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22/08/2012 at 18:38

Hi Beth - just back from hols so thought I'd look in here.  No running at all for me.  Most of the time I am fine then there will be a day or so when the foot aches, mostly randomly as far as I can tell (i.e. not related to what I've done).  I'm stretching, doing lots of strength exercises - and also cycling, aqua jogging, spinning, using cross trainer...(admittedly getting more lazy with all this as time goes on though).  I finally get to start NHS physio at beginning of Sept (having been referred in July) and was told when I was referred if I was not back running in October then they would do ultrasound ad look at other treatment options (i.e. cortisone injection).

So given all the stretching etc effort I am putting in, the complete rest from running for nearly 5 months now I am VERY frustrated that I still am feeling it.  I have very down days when I doubt I will ever get back to running, it seems to be an injury with a life of its own and what I try to do to improve it doesn't seem to help....

Sometimes I wonder if I should just try a run regardless and stuff the consequences.....

Good to hear from you anyway Beth - let me know if you manage to continue to increase the run times?

15/09/2012 at 10:48
Hi everyone. I thought I'd just update you on my progress...

Recently I have started doing 4 things:

I've started running on grass. 5 mins, then 7, then a mile, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 etc with a half mile walk to warm up and the same to walk down. I'm now on 3 miles of completely symptom free running!

When I first started running by feet were seizing up a little and my sports masseur asked if I ever took antihystamine as they are anti inflammatory. I hadn't so I tried them and it appeared to work. If I felt the warning signs of tightening, I took one and it went away. Placebo effect perhaps?

I've also been doing clam exercise to get my glutes working so I'm not using my calves as much.

Finally I have been taking glucosamine and chrondoitin for a month or so and some believe that these help tendons to heal.

Whether any of these have helped or whether it is just a matter of time (7 months now) I finally seem to be on the mend! I'm taking it very steady but maybe I'll be able to use that championship place for the london marathon next year after all!

Just thought I'd tell In case any of these things work for someone else.
01/10/2012 at 20:04

Beth that is really good news indeed I hope you continue to get progressively better.

I have not been on here for some time now as my injury is still the same. I am now wondering whether at over a year I can claim the prize for having had the injury the longest.

I am guilty of not really getting the injury treated because at the end of the day it was getting expensive and I have been hoping that by not running and resting it it will heal itself.There now seems a fat chance of that happening and ironically as the nights are drawing in and it is getting dark early it makes it even worse that I cannot go out for a run.

I suppose after all this time I can only call myself an ex runner.

Having brought various books and pieces of equipment to try and resolve the problem without any success as a form of last resort I am now going to try and buy some Fit Flops that someone recommended in an earlier thread.Well you never know it might help.


Edited: 01/10/2012 at 20:12
01/10/2012 at 21:16

Sorry to hear that Ted.  I'm back trying to slowly build running having had 5 months completely off.  Going ok so far but PF def not completely gone.  Physio said to tape the foot up and continue to run as it would take ages to go completely.  So I'll keep doing a bit of running every other day provided things are not getting worse/more painful.  I've been wearing fit flops a lot - no idea whether they help at all but they are DEF comfy.  Btw - am seeing NHS physio now and to be honest he's not really treating it (no ultrasound or anything) but is advising me and also looking at any weaknesses I may have in that leg etc (all seems to be ok - just overtraining led to PF).  Don't give up!  Have you tried taping?

01/10/2012 at 22:22

WW  I glad to read the the Fit Flops are comfortable so they are definitely worth a try.After I posted I Goggled them and the funny thing is I could not find anything about them being useful to assist in healing a PF injury but rather that they are good for shaping your legs and rear end.

Another funny thing is that by asking me whether I have tried taping its reminded me of my initial treatment at the Crystal Palace Physio when he did that and it alleviated the problem and I was able to run at least a short way. So I think its something I shall try again now you mention it.This evening I have managed to find the strapping that I used to support my calf muscle so it looks as though I am getting my determination back to get out and run again.

One of the other reasons I seem to want to get back to running is that on the CTC Web Site someone has posed the question as to whether you can get the same high from cycling as you can from running.If I was to respond to that I would have to say no its not possible at all.Running is just such a buzz.

If you were to trawl back through the threads much of the advice that is offered is very good and many people feel that it is better to rest before you try and resume running but after over a year I just cannot see that ever working now.

I probably speak for many with this injury when I say that if you could buy shoes that would allow you to run with this injury even if they cost hundreds of pounds they would sell like hot cakes.

Oh and by the way the cortizone injection I had seems to have had no affect either.

Take it easy and keep running. Ted



02/10/2012 at 09:28

hi fellow PF sufferers.

re: Fit Flops - I've been wearing them all summer and they definitely help ease the worst of PF pain but that's only one aspect - they are bloody comfy is the main one!!  I  am now wearing their shoe versions now that autumn has arrived.  they aren't cheap (but the sales deals are pretty good if they have the style and size you want).  as to a cure - no - they are just part of the equation.

I have tape, tried it once, it came off (in the swim of a triathlon) - and not had the chance to go back to it yet.

I have tried more forefoot running with inconclusive results as it's taking a while to adapt.  I am now running in some Hoka One One Stinsons which have a very deep cushioned heel but their design pushes you into more of a forefoot gait and they seem to have impressed a lot of PF sufferers, so I thought I'd give them a go.  it's taking a little while to adapt to them but I "think" I can say, they are reducing post-run PF discomfort.   the downside is they're not cheap and stock is very limited from the few UK dealers they have. you can buy direct but their shipping costs are astronomical!  they also seem to be favoured by ultra and off-road runners which is no bad thing as off-roading is generally thought to be better if you have PF due to the softer surfaces

maybe worth looking at the Hokas Tom?? for info

Edited: 02/10/2012 at 09:30
05/10/2012 at 22:28

fat buddha interesting opinion on Fit Flops and I will definitely have to get some but now you have got me thinking about the running shoes you feel have helped the situation.

As for an update from me, today was a brilliant day because I went out for a run after having not done so for as I have said previously its been months since I have done that.

Someone on the CTC Forum as posed the question as to whether you can get an high after a good cycle ride and I have not responded but if I was to now I would say no. You just cannot get that same feeling at all in my opinion.Running for me is so excelerating.

As for my run well it was only for 10 minutes at a very slow pace but boy did I enjoy it.To enable me to do that though I had to use an LP support wrap to strengthen my calf muscle and I also had to wrap my foot my foot ie PF to support that.

And would you believe that rather than zinc oxide tape, which I have now ordered, I used gaffer tape instead.Still it seemed to do the job.

At the moment even if I can only manage to run 10 minutes a day by doing this then I will settle for that rather than no running any day of the week.

Does anyone know whether there is any other easier way of supporting the PF other than by taping it.I have a support sock for my ankle and I was wondering whether by using that it would also support the PF.

I really must stop listening to Keep on running by Steve Windwood.

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