Painful tops of thigh/groin

Tight muscles are stopping me running!

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04/05/2007 at 15:33
Painful groin/tops of thighs

The muscles at the very tops of my thighs/round the groin area get really tight and ache towards the end of my run. I have just started running and manage about 3 x 5k runs (with walking) a week. I warm up properly and stretch but it doesn’t seem to help. I feel like I could run further if it wasn’t for this problem – any ideas?

I really want to train for a half marathon in autumn but not getting far with the pain getting in the way!

04/05/2007 at 15:51
Could be tight rectus femoris (muscle on the front thigh that extends knee and flexes hip). It's common with new runners and will improve as your body becomes more conditioned to running. Also common in runners who take short strides, so maybe look at increasing that slightly.

I'd forget about stretching before your run as this isn't necessary instead focus on stretching afterwards - do a quad stretch either standing or side lying, and hold it for 30 sec then repeat 3 times on each leg.

Make sure you're not running on consecutive days, so get rest days as that's when your muscles repair. A sports massage will help with recovery if you're prone to muscle tightness too.
04/05/2007 at 16:45
Thanks that's really helpful - thought there was something wrong with me!

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