Possible Ankle Cartilage Damage? - HELP!

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03/02/2014 at 21:17

I've recently developed a painful problem in my inner right ankle. I've been running for around 9 months and did not realise but I have been running in 'barefoot' Nike trainers for that entire time. I run mostly on concrete road and for around 3 - 5 miles a time.

After one particular run I noticed some pain in my inner right ankle, but thought nothing much of it. However, after my next run it only got worse and the pain has been persistent ever since. This was in the middle of December. I have, perhaps foolishly, run on it a few times since, but the pain is just made worse after, though walking is generally fine. The thing is I can pinpoint the exact spot which hurts, and it is an exact point right below the 'ball' of my ankle. It hurts when pressed and kind of feels a little 'lumpy' and tender.

I went to a running shop and they found I have a neutral gait and this is probably why I have gotten away with running in 'barefoot' trainers up until now. They also told me I land heavier on my right side and suggested possible cartilage damage as to why my ankle is hurting. Bought some new shoes with much more support - run in them tonight after a 2 week break and pain is just the same after.

I'm at a point now where I'm going to go see a GP, but I fear I will simply be told to rest it and not a lot else will be done. I am so frustrated by this and I'm worried it will never get better and resting will be fine and then I'll run and the problem will just pop right back up again.

I'm finding it difficult to find any info on this anywhere. Anyone experience anything similar? or have any idea what I should do? I NEED to run. I can't deal with stopping for such long periods of time 

04/02/2014 at 06:24
I had something (and still do) similar crop up recently. Posterior tibialis tendonitis. It needs careful management and lots of stretching and strengthening. I raced on it and had some compression of the ankle joint lining.

You will need to see a sports physio though, for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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2 messages
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