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02/08/2002 at 10:20
I've started getting a persistent pain around the bony part of the hip. I've tried no running for 4-5 days, but it's not going away. I can run through it, but not sure if that's wise. Ice not that helpful for the hip as far as I can tell. Has anyone else had this, and do I have any alternative to GP/physio?

I've recently come back from an Achilles injury and so would love to avoid another lay off if possible...
02/08/2002 at 13:42
I put a post on the old forum earlier this week with a similar problem, someone diagnosed it as piriformis - but it has moved more to my hip than in my bum, I am fortunate enough to have easy access to physio who worked on my lower back on both sides, just about waist level on both sides of the spine - he seems to think I may have jarred my back - I was in real agony on Monday and Tuesday - could hardly move. I have rested all week (partly because I had a minor op) and it does seem to have improved - try and do some back stretches and rest it and massage the area either side of the spine, hope this helps.

02/08/2002 at 14:25
thanks - I'll try the back stretches and massages and see what happens.

I think I might join a running club as 2 injuries inside a year is annoying and I'm wondering whether slightly more organised warming up/warming down and access to a coach (plus other runners) might help prevent this happening. I'm only 33 after all - I shouldn't be cracking up just yet.
03/10/2002 at 17:16
Try getting treatment from a Mctimoney chiropractor. I can't recommend it highly enough. I was getting persistent injuries to various parts of my right leg. (calf, shins, hamstrings) turned out it was all related to a misplaced pelvis which a few sessions with McT chiro sorted out.
03/10/2002 at 21:09
Hi Andy
I had a very similar problem to you. Ice wasn't helping me either and again I could run through it too. In the end I had to stop running until I could no longer feel the pain. I was recommended to a physio who set about stretching the piniformis muscles and the lower back muscles. He also gave me strenghening excercises for core stability etc. all of which have made a big difference to me. The pain has not returned for a whole 3 months of training.

Incidentally, the guy who was treating me has also treated Kannouchi, Haile and Mouazziz at the 2002 Flora marathon- how cool is that!
Anyway, my advice is that you would probably save yourself serious injury and long term problems if you do go and see a physio who is into sports injury prevention.
It may cost you more in the short term but it would be well worth it.
All the best AL
05/10/2002 at 16:29
This is an encouraging thread to me. I have suffered wit tight hamstrings (left leg especially) and I have have a sore hip (feels almost as if it is out of joint) and the pain is spreading into my lower back.
Are these symptons common to piniformis.
PS What is the difference between a chiropractor and an oesteopath

09/01/2003 at 21:57
A chiropractor uses a much more gentle action that an oesteopath. They definately make a difference with being in pain for the next week like you can be after an oesteopath has manipulated you a few times!!
10/01/2003 at 12:50
I am pleased to report that I can see the end of my hip problems and I am back to running again.
I visited an osteopath 6 times and he diagnosed very tight muscles around the piriformis area. This was probably caused by a long commute I now perform twice a week.
The actions were to stretch more, put a cushion behind my back when driving and get a lot of manipulation of the piriformis area.
The main exercise which I did that seemed to work was to lie on my side on the bed on my good side and move my underlying leg (the good one) back at 90 degrees (less in reality). I then swing the bad leg/hip over the side of the bed letting the weight stretch my hip muscles. I performed this regularly and pre races I have seen runners doing much the same thing whilst lying on the floor.
I still have a bit of soreness in the hip area but it is manageable and getting easier all the time.
Thanks to all those who offered advice and hopefully this may motivate others in a similar position.

16/11/2004 at 09:44

I have a really sore hip, but I don't want to stop running!, as I have only been running about 4 months and have done 2 10k's and a half marathon. Will I do any damage by still running?, I run about 3 times a week, distance anything from 4 to 7 miles. I stopped running for 2 weeks but the pain is still nagging me. Any advice?


16/11/2004 at 10:38
It could be your trainers. If you have covered over 600 miles then the trainers start to lose there bounce. This is what caused my bad hip. As soon as I replaced them it was fine!
17/11/2004 at 13:34
I'm seeing an osteopath about a persistent hip problem. In my case the head of the femur works itself out of the hip. For 2-3 months, walking has been painful, let alone running. The exercises I've been given don't appear to be doing much good. Any suggestions for some that really work for a very flexible woman? (The osteopath has had difficulty with putting the joint back in place, because I have too much laxity in my hip joints apparently! The joint doesn't "pop" into the way it should.)
17/11/2004 at 18:25
I have had a piriformis problem dignosed by a doctor. Have been stretching and cycling only for 2 weeks now. I also am having pains in my lower back. It feels sore when I press between 2 vertebrae. I have also been getting pains around the hip area, the back of the leg feels tight, I get shooting pains up and down my leg especially when driving for more than 20 minutes.

I'm not convinced the doctor paid enough attention to the other back symptoms and did not perform any examination. He just told me to see someone at my gym for stretches, take loads of Ibuprofen and rest. I think as far as he was concerned I was a runner so just stop running and my problems will cease. He even said that at 34 I was to expect problems which was depressing. So I might as well go and get the slippers and be fat for the rest of my life!
24/11/2004 at 08:57
I have just found a great pain killer called voltrol (think thats how you spell it) It has made all the difference to my hip pain!!!! I am doing Clowne half marathon on Sunday, something I didn't think I would be able to do if I hadn't discovered these tablets. Has anyone else taken them and have they any comments?

thanks Helen
24/11/2004 at 12:56
No, are they an anti- inflammatory?
24/11/2004 at 13:55
voltrol does have an anti inflammatory effect, it is usually given for joint pain etc..
24/11/2004 at 20:32
Got my hip pain diagnosed as either tronateric bursulitis or facia laza syndrome. Doctor wasn't sure. I was only available to train on bike or in gym for several weeks. Still pain returned with runnuing. I believe it was caused by worn out shoes and anti-inflamatory tablets (ibrobrufen 500mg) has taken the pain away completely, almost instantaneously. Wish i tried them weeks ago
28/11/2007 at 16:00
I've got a pain in my hip - round the joint. It doesn't hurt when actually running or immediately after but the next day it feels stiff and achey. It started when I began to increase my distance when training for a marathon. I had three weeks of total rest after the marathon and went out for my first run the other night and the pain came back. It seems really localised to me - not spreading towards my back. Any suggestions?
28/11/2007 at 20:07
Hi Andy, have you ever tried a Tibetan Applicator, my boyfriend had similar a persistent pain in his hip for years, but then he found this Applicator and it REALLY DID work!
28/11/2007 at 21:03
I am a newcomer to running at 42 years old have been running for around 3 months now and uped my weekly mileage to around 20 miles a week 3 weeks ago i run 3 times a week and since uping the mileage i get a pain in my hip every run now , it starts around 4 to 5 miles and gets worse . The next morning iam stiff around my hip but by the afternoon i am fine , the next day when i go for a run the same cycle starts up again.              I would apreciate any advice from any one who has experienced similar , could it just be my body adjusting to running
24/02/2008 at 21:03
I have recently returned to running thanks to the efforts of a local physio who treated me for a sore right hip. He has given me an exercise to do before and after i run. I lie on my back, knees bent, place the foot of the affected side (right) over the opposite knee.draw your legs up and cup your hands infront your left knee(one hand will have to pass between your legs) and pull your knee towards you. you will feel the stretch in your hip, do this three or four timesover 15/20 secs. Take care at first as the stretch on your knee is awkward ! good luck
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