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16/08/2008 at 22:19


I have been running for 4 weeks solid with the occassional day off.

Thing is, I have a pain around the arch of my foot but also on the front of my leg. Not on my shin but not my calf either. 

Could anyone shed some light on what this may be?  I only run for 30 min per day at the moment and I started boxing classes last week(only going to be doing 1 per week). I had the pain before the boxing class.


18/08/2008 at 16:49

Do you mean that you took up running 4 weeks ago?  If so then I guess that you are over training.  A beginner really shouldn't run more than 3 times a week - maybe less if they are very unfit to start with.

Firstly, if you don't have proper running shoes, get some immediatly.  I mean shoes custom fitted by a proper specialist running shop.

Secondly, I would stop running for a while.  You could have the start of plantar fasciitis (google it or search the threads - there's loads on it) and the other pain could be tight muscles or shin splints, depending on the exact location.

Thirdly, when you start running again, do some proper stretches after each session.

What I think you have done is got tight calf muscles, which will put more strain on your foot, achilles and other calf muscles.  These then need to stretch more than they are designed for to compensate for the tight muscle - so they get injured.  While it is a dull ache you are OK, but you MUST listen to the warning signs.  The next stage, if you carry on running without treatment, is a tear, which can take months to heal.

Proper shoes and stretches will help prevent the calf from getting tight in the first place.

There are a couple of courses of action, depending how much you want to spend and how quickly you want to be running again.

1)  See a physio or get a sports massage.  It wil cost you around £25 to £40 but will give you the best advice for getting back to running as soon as possible.

2) Take about a week off running.  Ice the areas when they get sore.  Do lots of calf stretches, but not straight after icing.  After a week, try running again - a slow, short, gentle run only.  If it still hurts then try step 1 or rest another week.

Probably the best calf stretch to do is to stand on a step with your heels hanging over.  Let one heel drop down so that you feel the stretch in the calf.  This stretches out both the soleus (where I think you are getting pain, although I'm not sure from your description) and the gastroc nemius (the big calf muscle at the back).  Don't stretch if it hurts and if you get any sudden or sharp pain then stop immediatly as that is a sign of a tear.

Sorry, bit of a muddles answer as I am trying to write this without the boss noticing, but I hope that it makes sense.

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