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31/10/2002 at 15:05
I've noticed some recent posts that a lot of people are seeking injury advice and don't seem to think of going to see a physio or podiatrist

Just thought it might be useful if we got some info up about the different options and how to go about finding somone and getting treatment.

I always use a physio if I get something more than regular strains - it does cost but it cuts out the waiting time that a referral through a GP might take.

Wondered if other people may want to post ideas about different disciplines and how to get contacts - or Im not sure if this would be possible to post up some personal reccommendations of good practitioners -as thats usually the best way to find a good therapist so we can get a list together for people to contact

Any thoughts on this?

ps RW can we do this?
31/10/2002 at 15:13
I'd like to make sure my shoes were right.
31/10/2002 at 15:21

The first time my back went, I went to see my GP - at the time, they had a physio come in once a week. I was referred and now, on the rare occasions I have a problem, I go direct to the physio. As their office is only 5 minutes walk from where I live, it's very convenient! And I've always been please with the results.
WildWill    pirate
31/10/2002 at 15:40
I go to see a therapist once a month for maintenance work Depending on how I feel depends on what I have done – This normally includes acupuncture for the pain caused by the damaged disk in my neck and a selection from:

Sports massage
Deep tissue massage

And generally being twisted and stretched in various directions

This has helped me stay injury free all year - apart from my current back problem, which is a result of a holiday accident – and I feel it is luxury that is well worth the expense

PS I’ve just made an extra appointment to have my back looked at tomorrow

31/10/2002 at 15:52
That sounds like really good practice WW- is that from a Physio?
18/11/2002 at 13:51
A suggestion on another thread - contact local running or sports clubs for reccomendations or try the specialist running shops if you are lucky enough to have one in your area.

My club coach told one of our injured (hockey) players to go to Gp and ask for a physio referral and say that she was playing sport at a 'high level and needed treatment quickly' and seemed to think this would speed up the waiting time.
we also pay into an insurance schems that pays towards physio costs but we have to get GP referral letter to private Physio to activate the process
18/11/2002 at 14:55
Have today made an appointment with a Podiatrist re:ITBS problems. Was given a highly rated recommendation for a Paul Swiercz who is in Stourbridge, an hour or so away from me. I noticed that at my local Nuffield, their Podiatrist had the same qualifications so contacted her and when I told her my problem she immediately recommended that I see the said Paul Swiercz. Apparently he has state of the art equipment and specialises in sports injuries.

I don't know how many times I'll need to see him and the cost for this appointment is £33. Fortunately I can reclaim on private medical insurance.
WildWill    pirate
18/11/2002 at 15:20

It’s from a sports therapist and osteopath

He sorted my recent back problem within one visit – marvellous - cost £25 - well worth it


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