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11/01/2006 at 13:52
dr w - congratulations! and sounds like you are doing the right thing with the running.

i've been having a really unfortunate side effect which is feeling like i'm suffocating. it's hard to describe, but apparently it's the hormones relaxing the diaphram. it started around 6 weeks and is still with me. it feels as though i can't get a proper breath, so i have to gasp to try and force a deep breath.

it makes running quite tricky. it also doesn't help the nausea, as one of the ways i can get the deep breath i feel i need, is by forcing a yawn. but by doing that, i quite often end up retching. the midwife suggested that i might have a pulmonary embolism when i mentioned it at the 12 week scan, but given i had been having the symptoms for 6 weeks by then, i informed her that this was probably quite unlikely. i googled it, and the verdict is that it will either go by 12 weeks or so, or else it'll last for the whole of pregnancy. so since i'm nearly 15 weeks now and still gasping, i guess it could well be july before it goes!

hegs - fortunately i don't have to stand up on trains usually (apart from the tube if/when i'm in london). i would definitely have flaked out yesterday if i'd been standing up!
11/01/2006 at 16:18
Thank you for that Hegs, I'll just keep at it and live with the jelly-belly for the time being. I also had a caesarian but have been massaging around the scar and it doesn't look too bad....I feel quite good though as I am now up to 8 mile runs, my husband is beginning to get used to me leaving as soon as my daughter has had a feed, to make the most of the 'empty' boobs! But only possible to run about three times a week as it's dark so early, I can't wait for longer days! Luckily Runners World had an article about a training scedule for a marathon on running no more than 3 times a week, very interesting and I will try and follow it to run the Amsterdam Marathon in October I think.
12/01/2006 at 07:58
Marijke - I'm doing FLM this year on 3 training runs a week so I'll let you know how successful I am! It is hard fitting in the training around a fulltime job (and 3 hours daily commute!) plus looking after house, baby & husband, but I really enjoy the "me time" that I get out running.

Caramel - Bummer about the breathlessness thing - must be really scary - it's one thing I DIDN'T suffer from when I was expecting;o) And I wouldn't want to be in any way unnecessarily alarmist, but don't you think it's worth asking for a referral to a consultant just to get checked out? I actually found that my consultant and obstetrician were a really good source of support and information (far better than my midwives) particularly towards the end.....
12/01/2006 at 08:23
hegs - wow that sounds like a very very fully life you lead!

i don't have a consultant as i'm on midwifery led care. can i just ask for one? i have another midwife's appointment tomorrow and was going to mention it again.
12/01/2006 at 08:31
Yes, ask your midwife for a referral - and don't let them say no if it is what you need to allay your concerns! I also had midwife-led care - and I was actually referred without asking, but I would have asked otherwise. Sometimes I got the impression that the midwives were trying to act as gatekeepers for the doctors (to keep costs down perhaps??).... But I was in central London which probably doesn't help either!

Something else that I found out from my obstetrician is that all women are entitled to an elective Caesarean if that is what they want - I actually really really wanted a natural delivery (although I ended up with a c-section) - but again, the midwives usually tell people that they can't have a caesarean unless it is medically necessary. Some of my friends had major fears about natural childbirth (above and beyond the normal fears) and would have had a whole happier pregnancy experience if they could have elected to have a caesarean, so I make sure I always tell people now that I know!

Hegs x
18/01/2006 at 09:21
Hey Caramel - how did the midwife appointment go?
18/01/2006 at 12:40
hi there!

thanks for asking.

midwife's appt went fine. 4th different midwife i've seen as 'mine' is off sick. heard the baby's heartbeat, which was lovely.

mentioned the breathlessness thing, and she said i should see my GP as she couldn't refer me directly to anyone until i'm 24 weeks or something.

went to see the GP on monday morning, and was sent straight to the antenatal clinic, where the fun started.

got there at about 9.30. waited until 11.00 and saw ... a midwife. why!??! anyway, obviously she didn't have a clue, so said i should see the doctor who was on duty.

waited until 11.45. saw the doctor who said 'i can't do anything. you'll have to see a consultant. come back at 1.30'.

so - back at 1.30. at 2.30 i finally got in to see the consultant.

i have to say he was absolutely brilliant. said i am the fittest person he has seen in years (probably only an indication of the general activity level of people in s. wales!) and honestly doesn't think there's anything wrong with me (other than that i'm a 'perfectionist' - his words! - and 'highly strung'). so apart from the insight into my personality (!), he also gave me a referral for an echocardiogram, as there's a possibility of a very slight systolic heart murmur, which isn't unusual in pregnancy, apparently, but ought to be checked out.

so i was in the antenatal clinic from 9.30 until 4.30pm on monday!!

ANYWAY, to cut a long story short, i have to wait for an appointment for this heart scan. he did say it would hopefully come through before my EDD!!

BUT, his money (and mine also) is on there being nothing wrong with me at all.

did 1.25km swim this morning and just been for a 5 mile lunchtime run, so i REALLY think there's nothing wrong with my heart!

how's everyone else?
18/01/2006 at 12:57
Cool! Sounds like very good news anyway. I think it is natural (probably hormonal ;o)) to be a bit paranoid about things when you are pregnant. I got diagnosed with a heart murmur during pregnancy - had the ECG and they decided that no action was required, so hopefully the same will be for you!

Great to hear that you're managing to keep up with the exercise too - that should help. I found that once the nausea had subsided (about 13 weeks) I then had the problem of feeling as if I needed to pee all the time when I was runnning (sorry - a little too much info perhaps!!) - but I carried very low so I guess my baby was bouncing around on my bladder.
Good luck & keep us posted!
Hegs x
18/01/2006 at 13:07
thanks hegs!

i think the consultant's comment on my 'highly strung' nature was more of a generic statement, though. he agreed that if i was paranoid, i wouldn't have put up with these symptoms for 9 weeks before going to the doctor's about them. but i think that all mums-to-be are a bit paranoid to some extent, as you say.

my nausea has just about subsided now at 15 and a bit weeks. i've also found that the problem of feeling like i need a wee (i know EXACTLY what you mean!) all the time as soon as i start running has also got better. i think the baby has moved up a bit. i'm sure it'll come back again once the baby starts growing, though!

i'm STARVING now and on a conference call (not paying much attention as you can see!) until 3pm!
20/01/2006 at 11:04
boinged for clare!
20/01/2006 at 11:19
Thanks the boing. I am 9 weeks and due at the end of August. This is my second child and this time I will be due in the summer rather than winter. I am not great in hot weather!! Due to the travel in my previous job, I found I little time and I was too exhausted to run. I really regretted it as I have always liked to keep fit and active. My job has now changed and I am determined to keep going as long as I can and revert to the cross trainer as a last result.

Only challenges so far is that my pace has slowed dramtically already. Did you all experience that? Also my bladders is a nightmare, particularly after one child already. I have cut out all speed work and am just focusing on running 3-4 weeks up to around 40-50mins max. How does this compare? Thanks
20/01/2006 at 11:29
welcome, clare, and congratulations!

i think everyone is individual when it comes to running/exercising in pregnancy, and we are all bound by what our body will let us do!

some people on this forum managed to keep running until 7 months; others had to stop earlier because it made them feel unwell.

i am still managing 5 mile runs - albeit it VERY slowly (over 1 min per mile slower than i used to be). but i'm having ITBS problems now, so i'm not managing more than 3 times a week.

good idea to keep cross training because that means you can keep it going if you have to stop running.

know what you mean about the bladder thing! it does get a bit better - i can now run for more than 15 mins without feeling like my bladder is about to explode. it's only started to get better in the last week (i'm now 16 weeks).

you asked about clothes on the other thread. i found some stuff at the lady there was very friendly, and helped with sizing etc because it's a bit vague. the kit is NOT glamorous, and the leggings i've got aren't wicking, but in this weather (for running outside), that doesn't bother me. i can still fit into my lycra shorts for gym wear at the mo, but i've got a pair of horrible looking supportive shorts from activemums for when i finally bloat out too far!

there are a few discussions on heart rate further back in the thread. they might help you decide what is appropriate for you...

good luck!
24/01/2006 at 19:40
Hi there

I wanted to ask some advice some advice on sports bras. I wear bendon sports bras - which I must say the are the best I have ever found :-). Anyway they have underwire and I know that in general underwires are not recommneded during preganacy. I am not huge, but the thought of running without support fills me with dread. I also want to hold onto what perkiness I can after 2 kids! Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, advice.... Should I switch to a non wire version if so any reccomendations?


PS - Anyone else suffering from stitch?
24/01/2006 at 20:04

Its a no no to underwired. When pregnant because my boobs kept growing so fast (started off a 34c and ended up a 42dd) I found it really expensive to keep buying good sports bras every couple of weeks. I ended up purchasing Sports bras from Marks and Spencer and they did the job. As I gave up running at 4 months and took up the cross trainner I found that they were sufficient. Hope that helps a little, sorry I can't suggest anything else.
25/01/2006 at 07:51
Not pregnant yet, but enjoying reading all the posts on this site.

Why are underwired bras a no no in pregnancy, is it just a no no for when you're doing sport or all the time ??

I find a Bereli shock absorber and sportjock on top does the job for me (both not underwired), but may be expensive if you need to keep buying bigger sizes once you're pregnant.
25/01/2006 at 09:41
hello mrs o - good to hear from you again. hope things are going ok for you...

in general i think the reason underwired is not advised is that your boobs can get very painful during pregnancy and the wire makes it worse. there's also a theory, i think, that wearing wired bras during breastfeeding can cause problems because the wire can press in and cause blockages and/or discomfort.

all the maternity and nursing bras you buy are non-wired.

for normal wear, i spend most of my time in shock absorbers bras that i used to use for hiking. i have a couple of maternity bras as well, but just prefer the shock absorbers ones for some reason (i think i have an aversion to anything 'maternity', so if i can still wear pre-pregnancy stuff, i will!)

for running, i can still fit in my sportjock bras from pre-pregnancy, although it's a bit of a tight squeeze.

by the way, i'd emailed americano because she hadn't been on since christmas. i had a reply yesterday, and she said she'd pop in and say 'hi' sometime, but that all is well (which is great news!)
25/01/2006 at 11:57
Glad to hear Americano is OK - had been wondering.. :o)

Re: sports bras - I found that Marks & Spencers were the best - the non-wired sports bra, and then I wore a crop top style sports bra top over it, but that was actually after I had the baby as I couldn't do much exercise while pregnant. Not sure what the rule on wired bras really is - one of my friends wore underwired all through her pregnancy and her midwife service told her it was an old wives tale not to.... who knows??!

I will say, however, that I am small chested (34b on a good day) but went up to 34E after birth/ when I was breastfeeding (back to 34B again now!), so I had a bit more choice than those who get enormous boobs during pregnancy.

Hegs x
25/01/2006 at 14:24
Hi there

I have been told that the underwire can intefer and cause blockages as thing develop??

I have a couple of sports jocks so I will go back to those for now then. It is a shame as the Bendon is the best sports bra I have ever found, comfy attractive and very supportive.

Thanks for your feedback!

25/01/2006 at 14:56
hegs - that's interesting about the old wives tale thing. all the bras you see for maternity etc are all non-wired.

clare - if you are still comfy wearing the wired bras for exercise, it's probably ok to carry on wearing them. and if poss, wear non-wired the rest of the time, especially if you think the wired ones give you better support. you may end up more uncomfy with others which don't support you as well, especially if your boobs end up moving around more.

i had to ditch the wired bras because my boobs were soooo sore. it was quite literally like having a piece of wire stuck right in there.

funny how there are no guys on this thread now, with all the talk of pregnant ladies and boobs :-). you'd have thought they'd be here in their droves!
25/01/2006 at 15:01
clare - you also asked about stitch. i assume this is when you are running?

i haven't had it any worse since pregnant than before, but i believe it can be very common. all to do with ligaments stretching and hormones and stuff.

as usual with stitch, best thing is to slow down/walk for a bit, and see if it goes.

is it a stitch in your side or in your stomach? some people on the thread have said they found their stomach went 'hard' and painful when running, and they had to give up at that point. i don't think that's the same thing as stitch, though, but it's worth being a bit careful and taking it easy if it gets too bad.

and i spoke too soon about my bladder. i had one whole week where it wasn't bad, and since then, it feels like i need a pee every 5 mins when i run!!!
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