its actually above the knee cap - like a 2 inch band across the front of the very bottom of the thigh immediately above the knee cap.

I iced it last night and again this morning and plan to keep that up for a few days at least.

I have been running (plodding) for about 2 years, haven't had new shoes recently (October was new shoes and I've done 250 miles since then accoridng to my run diary).

Don't think I've changed anything recently - surface or itensity - if anything I've dropped intensity since the later part of last year - since the New Year I have been typically doing about 18 miles per week across 5 sessions - 4 easy and 1 harder sessions.

Thanks for the help!
22/02/2005 at 23:11

and do some knee lifts, where you bring your leg up to straight from bent with a weight on to build up the muscle on your inner thigh.
the "feeling" could be down to an imbalace in the muscles pulling the kneecap over to the outside instead of straight.

23/02/2005 at 11:31
I have had a similar problem, it started as a feeling that made me want to click my knee, almost like it wasnt moving properly! I took voltorol which made the feeling go away, and carried on as normal! Did a 10 miler on saturday and felt pain after! Im now very frustrated as im in training for the FLM and feel like its going to be an ongoing problem, so my advice is back off from high impact stuff and maybe go see an osteo to give u some treatment! i am going again tonight so i will see what he says!!

Let me know how it feels
Charlotte ;-)
23/02/2005 at 12:27
Well I have to say again this sounds quite familiar......

...the band below the knee and that above are the tendons that join the kneecap to the shin and thigh respectively. The "feel" you described could be down to excessive pulling on the tendon which, if untreated may develop into patellar tendonitis (as it did in my case). The cause is sometimes down to poor tracking of the kneecap which in turn could be caused by muscle imbalances, incorrect shoes, lack of stretching etc.

To correct the problem (if that's what it is) a physio will generally recommend strengthening exercises for rebalancing. Cycling is generally regarded as a good complement to running.

But my advice would be to get it checked before it gets worse.

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