Niggling leg/groin injury

Help me identify/remedy my ailment please.

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06/04/2012 at 19:49
I've got a niggling injury, in the groin i thinkbut i cant be sure. I've had it for a week now and I'm really struggling to identify its cause. It hurts most when I stand on the o e leg ( the offending one) and causes mild discomfort walking, get in the car, etc. The thing is - it doesn't really hurt, but it's there.

I ran the Llanbedr-Blaenavon fell race last Saturday (25km with 1300m accent/deccent) with absolutely no issue at all. I ran again on Monday and Tuesday and whilst running there is no issue at all.

When stopped though the discomfort is still there, no worse, no better. It's feels better in the morning than in the evening. I've tried every stretch I can think of but can't activate the discomfort.

Has anyone had anything similiar- I havn't ran since tuesday as it is winding me right up. Incidentally, I managed a 110k road ride this morning with absolutely no issue.

Although I've tried every stretch I can think of to activate it, I can't locate the origin. I appreciate that rest may be a good option, but running doesn't seem to make it any worse. I'm thinking groin strain but could this be identified by sticking my finger somewhere, or stretching, to activate it?

Any help appreciated, thanks.
06/04/2012 at 20:28
Sounds like a grade 1 groin strain - kinda tight but not overly painful? And the fact that it worsens as the day goes on points to a muscle injury i.e. the feeling reduces with rest.

Fell running - the downhill bits - put the muscles under strain when they're at their most vulnerable, i.e. in a lengthened state (eccentric loading) so it could've been that

Worth getting it looked at by a physio though

I'd do total rest for a week anyhow rather than turning it into a grade 2
06/04/2012 at 21:54
That sounds reasonable; cheers.
07/05/2012 at 15:42
Just an update for a bit of closure as I hate unresolved threads.

I laid completely off running for two weeks, just a swam bit a buoy between my legs so that the legs were isolated. I eased myself back into running with some slow sessions and then had my legs ripped off in a club run. During the slow sessions I was conscious of a very slight pull but in the club run it was obvious that the ailment hadn't gone away.

As my Nike Free v3's had done close to 500 miles I thought I'd swap them out (no visible wear on the uppers, and the sole looks like there's loads of life left) for the v4's.

One 15 mile (1600ft) slog and some 400m efforts on the new shoes and it looks to have done the job.

So, new shoes have sorted it out. Lesson learnt there I think, didn't think degradation of a minimalist shoe would cause this sort of issue.

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4 messages
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