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04/04/2006 at 15:14
I have just been for a 4 mile plod considerably slower than I usually run, foot was a bit sore to start but warmed up. Felt pretty awful during the run but now feel much better for it. I seem to have a bump already and shorts felt quite tight on me. Had to run very slowly to keep below 140 too. Not sure how long can run if feel like that already. Am now munching through crackers, they do seem to help the sickness. Am struggling to drink liquids though, is this normal as they make me feel sick. Was so bad last night I couldn't do anything and had to start eating crackers at 4.30am. I guess all good signs though as you say. only 36 hours to go till scan!
04/04/2006 at 15:26
mitchie moo

re: liquids - try sipping slowly and tiny amounts. if you drink too quickly, it makes you feel even queasier. and try drinking anything and everything. i drank flat ginger beer, which sounds revolting, but was actually a god send. also hot ribena...

the tight shorts are probably - although not necessarily - due to bloating. you can get that early on.

on the HR - i haven't kept to below 140, although i did in the first few weeks. my midwife said, as long you stay below 160, it's fine. i must admit, i've stopped wearing my HRM now, because i've slowed so much that i can't POSSIBLY be overdoing it! i found the best measure was how i actually felt. i used to heave and heave during runs if i went too fast. then i got really bad stitch if i went too fast. now, i think i have to give it up completely because of the aforementioned problem in previous post! so, if you don't feel too grim, i wouldn't worry about sticking to 140 bpm unless you are particularly worried about it.

04/04/2006 at 15:39
((Caramel & Mitchie Moo))

Also, sorry Caramel but it did make me giggle (in a nice way) just a wee bit ;o)

The joys and indignities of pregnancy!! Far more to come let me assure you!!
04/04/2006 at 15:51
hegs - it's fine. it is actually quite funny. and i'm not a stranger to runners' trots, even when not pregnant! but this really was dire, yesterday, and i had almost no warning - not that it would have been any good anyway, because there was nowhere to hide on that run!

all the other mothers-to-be in my NCT group were being squeamish about poo-ing during labour. i have to say - i'm really not bothered about that AT all. perhaps i've been desensitised somewhat due to my running experiences.

the teacher was saying that most likely you wouldn't even know you had done a poo during labour, because the midwife would just clear it away and you probably wouldn't even see it. there's NO way my husband would let me get away with that. he'd be bouncing off the walls shouting 'lou has done a poo! lou has done a poo!'

right - that's enough talk of poo for now, or poor mitchie moo will be feeling EVEN worse!

04/04/2006 at 15:56
Hi to all the Mums and Mums to be and bumps and those trying.

Well back at work after my weeks holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Must admit i was still feeling a bit queasy (still am) and tired and with the heat and the two hour time differnce, i have just had the laziest holiday ever, did very little apart from relax and sip lots of soft drinks !!!! The hotel we were in was amazing, absolutely spotless, gorgeous gardens, private beach, 5 restaurants, staff were all very friendly and couldn't do enough for you. The resort was nice as well and the weather really warm, must have been at least 30C most days. Because it was so warm most of the excursions left really early in the morning and i just didn't have the inclination to get up at 5.30am on holiday, but loads of lovely trips we could have done and hopefully will do when we go back some day. Didn't see the pyramids, would have cost £175 each to fly, or £75 by coach, 6 hours there and 6 hours back so we gave that a miss. Only downside was the airport which was far too small for the number of flights coming in and a bit of a nightmare to get through, however they are supposed to be extending it sometime soon. Also transfers from the airport to our hotel took an hour despite being only 10 miles away, would recommend anyone to just jump in a taxi, although remember to agree price with driver first. Can't remember who asked me about it being child friendly, but i'd say so, loads of folk there with their kids and they all seemed to be happy enough.
04/04/2006 at 15:59
Apparently it is highly unlikely that you will poo during labour since a common symptom of the start of labour is an upset tum.
To make you all feel better, I had to be induced at very short notice due to my pre-eclampsia taking a very dramatic turn for the worse, and was totally unprepared. I was wearing the skimpiest of string undies and ended up waddling around knockkneed trying to keep a great big maternity pad clamped between my thighs...

Probably a little more info than you needed, but my husband was completely p***ing himself laughing at me as due to my bump the hospital gown gave a great rear view ;o)

Ended up having a c-section anyway, so it was all a bit pointless!!

NB. My advice is to get some very big post-delivery pants in case you need a c-section - the ones I had were awful as they stopped right where the incision was and were not very comfortable as a result.

Hegs x
04/04/2006 at 16:12
maternity pads... big knickers... oh so glam

04/04/2006 at 17:03
How did you guys cope with working while feeling so sick? I am really struggling at work, and yet very reluctant to tell my boss yet. This time of day especially, have to go to bed when I get home. Am lucky as only work 4 days a week, I reduced my hours after my MC, but am still finding it hard going with this nausea.
04/04/2006 at 17:44
((Mitchie Moo)) - it's pretty difficult. At the height of my nausea, I was retching on and off all day, and I was sitting in a tiny, stuffy office in a council building in Wiltshire with 4 blokes, with a combination lock on the door that I wasn't allowed the code to. So if I went outside to retch, I had to knock to get someone to let me in again. So I just had to sit and try and retch silently, which is a bit like trying to stifle a sneeze. You can manage the first one, but it just builds up and builds up... No-one said anything - but given they were blokes, they probably didn't actually notice.

There isn't really an easy answer to managing the nausea. If it's getting too hard, you may have to think about telling your boss, or going to the GP and getting signed off if it's so bad that you really can't work.

Just try to keep snacking away and don't let yourself get hungry.

Also - if you find that you feel really grim at this time of day, try sipping some lucozade sport or something similar if you can face it. It may be a dip in blood sugar levels.

Some people find that wearing one of those wrist bands for travel sickness helps - I didn't actually try them, but if you're desperate, give it a go...
05/04/2006 at 09:20
Yes have been wearing them for a week now, they worked a bit last time but not this time. Had to start eating crackers at 4.30am again. Poor hubbie says it sounds like there is a rodent in the room!

Will try the lucozade sport option, there is a drinks machine downstairs.
05/04/2006 at 09:30
i think my husband would be booting me out of the bedroom if i started munching crackers in the night! he's SOOOO intolerant of any noises in the night, which really makes me wonder how he'll manage with a little one sleeping, snuffling, snorting and wriggling around in the room!

i'm not sure how you are with milk, but some people have said they guzzled loads of chocolate milkshakes etc. you can get soya ones if dairy is a problem.

another one of my friends ate loads of toast and crisps during her first trimester. i would have thought crisps would be too greasy but she said they were about the only thing she could stomach.

i was quite fortunate in that, although i felt sick pretty much the whole time, it didn't seem to be made any worse by any particular foods, other than my home made soup! so i could still eat, but i just felt grim all the time.

try ginger biscuits as a bit of a change from crackers, if you can stomach them. i ate quite a few oatcakes on long journeys to help with the nausea, but they might be a bit fatty/heavy, i guess...

the other thing some people have said helped are dry cereals - things like mini weetabix or frosted shreddies or mini shredded wheat. sounds a bit dire, but it's dry, and wholegrain (in spite of the sugar), so not the worst thing you could be eating.
05/04/2006 at 09:42
Caramel, know what you mean about noises in the bedroom, my hubby is a bit of a light sleeper as well (unless he's had a few too many beers !!), so don't know how he's going to cope with a baby either !!!!

On a different note, are any of you mums or mums to be out there keen hill walkers (i.e. big lake district hills, scottish munros etc). If so did you still go hill walking when pregnant ?

How long were you able to hill walk for ??

and how much did it slow you down ??

Got friends coming up in May and they are keen to do a munro, but not sure how slow i'm going to be or if i'll even manage it, will be 19 weeks by then, anyone any advice ??
05/04/2006 at 09:51
mrs o

yes - hubby and i love hill walking, although it's mainly in the brecon beacons as those are the nearest decent hills to us.

i don't see why you wouldn't be able to walk at 19 weeks, as long as you are keeping active.

you will probably feel a LOT better by 19 weeks and may have plenty of energy, although you may not!

one word of caution, though - i've found right from the start of this pregnancy that 'al fresco' peeing is quite tricky. i'm not sure whether it's just me, but i seem to need to be on a toilet to pee! the last walk we tried to go on had to get called off (after over an hour's driving to get to the start of the walk) because i couldn't pee and we had to try and find somewhere which was open with a toilet i could use (which was over 20 minutes back in the direction we had come).

by 19 weeks, you could be needing to pee quite a bit, so worth having a trial run at an al fresco pee to see how it goes beforehand!

(i'm not obsessed with bodily excretions! honest!!)

have you got a scan date yet?
05/04/2006 at 09:52
I do a lot of hill walking in the lakes as my mother in law lives there. I was still walking at 8 months although on the length of my walks were only a up to an hour by then.

I was slow and getting up the hills took time, but it was so worth it when I got to the top. Quite a few wee stops too!

I should point out that I was not doing scar fell pike at this point but smaller hills like school Kott, Troubeck & around ullswater etc by then.

I am hoping to go up to the lakes again soon, but I think it will depend how my next scan is on 24th April and if the bleeding has resolved itself.

If not hard as it is I will just have to go and look at the views from my MIL patio. She as a fab view over windermere and hill behind.

05/04/2006 at 09:56
Hubbie is being quite sweet as I'm being useless in the evenings, can't do anything and certainly can't cook, just opening the fridge makes my stomach go at the moment. He says I'm growing our baby though so he doesn't mind doing most things for a while. Awww!

I did drink hot milk last night and that was very nice, so will keep doing that, helped me sleep too.

Slightly concerned am not putting on any weight yet. I am very small so feel I need to. I guess it will happen though once I feel better, if I do!
05/04/2006 at 10:00
Also mrs o. When hubbie and I walked the one of the Grest walks in NZ last year, which was 3 days, 6 hours walking a day, one of lasses doing the same route was around 5 months gone. Her partner carried most of the weight though, and she had just food in a small rucksack. It was very hot too, with some massive climbs, she seemed to be fine though.
05/04/2006 at 10:05
mitchie moo - don't worry about putting on weight yet. it's totally normal to LOSE weight in your first trimester. some people lose loads (more than a stone). obviously, if you are small anyway, it's less likely that you will lose lots because you won't have lots to lose. but really really don't worry about putting on any weight at the moment.

i didn't put on anything in my first trimester, and in my second trimester i put on about 10 pounds! eeek! i'm still way behind on the schedule of weight gain though according to all the official charts and my bump is 'too small' according to the graph in my maternity notes, but baby is totally the right size, and there's plenty of fluid etc, so there's no problem.

just concentrate on snacking away and drinking high calorie things (milk, lucozade etc), and soon enough the pounds will start piling on.
05/04/2006 at 10:28
((mitchie moo)) - I suffered dreadful nausea like you, and had to tell my boss when I was only 7 weeks pregnant as I was becoming a virtual part-timer! My work were very good about it all, but I work with a lot of people who have young families.
Lucozade, lucozade, lucozade! That's all I can say. Anything hot made me feel sick (tea, coffee, hot choc, etc), but I guess everyone's different!
05/04/2006 at 10:32
I may tell her when I get back from hols, will be 9.5 weeks by then, if all is OK tomorrow. Am finding cheese is a god send, obviously my body telling me it needs more fat, so cheese and crackers it is. I only work 4 days as it is, so feel bad.

Really sweet stuff makes me feel sick too, but will try some lucozade today.
05/04/2006 at 10:35
Caramel, scan date is this friday, so will let you all know how it goes
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