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14/04/2006 at 18:46
I am looking for some one pot cassarole type recepies that are reasonably healthy (or very healthy if you have them).

I often cook risotto or a nice chicken cassarole with rice. I could do with a few more recipes though.
14/04/2006 at 19:24
This takes a bit of time but it's very worth it. Serves 2 as a main meal, 4 as an accompaniment/starter.

1 onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
8 oz carrots, diced
1 pepper, diced
2tbsp olive oil
400g can chopped tomatoes
250ml veg stock
50-100g pasta shapes
1-2 tbsp pesto

cook onion, garlic, carrots and pepper in oil til soft. Add tomatoes and stock and bring to boil. Cover, simmer 15 minutes. Add pasta shapes, cook covered until pasta is done, topping up with water as needed. Stir in pesto and serve with bread.

Taken from vegetarian grub on a grant, by Cas Clarke. The recipe is called Pistou. Hope it sounds nice enough for you to try!
14/04/2006 at 19:37

Take some pancetta (or bacon) and fry it off gently in a pan.

Cook some pasta as per instructions (I use penne)

Just before it is fully cooked add some frozen peas for a couple of minutes.

When pasta cooked, drain and reintroduce pancetta.

Fold in some parmesan gratings and garnish with a few sprinkles to taste.


Taken from a recipe by AWT
14/04/2006 at 20:55
Thanks guys, I'll be cooking both next week.
14/04/2006 at 23:26
quite quick & easy & I think healthy.

1kg of chicken breast (diced from butcher)
dried mixed herbs - as large a variety as you can get.
ginger - 2 knuckles worth of a little finger
garlic (one clove - crush or slice thin)
spinach - handful of leaves
half an onion (red preferred)
brown rice (or kidney beans 2nd choice)
black eyed peas
5 limes / 1 bottle jacobs creek white wine (to marinate)

take everything except the onion, rice, black eyed peas & throw in in a mixing bowl. Either add the juice of 4.5 limes or about 1/4 bottle of wine or both even & mix it up. Cover with towel & leave in fridge for 24 hours.

rinse peas in cold water then add to pan with brown rice & water to cook. Chuck a whole half onion into this pot to add flavour to the rice - you can throw the onion away when it's cooked up.

the chicken comes out best cooked on high in a wok. You need to keep it moving to stop it sticking. I cook it so it comes out without sauce - if you want sauce just add a bit more lime / wine. Don't forget to check the middle of the chicken to make sure it's cooked through.

Alternatively you can cook the chicken on kebab squewers under the grill.

squeeze half a lime over rice & chicken when served to bring the dish together.

If you added any chilli / curry powder to the mix then a sliced up banana is good instead of yogurt to cool the dish.

Leftover go great in sandwiches / stuffed peppers.

- it should make about 3 servings & the last serving is always nicest as it's marrinated longest
15/04/2006 at 00:21
These all sound delicious

do you live alone ;-)
15/04/2006 at 10:05
Fry onion and garlic, add chick peas, can of tomatoes, peppers, whatever leftovers you have, a bit of chorizo for a non-veggie option. Serve with some bread of choice.
15/04/2006 at 10:12
Waitrose Recipes

Check out this link. Put 'one pot' into the search and it brings up some mouth-watering recipes.
15/04/2006 at 16:31
I do LOK - why can you tell that my cooking skills need a womans touch?

I tend to just throw a bit of everything in. 90% of teh time it's delicious, 10% I have to eat it with my eyes closed
17/04/2006 at 09:56
Thanks everyone, this is great. Now, how do I get my 3 year old to eat these recipes?
17/04/2006 at 10:18
Sezz, the waitrose link is great!

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