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11/08/2002 at 21:43
hello everybody!

I'm new to the forum, and so far I've feeling a bit shy to join in.
However, I now have a question which I hope you might answer:

I've been running quite regularly for a while. However, I suffer from tendinitis and feel I am now at a plateau with my running. I would like to improve my spped and mileage, but whenever I do that the next few day my tend. returns with a vengence and I have to slow down and rest for a few days, limiting my goals and targets.

so, is there any sensible way to increase mileage and speed, pain free????

thanks for your help
11/08/2002 at 23:09
Hi Barbarella. Where is the tendonitis?
12/08/2002 at 20:06
Hi Drew,
it's mainly on both my heels. as if that were not enough,I also seem to suffer from sharp pain on my shins, exactly where my calves muscles sit.

Initially, I thought it was the wrong type of running shows I was wearing. Once I had my feet scanned,the problem eased and then disappeared for a while.

now, though, I have already bought new shoes,the pain comes back whenever I try to push it a bit more in terms of mileage or speed.

what do you think?
thanks a mill for your help

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3 messages
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