pain behind my knee

knee pain behind my knee

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25/03/2013 at 11:07

Last week during a 20 mile run at about 15-16 miles I started getting a pain behind my knee. Not behind the knee cap but right behind my knee, kind of in the crease of the back of my knee.

Had gentle run mid-week not too bad, then did 10 miles yesterday and it came back by the end I was limping. Wore off a little during the day. and today I can still feel it but it\s not too bad.

Problem is I'm trainin gfor VLM up to 20 miles as I mentioned last week (ashby 20) do I carry on with my long weekend runs or just rest untill the marathon and hope I can complete it with just reaching 20 miles?.

Help please. Also anyone any idea what it could be?



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