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30/08/2002 at 10:17
I'm sitting here rolling a tennis ball under my foot under the desk at work, waiting for my paper cup full of water to freeze to do an ice massage and trying to decide whether to run tonight or not! Plantar F probably caused by a combination of slight over-training and tight calves. Plan is to do a fast 10k tonight, 3 miles tomorrow, 15 fast-ish on Sunday (training for Berlin marathon). Or should I rest today and tomorrow, or should I get a massage today with the aim of stretching off my calves a bit - only 4 weeks to Berlin - oh what to do?!!! Help!!
30/08/2002 at 10:20
Rest and massage. DO NOT RUN OR WE'LL SENT THE LADS ROUND TO SORT YOU OUT! This close to a race, getting injured is more likely to put you out of action than missing a couple of runs. Don't risk missing the race for the sake of a couple of days rest.

You know it makes sense!
30/08/2002 at 10:31
Yes, suspected I was going to get a response like that! I know it makes sense! I've just spoken to my trainer who's suggested going out on the bike tonight instead, resting tomorrow and doing Sunday. I've booked a massage for Monday. This is a bugger - out of 16 weeks of training I think I've only done about 8 weeks of fully planned training! The sub-4 hour goals slips away!

Happy Running!

PS are the lads nice? You could send them round anyway!
25/09/2002 at 20:35
Hey Furryness, hows your feet? I think I have developed PF and was looking for advice on PF. Funnily I too have a tennis ball under my feet right now and have bottles of water in the fridge that I roll under my feet :)

Since its been nearly a month since you last posted, I was wondering if your feet have gotten better and if are still running regularly now.
26/09/2002 at 08:06
In terms of the cure, you seem to know exactly what you should be doing. I spent quite a bit of time with mild-to-fairly bad PF early this year and, like you, spent plenty of time rolling round things under the foot, icing and stretching calves. I found that (and it could be hit and miss, but I was lucky) a change of trainers solved the problem and I've been free from pain ever since.

I was in 2060s and 2070s and think the heel construction and position of arch support in the shoe (too far forward) really didn't agree. A simple change to DS Trainer VIIs has done the trick (they were (and still are I think) on offer on, which was a bonus). The choice wasn't completely random - I realised I was a very mild pronator and so would need a little stability in the shoe, but that my foot strike and the shape of the 2060/70s wasn't going together right. Running in the DS Trainers is like floating on air compared to before (is it always like that when you find "the shoe" for you?).

It may be worth checking how your feet feel when you strike the floor in your trainers - if there's an area of your foot (particularly arch or mid-foot) feeling unsupported at the foot strike, it may be causing some of your PF pain. Whilst getting the right trainers for your "pronation" is most important for your overall leg and foot health, it's only part of the requirements.

Apparently (and fortunately I haven't had to resort to this...yet) orthotics are often the complete solution - does anyone have experience with orthotics and PF?
26/09/2002 at 09:11
Hey Cat, PF all gone now (now have positive trendelenberg sign and un-bendy big toes both of which are causing bad hip pain, but that's another story!) It could have been the 2070s as Shufflebuster suggested, as by coincidence I haven't run in them since, but I got a sports massage and since then it's never re-appeared. Sports massage is the cure all as far as I can see - I think I'm addicted! I have orthotics and have had mostly happy pain-free running since I got them, except when I stepped up my long runs to 20-21 miles. I'm going to back for a check-up though as whilst they can be the complete solution, they might need a bit of readjustment.

Happy running!
26/09/2002 at 16:10
Shufflebuster/Furryness, glad to hear that your PF has done. Congratulations.

I run on Asics Gel Cumulus IV, as i thought that I had normal arches and pronation. However, I now feel that I overpronate a bit, and was thinking of getting a stability shoe - Kayano/2070. But it seems that the 2070 caused both of your PF.

Shufflebuster, how is the DS trainer VII different from the 2070. I looked up and it seemed that both are for people with mild over pronation?

Furryness, your current problem with your 'un-bendy big toes' cracked me up LOL, but did make me realise that my running will be wracked by strings of injury :(. Take care pal.

26/09/2002 at 16:12
'... your PF has done'. DUH, it should read '... your PF has GONE'.
26/09/2002 at 16:41
DS Trainer VII is lighter (performance trainer rather than training shoe officially, though I do all runs in it as the shoe just suits me and I am not going to change a current winning formula). If you compare them in a shop (if you have the opportunity) then you should be able to see a slightly lower and simpler heel construction on the DS Trainer and a simpler, shorter construction in the mid-foot area. The forefoot cushioning covers a greater area (that's how it feels anyway) so I personally feel more supported on the outside of my mid/fore-foot. As a result the DS Trainers are a little more curved/flexible.

Technically the positioning of the Asics Gels are probably a little different, but I can't tell what the net effect of that difference might be.

If you have no trouble in the trainers you have on the running you do, be careful of changing something that may be working fine already...

The final and most important fact with the DS Trainers is that Asics have chosen this trainer more than any other to represent their "spirit of the 70's"! The pair I have (though it may have changed for the autumn/winter) are not only out bright orange/white, but they also have what I refer to as a "disco spangly" effect! Priceless design...!
27/09/2002 at 08:31
I developed plantar facsiitis as a result of training for the New York Marathon last. Despite having 4 painful steroid injections which did not work the pain continued and I week ago I had an operation on my right heel. It is extremely painful but I knew it would be. My main problem is getting about on crutches as my sense of balance is poor. My last pair of trainers were Saucony Grid and were bought from a specialist shop and I was looking for advice as to what to buy next.My main problem is severe over pronation of the right foot.
27/09/2002 at 16:07
Hey Mary, sorry to hear about your surgery. Hope you are healing OK. But why did you have to have surgery. Is it the heel spur (read about it somewhere) or is it a muscle related surgery.
27/09/2002 at 17:51
Try this web page it has info on you problem and some good rehabilitaion sectionds
27/09/2002 at 21:53
To the cat
Thanks for your reply. Part of the operation was to remove a heel spur and the rest was to remove damaged scar tissue from months of pain. I have also got a spur im my left heel but thankfully it is ok at the moment
30/09/2002 at 23:06
I have had pf for 1yr. 3 steroid inj, more pain, ice&rest no good. I am nursing and spend all day walking around etc.I decided if I was going to have pain I should have a good reason!!! I have now been back running after a long on/off road for 7 weeks. I am getting fitter, but my foot is still very sore in the am getting out of bed and when I sit down for short periods. I am determined to not be beaten by this. Any advice/
30/09/2002 at 23:16
There is a method of taping the sole which should help support the plantar - can't remember where I've seen illustrations though. I wore a tubi-grip (doubled over) over it when not wearing shoes (otherwise would need to buy really big shoes then end up looking like Coco the clown - it's bad enough running like him!) which took a lot of pressure off (helped prevent pain on every single step of the day) and eased pain generally.

Also, you can get splits which keep your foot at a right angle to your leg when you're sleeping - keeping plantar stretched in this way is supposed to aid health/recovery.

They're the thoughts I have...for what it's worth...
30/09/2002 at 23:29
help accepted from any corner
30/09/2002 at 23:31 the second paragraph they're splints rather than splits...!
01/10/2002 at 05:31

Another good site for stretching exercises
08/10/2002 at 18:04
This is a spanish mid-pack runner who will be running the New York marathon next november 3rd and I have started to suffer plantar fasciitis due to traing so hard.
Has anyone run a marathon with pain in his heel? I have run 4 marathons with 3:20 PB and I would like to run 3:15 next month but I don´t know if I will be able with tis pain.
13/10/2002 at 14:12
I have been suffering from a very sore heel which started about 2 hours after a and has been painful since then. The heel gets very hot and difficult to put to the floor after I have not used it for a while Have tried to keep running but after 3 weeks have decided I really need some advice on this, can anybody help
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