P20 and other sun lotions

errrr advice basically!

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The Evil Pixie    pirate
13/06/2003 at 16:32
Guys, as one of the foolish and brave trailwalkers and also a plodder training for a marathon I am likely to be out under the sun for longer and longer

Now I heard that P20 can be applied just once a day and that it is real cool like.. but I haven't heard of it before and it is like expensive!

Also I sweat! (sorry I know girls don't we glow but I SWEAT!) will this reduce the effectiveness of lotions or "wash" it off??

Please help!!

13/06/2003 at 17:00
Is anyone as sad as me and has to put tanning lotion/cream on their body the day before a race or event of any kind??

cougie    pirate
13/06/2003 at 17:55
False tan Daz ?
13/06/2003 at 18:21
Hi EP,

Yes, my family have used it in the past. It does quite definitely work and I would definitely recommend it. You need to put it on and let it soak in for about an hour before you go in the sun. It is then sweat and water resistant. Because its only a once-a-day, I think its definitely worth the money - plus peace of mind.

In the past, if you got it on your clothes you would get yellow staining, but I think they have changed the formula in recent years.

Some of my family are allergic to normal sunscreens and so use another make called UltraSun (available online at ultrasun.com) - they do a factor 20 and a non-allergenic factor 17.

Enjoy the sunny weekend all!

13/06/2003 at 21:32

Thanks for the link re ultrasun - as I am allergic to a lot of cosmetics and I am also doing TW and marathon with EP I will have a look at this.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
13/06/2003 at 22:12
oh don't nick my thread duck!

Thanks folks... will get some I think then!!
13/06/2003 at 22:21
I didn't realise I had Pix?!

13/06/2003 at 22:36
Seems to do the job ok Evil Pixie and you can offset the expense against the once-a-day thing. The only concern I had is that it only refers to one type of UV (a or b - can't remember) from memory and it uses some chemical that other sunscreens proudly claim not to use!

That said i have used it windsurfing in the Med where you are getting v.v.exposed all day long + have sun reflected off the water and i have been fine. It's also totally non-greasy which is the best bit.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
14/06/2003 at 07:41
non greasy sounds good Chaos, wonder if I'll get that sample from their web site before the trailwalk so I can test it before I spend out of the whole bottle!!

What you think then duckie!
14/06/2003 at 18:20
there are waterproof and sports orientated sunscreens pix, think of the stripes that cricketers have - i think that may be sunblock - so if u are really worried may be worth getting some for mouth, nose etc - try outdoor sports shops particularly for the overseas trekking stuff as peeps who do that will be in same boat as u trailwalkers !
14/06/2003 at 21:41

Are you still thinking of travelling down to either watch or be in our support team.

Pixie I have changed the subject - SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!
15/06/2003 at 22:21
Im interested in this subject
I am bright red today
The Evil Pixie    pirate
15/06/2003 at 22:27
benz.... I think I will get some - good for Oliver as I'm lucky to cover him once let alone any more times!!

Waitrose... £12 for 100ml, expensive but if it works and you only have to put it on once (90 mins before main exposure) then worth it
15/06/2003 at 22:33
ta pix
Will look for it
The Evil Pixie    pirate
15/06/2003 at 22:34
pleasure Benz!!
27/06/2003 at 11:05
Tried P20 about 3 times. each time I've got burnt. Not overly impressed with it.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/06/2003 at 11:07
where though.. as in counrty!

I've had in on a couple of times and nothing to worry about, but at the price I would hope not too!!
27/06/2003 at 11:19
P20 was used by some guys in the MDS last year with no ill effects. SD, did you apply 45 mins before going into the sun?
27/06/2003 at 11:24
Egypt, Thailand and even Windsor 2 weeks ago. Always applied at least 1 hour before, but got burnt each time.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/06/2003 at 11:26
what would you use then SD?
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