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23/03/2006 at 17:39
waoohh! I would never have thought I'd have to come to a forum on running to find out that our (seemingly) lower than average sex drive is actually quite average ;-))

I won't even start talking about what having a baby has done to it!!

(have just been walking for 1.5 hours with buggy, by the way. what a gorgeous day!)
23/03/2006 at 21:12
Weaning going well and mini me enjoying all food. I've been having so much fun making puree food. Her fav is sweet potato, carrot and parsnip and for afters apple and pear with cinnamon. If its not one thing its another, on close inspection have found mini me to be teething!

Getting slightly stressed at mo as got a Wedding next month and haven't managed to get out running (see previus posts) to lose that last few pounds - argh! Like Mum2Liya went for a 3.2 mile walk with buggy today and it was sunny but cold, nice to get out of the house. Have found a Mothers and Baby group so off to that next tuesday for a cuppa and some adult conversation - if thats possible with other new Mums.
27/03/2006 at 10:54
Just been for my doctor's appointment.

Basically they won't start any tests until we've been trying for a year, even taking account of my age. On the plus side, my GP must be the first person I've spoken to (apart from you guys) who didn't immediately write off my chances because I'm over 35. In fact, he didn't seem to think it was necessarily a problem, just that it was likely to take me longer to conceive assuming all other factors were equal. He said I should go for a Day 21 blood test for LH/FSH although as my cycle is anywhere from 34-37 days normally this probably won't be very accurate. Also I should be checked as a precaution for underactive thyroid, high prolactin and kidney problems as although it's highly unlikely that I have problems in any of these areas they can impact on fertility if there are issues.

I did mention the marathon training and my fairly low body weight, but again he didn't seem unduly concerned about either of these although he did weigh me.

Not really sure what to make of any of it at the moment. I guess I'll go for the blood tests and see what they throw up, if anything. If those are all normal, next step is to test hubby. I'm now officially a 'primary infertility, unexplained' case according to my notes. Think that depressed me more than anything else!
27/03/2006 at 12:07
Hi Minks,

Definitely have the blood tests done, it makes you feel like you're doing something about it and helps you relax. Keep trying, with your cycle maybe try from day 10 through to 21. We did this for 3 months every other day, forcing ourselves, and it worked, so shows it can be done for those of us who have to work at it!

It will be fine. Keep positive.
27/03/2006 at 12:11
Morning all, and welcome to the new ones!
We are back from our first trip overseas with mini-hegs and pleased to report that he loved it (ate sand, paddled, etc).
Even the flight was OK and I was worried about that because he's well into crawling and standing up at the moment, neither of which is easy on a packed plane to Spain!

Glad to hear that everyone seems to be doing OK and Minks, I think that it is a really positive sign that the GP is fairly relaxed about things - I'm sure I read somewhere that it takes 18 months to conceive on average but I know it must seem like forever when you are trying...

Mr Hegs and I are decided that we'll wait until next summer before trying for no.2 - at the moment we are soooo enjoying our little chap (who will be 1 in May) and I am enjoying having my life back too ;o)

Marathon training is still going OK - haven't managed to do as much as I would have liked, and think that my 4hrs 30mins is a little bit ambitious, but we shall see!

Love to all,
Hegs x
27/03/2006 at 12:37
Thanks Mitchie Moo and Hegs, not going to try this month at all as am so close now to FLM that I think I'd be gutted if I suddenly found I was pregnant a few days before the race, after all that training! (I know what'll happen now though ...)

I think it will be a lot easier post-FLM to focus on getting pregnant. At the moment I think I'm probably a bit stressed out as this time around I have felt guilty about all the training. After two marathons, everyone loses interest and I've felt quite isolated. Mr. Minks, while generally fairly supportive, does get a bit fed up especially with the long runs. I get the impression he also thinks I've prioritised training over trying to get pregant, which isn't true - I only entered this year's FLM because I got a GFA place last year and wasn't going to put my life on hold while we were trying to conceive.

Also I should put a bit of weight back on once my mileage drops and that may help - might even find my cycle is a bit more regular with a bit of extra meat on my bones!

All in all, think I'll feel more relaxed in general once FLM is over, and have promised I won't do another one next year (hopefully I won't be able to anyway!)
27/03/2006 at 14:50

glad that he didn't poo poo you anyway, and the blood tests are definitely a sensible thing to do. don't worry about the label. my medical notes have 'ANOREXIC' in big red letters right across the front of them, because i had anorexia in my late teens/early twenties. now that's a lovely thing to see whenever i go to the GPs! especially now that i am a big fat heffer :-)


welcome back. and glad you had a great time!! mum2liya joined us asking about how to lose weight and get back into running after having a baby, so i thought you might be able to shed some light on how you did it, because it sounds as though you've been very successful!
27/03/2006 at 14:56
Mine do too Caramel, awful isn't it, and my illness was 18 years ago now!

27/03/2006 at 17:00
i've been out of treatment for 14 years, and it does seem a bit of a damning thing to be labelled for the rest of your life. not sure why they do it really? i guess it's done at the time because it's potentially a fatal illness. wonder if they do that with other mental and physical illnesses that are on a par... anyway, i don't actually really care; it's just not a nice thing to see on your notes when you sit down at the table. it makes me feel like the GP is going to think 'hey up, we've got a totally barmy one here'!
29/03/2006 at 09:35
Caramel, no - not worried about the 'label'; doesn't even necessarily mean I have fertility issues, just that I happened to mention I'm not pregnant yet after being off the Pill for nearly a year.

I have a positive feeling that once the marathon is over and I can concentrate properly on the getting pregnant thing, it is more likely to happen. At the moment I'm too focused on the marathon, and probably have been (even if subconsciously) for several months now. Once training eases back I'll probably have more energy for other things too, which might also help!

Have bought a thermometer and thought I'd start monitoring BBT and cervical mucus (nice!) as doctor won't even start tests until we've been trying for a year. That gives me 3 months to chart temperature which could be helpful in a) seeing if there's a pattern to my cycle and b) determining whether I'm ovulating. At least it's something I can do and as I'm horribly anal about keeping running logs I'm sure I'll love having something else to analyse! Will have to keep it all in perspective and not get too obsessive though.

Hope all are well - been a bit quiet on this thread for the past few days.
29/03/2006 at 09:42
Hi ladies,

Just to say a big thank you for the advice on the pelvis alignment check: I had it checked on Monday, and indeed it did needed to be corrected (there was a 2cm difference between both legs!) and it's done now.
Now I just need to shed a fez pounds and I'll be back on the road soon!

29/03/2006 at 09:47
I am so pleased you are sorted. It does not alway occur, but I had a problem and kept getting injured.

Once you are back on the open road the 2 stone will just fall off - I am sure.

What race are you planning to aim for?
29/03/2006 at 09:52
Hi Clare
I was thinking of starting easy, with the Twickenham park weekly 5K on 6th May: that will enable me to do walk/run according to how I feel and would put me back into the race atmosphere. Then, according to the weight loss and my ability to train in spite of baby to fit in my organisation, I want to plan a 10K before July.
29/03/2006 at 09:59
Good idea. I started off with a few 5ks ad built it up from there. Saying that I also did the trailblazer too - big mistake!! 10k on the south downs in 30 degree sun. Lots of ups!!! Finished it but nearly killed me!!

Good luck, I am very jealous!! I am not able to do anything at all until after my baby is born. Still hopefully I will be raring to go by then!
29/03/2006 at 11:31
mum2liya - wow, it WAS a good thing you had it checked. mind you, i had a leg length discrepancy anyway, even before i got pregnant, so yours *might* have already been there.

one thing i did find when i had mine adjusted was that it went back again quite quickly afterwards. i knew it had because i suddenly got a really sharp pain in my back. i had to go back and get it tweaked again. with a 2cm discrepancy, you may find it does the same thing as your muscles will not be used to working together in the new position, so it might be worth a visit again in 6 weeks or so, particularly if you are having niggles...

clare - how's it going? are you still resting lots?

i was thinking of doing a 10k next weekend, but my last run was really really tedious so i'm not sure now whether it's a good idea. i have yet ANOTHER cold. this is my 3rd cold in succession. i'm sure that's not helping the running really. am going to try to get out again at lunchtime today because it's actually stopped raining and chucking it down now.

minks - glad to hear you sounding more positive about it. and i think i've read before that often people don't conceive until they are really ready to even if they have been trying for a while. so once the marathon is over, you may just find it happens!
29/03/2006 at 11:41

Yes I am resting lots. I have an 1hour 20 min commute to my current client. They have been great and I am doing 50% at home 50% office. In the work I am doing for them, a lot of it is design & research which can be done anyhwere.

I must the resting has helped and the bleeding has calmed right down. My DH is driving me mad not letting me doa thing!! However, I am staying calm and doing very little. It is funny I still dream about running almost every night. Stillness is not in my nature, but I will just have to hang in there!

Bad luck with the colds!! Apart from the pregnancy snuffles I have been lucky - even with my husband and daughter suffering bad colds. Still I am due some slack!

I love running in the rain - very jealous!! What 10k are you planning?
29/03/2006 at 12:09

glad things are calmer now. when do you have more checks?

the 10k i was thinking about was one in st. donat's castle, just the other side of cardiff. i was kind of thinking we could run that and then pop back via the birthing centre in caerphilly for a visit (one of the options for me to give birth in, if i decide not to go for a home birth), but i might be a bit smelly and dishevelled. i don't suppose they get too many mothers-to-be turning up for hospital visits in running kit :-)

i've not done the race before and it's supposed to be quite nice, traffic free and only a little undulating.

make the most of not having to do anything - it won't last! as soon as the baby is born, you'll be expected to run the ship single handedly again!!

we had some good news yesterday. my friend who has had lots of problems in her pregnancy (suspected ectopic pregnancy, then 2 bleeds after 12 weeks, as well as horrendous sickness all the way through), and was then told she was high risk for downs, and had an amnio only to be told the sample was contaminated and they would need to grow culture from the cells which would take another TWO weeks... has finally been told that the baby is fine. phew! i really hope she now has a troublefree pregnancy, because she's really been through the mill so far!

got some guys in today plastering the baby's room - after i blew the plaster with the steamer when i was trying to get the woodchip off! so maybe, just maybe we can actually start painting it and getting it sorted in a week or so's time!!

it seems like we still have so much to do and so much to buy and so much to organise! let's hope the little fella doesn't turn up early!
29/03/2006 at 12:27
Hopefully you're right, Caramel, as I'm not overly keen on the idea of having to have lots of tests and be prodded and poked by all and sundry. I'd like to try to conceive naturally for a little longer as although physically we've been trying for a while (half-heartedly at times it has to be said!) I don't think I've been mentally up for it. Once the marathon is over I know I can devote my attention to it properly and hopefully that will make a difference. When are you due? I lose track as there are so many of you to remember!

Glad to hear that all you other ladies are doing well. The stories and advice here are great - I know I'm really going to appreciate it all when it's my turn! You'll all be back running by then and I will be horribly jealous!
29/03/2006 at 13:21
I am still waiting for a date for a first scan. Hoping will be next week before we go on holiday to Wales, I will be 7 weeks this Sat, so should see a heart beat if there is one. Am very nervous and have heart flutters when I think about it all. How can I keep calm about this? The thought of going into the scan room is really quite upsetting.

Have had some awful GI distrubances this time round too, not sick, other end, but do feel a bit nauseous and very hungry. One day at a time I guess.
29/03/2006 at 13:27
minks - i'm due on 8 july. although it's a boy, so i'll settle for any time in july really, as they are notorious for being late.

i've just been out for a 5 mile plod and BOY is it hard work! it feels like my legs are made of lead and i have terrible stitch now. ho hum. at least it's done and it was LOVELY out there. really warm and sunny.

mitchie moo - i have no idea how you can stay calm about your scan. i was in a real state before we went for our first one and i'd never had any problems previously. all i guess you can think is that you can't change the outcome by worrying about it. the chances are that absolutely everything will be fine - and that's all you can hope for. and if it's not fine, then you have to find out somehow. that's not really any help, though. and you are bound to worry. lots.

let us know when you find out when it is.

whereabouts in wales are you going?
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