Possbile Exercise-Induced Asthma

Anyone have experience with EIA?

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13/02/2014 at 15:36

Hi Guys,

So, I've decided to get back into running & have been running for 3 weeks now. All my runs apart from today's were in the aerobic zone (~145-150bpm).Today I did a fast run instead (22 mins @ ~160-170bpm) & as is usually the case with a fast run, I was fairly out of breath. However, I could only inhale/exhale a very small amount of air no matter how hard I tried. I'm not sure to what extent it is normal, I'm sure breathing will be harder when running hard but to that extent?

Anyway, when I got back, I was noticeably wheezing & coughing. I also had a tightness in my throat/top of my lungs. It was bad for half an hour & took around 2 hours to disappear completely. It was about 1C with a cold wind this morning - I read that can make a difference.

I've had wheezing after intense exercise ever since I was a teenager. I just never brought it up because it didn't happen all the time. I wasn't really doing intense exercise often though.

I called the Doctor & he said it might be EIA. A Nurse checked me over & I've been given an Inhaler (Salbutamol) & a Peak Flow Meter + Diary.

Currently my Peak Flow is 520 but I'll have to wait until Saturday to see what happens after a run. It will be Wednesday before I do a fast run again though.

I'm not going to use the inhaler before exercise for a couple of weeks until I have some base readings for post-exercise. It will be interesting to see if the I inhaler makes a difference; I've always just thought I was unfit but possibly EIA is affecting my performance.

So thoughts / do you have EIA & how does it affect you?

15/02/2014 at 13:18

No-one? I found an old thread here discussing Peak Flow, so there must be someone!

I ran 6.5 miles today, although it was all in the aerobic zone, so it wasn't hard at all.

My Peak Flow before going was 540 & when I got back it was 520. I'm not sure but I read your Peak Flow should increase following exercise but clearly the difference between the two readings is negligible. I didn't have any symptoms.

I will have to wait & see what happens after an intense session that causes symptoms.

Interestingly, my maximum Peak Flow has been 560 yet this morning on waking I had 480 which seems a bit low in comparison. I did feel ever so slightly short of breath but it could have been in my head.

18/02/2014 at 08:20

I'll keep updating this in the meantime in the off chance there is someone out there with something similar!

Now, I got up this morning & felt a bit short of breath. I got a peak flow of 530 (best of three) but of another 10 readings over the next 10 minutes, it was around 470. So, I decided I would try the inhaler for the first time & see what happened.

My Peak Flow went up to 640 after using it. Forget EIA, looks like I have mild Asthma that only really gets bad enough to take notice during intense exercise & perhaps this morning due to the rainy weather.

It might make sense considering how my resting heart rate is 49 yet I don't seem particularly fit. I've got a feeling I am a lot fitter than it appears -. It will be very interesting to see how using the inhaler before exercise helps my performance.

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