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08/03/2006 at 13:23
on a more interesting note, i've just had a lunchtime plod on the treadmill, and found out what the problem was with the stitch.

believe it or not, 9.7km/h was too fast! having now slowed it down to 9.3km/h, it's fine! oh dear. slowcoach...
08/03/2006 at 13:44
It must be very difficult for you - since I had almost the opposite experience (got pregnant when we were actively NOT intending to have a baby) - I can't share your feelings but do know lots of others who have been in your situation.

Amongst my closest friends, 3 of us have got pregnant within 1-2 WEEKS of trying (or by accident, like me!) it took the other 3 between 6-18 months and one is now investigating IVF after nearly 3 years with no joy. We are a little bit younger than you (I am 31). Equally, I know a 38 year old who has just fired out 2 kids in quick succession with no problems, so I think the age thing is certainly nothing to feel guilty about.

How about a holiday or something after the marathon? A time when you and your husband can get away together for a couple of weeks for some non-stop "babymaking" and a chance to relax??

Don't feel like I can really offer anything more useful than that, but do remember that this is a very friendly and sympathetic thread and you will always get a virtual hug off at least one of us!

Good luck and keep trying, and I would suggest you keep on with the marathon since it's so close (just what I would do, but up to you of course).

Hegs x
08/03/2006 at 13:47
Minks i would go to your doctor just to discuss things, see how long he/she thinks you should be trying before you should seek help etc etc, sounds like you could do with the reassurance. He/she may say go away and try for x more months before we think you'll need help, but considering your age and you've aleady been trying for a while, they may do some tests etc. I wouldn't say you're old yet, a woman at my work has just turned 39 and is currently pregnant and loads of women your age and older are having babies these days. May be an idea to work out when you are ovulating and make sure you're at it like rabbits for those couple of days !!! I am just 9 weeks pregnant after fertility treatment. I was given FSH injections to make me ovulate as i wasn't ovulating and so with all the tests etc we were getting along with the treatment i knew exactly when i was ovulating so we knew when we should be having nookie. Basically we did it as soon as we knew i was ovulating and every day for about 4 days after. I concieved on the third cycle. So it might be worth asking the doc about things like that and ways to work out when you're ovulating, you can get ovulation prediciton kits (never used them and not sure how good they are, but i'm sure a doc could advise) also you can check your temperature, its supposed to rise slightly when you're ovulating and also check your cervical mucus. Also loads of info on the internet as well about monitoring ovulation.

Not an expert on training, but would say if you're still getting periods regularly then its probably not interfering. Make sure you're eating well, lots of nutritious food and not losing weight through the training.

On another note, got out for a run today, the first in 3 and a half weeks due to having a nasty cold which i've finally gotten rid off. Did a short one that usually takes me 25-27 mins and took me 30 mins, so a wee bit slower than normal, probably due to a combination of pregnancy and recovering from a bad cold, well thats my excuse anyway. Although i was slow and it felt like quite hard work, it was really good to get out and know i can still run.
08/03/2006 at 13:53
((minks)) - sorry for my insensitive xpost above.

i would echo the advice of hegs and mrs o - if you can face it, go to the doctors. you are obviously very worried and now feeling guilty about it, and that's not going to help either.

it doesn't sound as if your mileage is excessive - at least, not for you. and not running the marathon now is not going to help you, because you will feel even more stressed/angry etc if you don't run it and still don't get pregnant.

the best thing to do is to go to the docs and get some advice. if your cycle is long, it's going to be difficult to guess when you are ovulating, so some kind of help will be needed there. i think you posted somewhere else that you didn't want to start peeing on sticks because the pressure of it would be too much for you. but you sound now as though you are already feeling the pressure, so knowing at least when you are ovulating can give you a fighting chance of having sex at the right time.

keep posting and let us know how you get on...
08/03/2006 at 16:00
Hi (((Minks)))

I have myself had difficulties in conceiving. I am 35 and am now expecting our second child. My problem was that I was not ovulating and after a year of trying had the problem diagonsed and fixed pretty quickly with clomid (a drug that promotes progesterone).

My advice would be to see you doctor asap. I am not say 37 is old or that you will necessarily have problems. But based on my own experience and other older friends who are having problems it is best to keep on top of things. Unfortunately it is a fact of life that time is not on our side as we get older. I have one friend who has not be as proactive and my her consultant stressed that they would be in a stronger postion if seen sooner.

Please do not take this a doom and gloom, I am just urging you to ensure that you do not look back and think if only I had checked earlier.

As for the monthly stuff Mrs O is spot on. You do need to ensure that you focus at the right time. Some people are lucky including some of my friends hit the jackpot 1st time without trying. For the majority of us unfortunately it is not "fun" and is a question of maximising acitvity at the right time. Based on my cycle my consultant advised avery other day between 12-18 (romantic huh!)

With regard to your training I do not see an issue. I was not training for a marathon but ran regularly throughout my treatments and early pregnacy. My doctor said that my sensible running in relation to your fitness has no impact. Perhaps see how you go and get advice from your doctor.

As a 1st step your GP can do some blood tests during your cycle to check your hormone levels are ok and that you are ovulating. This is worth while doing as an intial step to put your mind at risk. That way if all is ok you can carry on on your own for a while. If not they can refer you to get this explored.

I hope some of this helps and good luck.
08/03/2006 at 16:01
PS sorry for all the typos - wrote the post quickly at work :-) Hope it make sense!
08/03/2006 at 18:52
Caramel - have you tried the Dept of Works and Pensions (or whoever/whatever the tax people are called these days)if you explain the situation to them I'm sure they will be able to help you out and give you some advice. My place of work was mean as I was leaving I only got 6 weeks at 90% of my pay and then the following 20 weeks at SMP (£106) - charming after all I've done for them (I didn't even get my £2,500 bonus)cry sob sob... On another note have found out today that we aren't moving anywhere.

Minks - don't know what to say. A holiday might be just what you need esp to relax and unwind and take some time off training. You never know what will happen then. Try not to worry though as stress will affect you and remember to keep smiling - someone's always around if you just want to have a moan/cry etc :-)
09/03/2006 at 08:04
Morning ladies, hope you are all feeling pleasantly pregnant today ;o)

Totally un-pregnancy related but hey thought I'd mention it anyway: I am famous!
I "star" (ahem!) in an advert for Tesco Race for Life on TV.... How about that then?! (well, I'm in the background but clear enough for all my horrible workmates to recognise me and given that it was about 4 years ago when I was considerably larger and less fit AND filmed at the end of the 5k, am not looking my best!).

Actually, I have got to wondering whether they are allowed to just play clips of people on TV without their permission? My husband reckons that probably when you enter there is some small print about it....

Anyway, hope you are all OK today - those that are pregnant and those that are trying.

Hegs x
09/03/2006 at 08:37
MMJ - how's your head/liver these days?

are you pleased about not moving anywhere? does this mean you can register with another GP somewhere or will you still go to the forces one?

i've spoken to the inland revenue (tax people), and they told me to speak to my payroll dept, who are in india and are useless. i've now reconciled myself to paying 40% tax on 106 quid, because actually the difference is minimal and it's only going to equate to needing to save about another 500 quid for the whole of my maternity leave. and given how much i need to save (loads!!) to see me through the 6 months, another 500 quid is neither here nor there. i've been panicking like mad about money for the last few weeks. i'm trying to save like mad to make sure i have enough money to contribute to the mortgage and bills and stuff when i'm off (i earn more than hubby), but there are so many things we need to buy for the baby still, and then things keep going wrong in the house (like immersion heater and water tank which still need sorted out), and we need to have some work done in the baby's room before we can start decorating it to secure the eaves (currently the doors to the eaves don't even shut properly, let alone lock!), which in itself will cost more money. i think it's normal to stress about money, though - everyone else i've talked to says they went through it as well. but some nights i've just laid there wide awake worrying about how we will cope. we'll have to...

went to our first NCT class last night. there were only 3 other couples on it, but they all seemed really nice. they are all between 3 and 8 weeks further on than me, but i guess that doesn't matter...

the teacher went through what happens when you give birth last night. ewwwww! it's NOT nice - surely it can't be natural. she had a doll and was passing it through a plastic pelvis and showing us how the head turns etc. blimey - it's a wonder any baby ever gets out. it's all very complicated! all the women were sitting there looking pale with their legs crossed, and all the blokes were shaking their heads and laughing nervously.

hegs - fame at least, hey? we still haven't got a telly (was planning to buy one before i go on maternity leave but hubby wants super flash whizzo widescreen and at the cost of those, i don't think we will be! there are too many other things we need to buy first!) so i won't be able to try and spot you. i seem to remember something on the RFL form which says they are allowed to use any images of you.
09/03/2006 at 09:08
Caramel - my dad always says that you can never afford children no matter how rich or poor you are. I think that's so true! But any sacrifices that you need to make will be worthwhile in the end I can assure you.

I remember those antenatal classes - we all spent the rest of our pregnancies sitting on swiss balls or with our arms on our legs (leaning forward) because she frightened us so much about the prospect of the baby being back-to-back and having to do that 3/4 turn instead of the 1/4 turn ;o) Didn't turn out to be an issue for me since my baby came out the sunroof in the end anyway.... They also showed us a video of a woman giving birth - not something any of us really needed to see in such graphic detail, and instead of reassuring most of us it panicked us since she seemed to do it with such dignity and ease and the rest of us were anticipating a lot of shouting, grunting and general indignity. Ah the joys of having babies, eh?

And am quite glad that I can remain anonymous in my TV appearance - NOT looking my best at all!!

09/03/2006 at 11:26
hegs - very true about not being able to afford it however much money you have!

the teacher isn't going to show us a video of someone giving birth because everyone else has seen it on the telly (obviously - we haven't because we don't have a telly), but she has loaned us a DVD which we will watch on our PC. will watch it over the weekend once dinner is well digested! someone recommended that i did watch a video of someone giving birth just so that i knew exactly what to expect. hubby also seems to think he wants to, as well. i was most surprised!

the teacher told us that we need to spend the last 4 weeks of our pregnancies crawling around on our knees scrubbing the floors to make sure the baby is in the right position. hubby obviously thought that was HUGELY funny and suggested there was no reason why i shouldn't start doing it now. question is, though - once you get down there at 36 weeks, how on earth do you get back up again ;-)
09/03/2006 at 14:30
Hmmm... I guess my opinion is that the video DOESN'T tell you what to expect - go hang out by a labour ward - then you'll know ;o) (Incidentally I know this as I spent a month in a ward beside the labour ward before I had my baby). But I guess it gives you a better idea than nothing....

I gave birth at 33 weeks, so can't comment on the last bit - would recommend a swiss ball though.
09/03/2006 at 15:35
hegs - what exactly are you supposed to do on the swiss ball? sit on it or lean over it, or what? she said that most places these days have them for you to give birth over. yummy.

the teacher had one with her yesterday but she just sat on it during the class and didn't talk to us about it.
09/03/2006 at 19:14
Swiss Balls are fab!! I used on during my labour with Sadie. I wanted an active birth without drugs and it realy help position the baby in labour and help me feel comfy - well as comfy as you can!!

I spent large periods of time on all fours over the ball which is a good position help the baby move downwards and supports your tummy!! I also sat on it and rested my arms over the bed. It helps keep things open and aid labour.

I was asked to lay down and rest on the bed for a while and boy I noticed the difference - it was so uncomfortable. I got straight back on!!

09/03/2006 at 20:23
Caramel - swiss balls really good. Sit on them and bounce up and down or do circles on it if you can manage to stay seated. This will ease any back pain as it encourages you to sit straight instead of slouching on a sofa. Also you can lean on ball whilst on your knees whilst rocking backwards and forwards this to eases back pain (basically makes the baby lye away from your spine so relieves the pressure). I was lucky and was allowed to move around as much as possible whilst in labour and to be honest the movement helped. I never laid down once in labour and gave birth sort of draping top half of myself over the top of the back of the bed whilst kneeling/squating on bed. I know - sounds abit weird but thats how I felt the most comfy. Believe me when you get to that point you'll know which position you'll want to be in!
09/03/2006 at 20:27
Liver fine these days but head still playing up. Have been really ill the past few days as have managed to catch a bug off the sister-in-law. Had a temp - so bad could have fried an egg on my stomach.

Now we know we aren't moving thinking of purchasing a house in a nearby village in the next couple of months so will look for a Surgery elsewhere. No-one can be as bad as this lot...
09/03/2006 at 22:08
Hello you all, I posted a thread two days ago and it never reached the frustrating. And as my brain is not really functioning I've forgotten what I wrote!!

Minks, poor you, please don't feel guilty about your running. I am 36, ran two marathons in space of 6 weeks just before getting pregnant, then ran PB in half marathon when already 8 weeks pregnant (unaware of being pregnant at the time I hasten to add). I had been on the pill for 14 years and was very lucky to conceive before I even had time to think about periods and ovulations, but ran until I was 37 weeks pregnant. So I can't imagine how you must be feeling at the moment, but just wanted to tell you that you should not at all feel guilty about running the FLM. You can't put your life on hold and it doesn't sound like you are overdoing it. I guess it wouldn't be bad to see your GP, even if it is just to get some idea of what you can do if nothing happens in the next few months.

On another note; I went to see girl at gym today, who specialises in pregnant women and post natal excercise. She says my abdominal muscles are back where they should be (...I can't see them, they're still hidden under a layer of jelly...) and gave me some good excercises to do. I'm thinking about abdominal excercises a lot, just not putting them into practice as I always have wonderful excuses... But now feel a bit more motivated and will try and make them part of morning routine (WHAT routine??). Anyway, will go and read back a bit to see if I'm up to date with you all...
10/03/2006 at 08:24
mmj - sorry to hear you've been poorly. hope you are on the mend and haven't passed it on to mini-mmj. :-)

maybe i should get a swiss ball for home, although at the moment, during the evenings, i tend to lie on my lefthand side on the sofa (if i can kick hubby off, that is!) in the evenings. as we don't have a telly, we don't spend much time lounging around in the evenings.

i wonder if i could sit at my desk on a swiss ball. not sure if it would be high enough... tried resting on one in the gym the other day on all fours, but i think it was too high because it was uncomfortable when it squashed my stomach. must have been doing it wrong.

minks - at the NCT class the other night, there were 3 other ladies (plus me - not a lady, obviously). i would say they were all older than me. one looked like she was in her 40s, one was 38 and one was probably about 35. so you are NOT old...

americano - who started this thread - is 44, and the last time she checked in, she and baby were fine. so don't panic on account of your age, and, as marijke said, please don't feel guilty about your running.

please let us know how you are getting on.

i managed a very slow 5-miler outside yesterday. took me 52 minutes, but i did it with next to no discomfort and really enjoyed it. am thinking of doing the 5 mile race at rhayader next weekend. my husband is doing the 20 miler, but there's a 5 mile novice race which i might just manage. there is NO way i could run a half marathon though, marijke - you must have been superwoman to have managed that during your third trimester!!
10/03/2006 at 21:08
Not superwomen, just felt well at the time and couldn't let marathon run past front door and go for run in the park instead, so enrolled the week before the Robin Hood. I then felt great on the day, never needed to walk. My bump was enormous at the end of the race (it was hidden behind my race-number and not that huge at the start) so they gave me two medals at the finish. My little lovely baby-girl now has her own medal in her nursery! When she is unsettled I only have to bounce up and down a little and she's asleep, I'm sure that's a result of all the bouncing when I was pregnant!!

About my abdominal excercises...I was soooo motivated yesterday that I totally forgot to do them this morning, then went for girlie lunch and ate too much and am now too tired to even consider them. Tomorrow I will try again, I think..
Running my first race on Sunday, 10 km in the local park. I'm not running for time, just want that feeling of running in a race again. Am a bit nervous about it for no apparent reason, will keep you posted.
12/03/2006 at 21:17
Me again, just had to log on; I ran my PB today, 10km race. I ran this race when I was just a few weeks pregnant last year (didn't know I was) and improved by more than 3 minutes!!! I'm sure that I'm only able to run as I did because of being motivated by you all. And I also know that I am very very lucky to be so well and I take my hat off to some of you who still persevere when running must be very hard. Great feeling though, hope you all had a good weekend and have a good week. I'll be out for walk in the park tomorrow morning with other new mums, not running though, just pushing prams..
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