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20/02/2006 at 17:23
MMJ - helloooo! so they won't loan you a BP monitor then? that's bad...

yes, my nausea was fairly bad up until last week (hesitate to say it's gone because it's disappeared for a while before and then surprised me with an unexpected and very persistent return) - and i'm having a boy. i was never sick either, just feeling constantly queasy and really really wanting to vomit.

i do find that i still feel a bit sick if i get very hungry, but it's a different kind of sick from the constant back of the throat nausea i had for the first 20 weeks.

also i find if i'm tired, i feel sick as well.

what's all this about blooming in your second trimester?

my list of recent/current symptoms include:

really dry skin on my hands
itchy skin randomly all over my body
complete bone-sapping exhaustion
huge painful boobs (STILL really painful and getting huger by the day)
trapped wind (chronic, very painful and very very smelly once it's 'untrapped'!)
constipation (all bran is my saviour, as are dried apricots and figs)
wee-ing every 5 minutes

not to mention the heavy cold which is not pregnancy related, but not helped by the fact I can't take anything!

and i haven't even really got much of a bump yet, and haven't got to the indigestion, piles, swollen feet and ankles stage...

so when exactly is it we are supposed to glow??
20/02/2006 at 20:46
Thanks Caramel Mac :-) you say all the right things!

20/02/2006 at 22:52
Please can I have a moan, sorry to burden all you poor nauseous people out there, but my mum just sent me a real miserable email, she just can't be normal and I am suddenly worried I am going to be like her to my daughter one day. And if I am going to be like her, I will have to be terminated!!! My sister told me that I would be less sensitive to her madness once I had a child myself, but she still makes me soooooo angry and sad that she can't just be nice and happy for me and my brother and sisters...we are such nice people (I think)

Anyway, needed to tell you all, husband is already asleep so don't want to wake him up to tell him that I have received YET ANOTHER miserable email from my mother..Makes me feel sick, so feel some solidarity with the pregnant people among you!!
21/02/2006 at 08:28
Sorry there was no-one around to respond to you last night.
I can VERY much sympathise with your situation, because, as I've posted before, I also have had, and to some degree still have, a hard time relating to my mum.
Please please don't worry about how you will be with Liesje when she's older. You sound like you are so overjoyed to be a mum, and it sounds very much like your mum's problems are nothing to do with the way you and your brother and sisters are and everything to do with the fact that she is an unhappy person.
It's very sad that she is miserable and that she takes this out on you. Can you try talking to your brother and sisters about it and see whether there is any help she can get to understand why she is so unhappy?
I too get very frustrated with my mum, because sometimes the things she says and does are so inconsiderate and hurtful. But I suppose I understand that it's down to her illness that she does and says things like this sometimes. I have stopped expecting her to behave in a particular way, and therefore I'm not upset when she does strange things. I think it affects my husband more because the contrast with his mum is so great.
It does sound as though it's something which really really bothers you, and I guess it must affect your siblings in the same way. Do they get even more of it if they live near her?
But please don't worry about being like her yourself. I'm absolutely certain you won't be!
21/02/2006 at 08:48
Thanks Caramel, my brother and sisters are great, and we all have to remind ourselves that what our mum says is not normal. I think sometimes I just sooo wish she was like a real 'mum', but everytime things go ok, she'll come out with things that are so not normal that it throws me every time!! And it is true that it is harder for husbands; mine thinks my mum doesn't deserve the attention and contact she gets from us, but then I have to remind him that she doesn't really behave this way out of spite, but that there is something wrong with her. I suppose he just sees me hurt, and that makes it hard for him to sympathise with her. All will be fine when I go and see her next week though, and having Liesje is a great catalist!! Am now going to put my gorgeous little girl in the bath, she is rather smelly!! Thanks again for being nice!
21/02/2006 at 10:41
marijke - that sounds so similar to the situation with my mum. i too wish she was 'normal' sometimes. she did some very strange things on our wedding day, and she can't cope with any occasions at all - such as christmas etc. i'm worried that she will go totally to pieces when the baby is born, but at least i accept the likelihood of it happening so i can be forewarned. it would be nice if she could just be happy for us, and join in and enjoy herself, but she can't, and i accept that now.

is your mum getting any help to address her problems?
22/02/2006 at 08:08
Hi Caramel, yes, my mum does go and see someone who seemed to have been able to give her a little bit of insight.. She used to always create hell at any occasion but now realises that we just stop coming if she's like that and she really does try. My sister already has a little boy and he has been a great help in avoiding big scenes. I think grandchildren are great opportunities to bring about change, I think sometimes I just struggle when she is so horrible to me. She has been lovely to Liesje though, and I'm glad she came to see me after she was born (but had both sisters here too, to act as my protectors!!) My husband just wonders why the four of us stick with her, and he's amazed that she can cause so much upset to her four children who are all in their thirties and still behave like children, but then we ARE her children and sometimes want her to behave like a real mum.. But since having Liesje I manage to see her as a grandma and that is easier. I do hope that your mum won't go to pieces when your baby is born, and that she can love your little baby.
22/02/2006 at 09:09

that sounds so scarily similar to my mum, although my mum is now much much better and most of the time acts in a very rational way. big occasions still set her off - for instance, she didn't want to be involved at all in the preparations for our wedding, and actually went to bed for the whole day before our wedding when we were busy setting up the hall, organising the drinks, decorating the place etc. on the actual day, she just sulked in the corner, not talking to anyone. i'm expecting her to hide away when the baby is born as well, but i'm sure she *will* love the baby. it's just that she will be very very unsure about herself and her ability to be a grandmother, and get stressed about everything and end up needing more attention than the baby!

i do hope you have a lovely time in holland -you're off tomorrow aren't you? glad that your siblings are also around to act as defence, and hopefully you will all have a lovely time.

you sound like a fantastic mum to liesje - please don't have any worries on that account!
22/02/2006 at 09:47
A happy post today. Had my early scan this morning and you could see the baby and its yolk sac and a heartbeat, well the doctors could see a heartbeat, think i saw a wee flutter through my tears, i'm afarid i got a bit emotional and had a bit of a blub, in fact welling up again just writing this so will make it short. Everything looked fine and by the size of it, they reckoned i was 7 weeks and 2 days which is pretty spot on to what i thought and due date should be 9th october.
22/02/2006 at 10:10
Oooh, Mrs O, how nice that all is looking well, it must be good to have seen that little flutter of a heartbeat. Amazing what it grows into; Liesje is just giving me a huge smile, she's sitting (well...hanging) in her little 'bumbo' chair that my friend gave me, hilarious, must go and get camera
22/02/2006 at 10:16
mrs o that is wonderful news - congratulations. I remember having exactly the same scan - and thinking that it looked like a flashing beetle :o)
It must be an enormous relief for you - now you can look forward to the 12 week scan where it looks like a proper baby and not just a blob with a heartbeat!
Hope everyone's feeling OK today,

Hegs x
22/02/2006 at 10:28
So good to hear happy news at scans, and I can only really hope I get there sometime soon. I found out at my 12 week scan in october last year that the baby had died at 6 weeks. Having had an early miscarriage in June as well. We are trying again and I have cut my hours at work and reduced my high level of running training. We have been offered a 6 week scan, but I can't imagine how stressful it will be going into the scan room. I won't beable to look at the screen. Anyway good luck to you all, and wish for a positive test for me in the next few months.

I'll keep lurking and reading until it happens :o)
22/02/2006 at 11:34
(((mitchie moo))) - very sad news for you, and fingers crossed that everything works out for you very soon. even though you've had two sad endings so far, there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't work out next time, and you are doing all the sensible things that you can. all the very best of luck!

mrs o - that's FANTASTIC news. you must be soooo relieved. only the one there then?? by the time you see the heart beating, the risk of miscarriage reduces significantly - i'm not sure if they told you that - as it generally means that there's nothing majorly missing from the embryo.

hope you are also not feeling too bad.

my cold is STILL here, but today, for the first time in about 9 or 10 days, i actually feel vaguely human. i might even think about going to the gym later and taking a turn on the cross trainer. i have done next to no exercise for 10 days.
22/02/2006 at 12:00
(((mitchie moo))) very sorry to hear of your losses, will keep everything crossed for you, perhaps it will be third time lucky for you. I got pregnant on my third cycle of fertility treatment, so lets hope third times are a lucky thing for both of us.

Caramel, yes just one there, which is probably a good thing with all the complications that come along with twins, i think you're advised not to run at all if you have twins !!! Also going by the size of my sisters babies, goodness knows what size i would end up, think i will have enough trouble squeezing one out if its as big as my sisters (her's were 9lb 10.5oz, 9lb 1oz and 8lb 13oz). Not been feeling too bad, more suffering from this cold than anything, bad chesty cough and bit of a sore head. Only really actually felt sick sunday and monday, gone back to my stomach just feeling a bit off and not enjoying food as much as i was but not really feeling sick like i was, think having the cold probably just made me feel more grotty than usual. Generally ok and not suffering too much, today has obviously brought a lot of relief and happiness. Due to the chesty cough haven't been out running since last monday and at the minute its snowing here so looks like i won't get out for a lunchtime walk instead either!!! At least i haven't put any weight on, however didn't manage to lose the half stone i put on over christmas before i got pregnant, but its a bit late for that now !!!!
22/02/2006 at 12:14
(((Mitchie Moo)))
My mum had 5 miscarriages - all under 10 weeks gestation - but still went on to successfully have me and my sister :o)
I can't imagine how painful it must be and my heart goes out to you - you are very brave for sharing it with us and for continuing to try - I'm sure it will be worthwhile in the end.

I have had a bad few days - my poor little fella (9 months old) has had a nasty flu virus and teething all at the same time so has been very high maintenance :o( Didn't help that I have had an infected wisdom tooth too so was feeling very sorry for myself, let alone him!

Frustrating news on my blood pressure though - they are still undecided about what to do with me - last reading was 148/88 so borderline high.... They are also beginning to think that exercise makes my BP worse!! Am hoping not as I am NOT giving up my running for anyone/ thing.

Hegs x
22/02/2006 at 13:08
oh dear, it's hugs all round today by the sounds of it.

(((hegs))) and (((mini-hegs)))

hope everyone's colds clear up soon. this one is a real nasty blighter, i think. sounds like lots of us are affected.

sorry to hear about your BP as well, hegs. i thought BP did rise during exercise, but i guess your problem may be that it doesn't go down again afterwards?

have they got you on medication? is it safe to take the medication when pregnant - if you are still thinking of another one?

mini mo jo - how are you doing, if you're out there somewhere? how's the head?

haven't heard from americano in a while but i guess she's just not posting because she's not running.

also haven't heard from turtle since she went for her scan. hope everything is well - if you're lurking out there!

my little fella is still kicking around good and strong. it doesn't seem as if he's caught the cold from me ;-). my husband's been able to feel him kicking for some time now, and the little fella seems to oblige quite quickly as soon as my husband puts his hand on my stomach. even if he wasn't kicking before, he soon starts. it's quite sweet really (at the moment - because it doesn't hurt yet!)

i think i have the beginnings of the belly-button transformation: you know, when your belly button turns inside out. it's starting to look a bit odd at the top now, like the skin is stretching. i'm REALLY not looking forward to having an outie, and my husband just can't stop laughing about it! the glamorous things that happen to our body when we are pregnant!!
22/02/2006 at 14:18
Thanks Caramel. I actually never got an outie (apart from literally days before I gave birth when it would pop out if I used my stomach muscles - e.g. moving from lying to sitting, sitting to standing etc). I also never got the linea nigra (sp??) that is the dark line from belly button down, until after I had given birth when it appeared (also happened to a friend of mine). Also, my little chap was very wriggly/ kicky all the time and it never hurt - in fact it was always really nice and reassuring :o)

I was on 3 types of medication for my BP whilst pregnant - Labetelol, Nifedipine and Amlodepine (sp?) - so assume that if/ when I get pregnant again I will take the same but probably from earlier in the pregnancy or even beforehand - not sure just now. My biggest problem is that I have never had any symptoms whatsoever of high BP, pre-eclampsia etc (other than what shows in blood & urine tests) - I always felt/ feel fine although I did faint a few times. They seem to think now that exercising might be raising my BP and then it is not going back down again, as this week it was not so high and because of my son's illness and my teeth problems I haven't run for 6 days. Hmm!
I am most certainly set on having another baby as long as they can give me some confidence that the odds are in my/ the baby's favour - the main problem seems to be that they just can't say for sure. Often people who have a lot of problems first time don't have any in subsequent pregnancies, but then of course there are those who have the same problems or worse. Apparently pre-eclampsia is caused (amongst other things) by a reaction at the point of conception between you and your partner's cells (or something like that!) So apparently it is far more common in people who have not been in a relationship for long (as usually all of that happy bonking in an attempt to get pregnant means that your body gets used to your partner's cells well in advance) or people who have children by different partners (same thing: another lot of cells to get used to). Without divulging too much personal information, my pregnancy was somewhat unexpected/ unplanned although I have been with my husband for 7 years we have always used barrier contraception as I am not able to go on the Pill. So on the basis that my next baby/ babies are with my husband (that's the plan!) then my risk of it re-occurring ought to be reduced..... Goodness, I hope there are no medics reading this as I am sure that my interpretation of the medical jargon must be way off track!

Anyway, I think it will be worth the risk though as I really want another baby (well actually I want 2 more and I think I have convinced Mr Hegs now too! Hurrah!)

Love to you all
Hegs x
22/02/2006 at 14:47
hegs - that's fascinating stuff. it's a shame there is that big question mark, though for you, and i guess you won't really know until you try again.

interesting about the linea negra thing. is it actually a line of dark skin or is it hair? i'm not really sure whether i have it or not.

another 2 babies?! OMG! you are mad! i think two is more than enough - based on the NIGHTMARE than most of our friends seem to be having with 2 kids. just what DO you do with your oldest child (who may be under 2!) when you try breastfeeding your newborn? the eldest one will play up, want attention etc, and you are supposed to be sitting still, calm and relaxed, breastfeeding. that's something that's REALLY puzzling me, so if anyone can shed any light on that, i will be intrigued. i just have visions of #1 destroying everything in sight, while #2 is clamped to the breast and you can't get up and restrain #1!
22/02/2006 at 14:56
Caramel, no advice for you, but my sister is in that boat, she has number 1 (3 years 4 months) and number 2 (1 year 8 months) causing havoc when number 3 (4months) is latched on, needless to say her house is often a tip and strewn with toys !!! And can you believe it they want number 4 soon as well so that there isn't too big an age gap between them all !!!!!!!!!
22/02/2006 at 15:14
mrs o - that is simply madness!!!

i am coming to the conclusion that i have the maternal instincts of a cuckoo.

the thought of one baby is scary. 2 is a nightmare. and any more than that, i simply cannot contemplate!!
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