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09/02/2014 at 16:19

hello all, I am new to this forum and to running. We got a treadmill a few weeks ago and at the end of  December I joined slimming world in a bid to lose weight & improve my health. I have done regular exercise for many years now but through out this winter I have not done as much as a could. So having started on this journey to get slimmer & fitter I decided that I would push myself out of my comfort zone and sign up for a 5K race in June this year. The thing is that for weeks on & off I have had heel pain which has all the signs/symptoms of plantar faciitis. My sis suffers with the same thing and is a competitive runner and she does various things to treat & relieve it and it does not stop her running long distances.

Anyway, after all that rambling my question is how do other people deal with it and in terms of the right type of shoe what is best? (the choices are mind boggling) or is an insole the way to go and if so what ones actually work. I pronate but not overly as far as I am aware. I don't want to spend £100s on trainers as, at this stage I am not running far.

Thanks Folks

10/02/2014 at 12:00

I had this a couple of years ago. I had taken up running and entered a 10K to give me a goal to aim for. The trainers I had were old and were massively contributing to my problems although I did not know this at the time.

I went to the doctor and he advised insole supports which I wore everyday. This didn't really seem to help.

With a month to go before the 10k I then went to a specialist running shop and went on the treadmill to get my gait analysed and the very helpful chap recommended a few different trainers. Problem solved and I never looked back.

Yes, they cost a lot more than I would like to have paid (doesn't everything) but it was more than worth it. I think it's difficult for people to advise on trainers without knowing your running style which is where these expert shops win.

Mine cost £75.00 which in the great scheme of things wasn't that much.

Invest in yourself. Because you're worth it.

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2 messages
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