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06/02/2006 at 16:26
Marijke - i'm not surprised you feel like that. We started having our lounge done back in October, and it's still not quite finished (sofas still not delivered). It's been HELL (had no dining room over xmas and new year as ALL the furniture from the living room was in there, and we had no carpet!) and we haven't got a small child!

I think baby blues are fairly unavoidable, from what I understand. Hopefully, you will bounce back very very soon!

MMJ has had her baby, by the way. She's still having problems from the birth several months ago...
06/02/2006 at 18:55

Do feel abit down in the dumps - think its the weather. Was going to go for a run tomorrow but hubby has just returned home from work to tell me he's off to play rugby in Scotland for 2 days (big game) - so am hoping to get out there on Thursday. He's also off on hols all next week, so hope to make the most of it then as he can babysit.

The other day I treated myself to a pair of cosy Ron Hill tracksters (yes thats about my highlight at the moment) to keep me warm so need to get the wear out of them - just wish they wouldn't make them so long as only 5ft 1" and need to take them up.
06/02/2006 at 19:13

sounds like the hugs i sent earlier on weren't quite sufficient.

you make sure you get out and about when hubby's off - even if you don't feel like running, just get out for a bit for a walk or whatever. get some time to yourself. hopefully it will be dry and you can get some air. i think we all feel a bit cooped up at this time of year, but it WILL get better!

let us know how it goes at the docs as well.

my hubby's away skiing this week, and i'm absolutely loving having the house to myself. i didn't realise how fantastic it was just to have time to do what I want - listen to MY music, eat exactly what I want (apart from the soft cheese and wine of course!). i love hubby to bits, but it's sooooo lovely to have time (and the bed!!!) to myself.

goodness only knows what i'll be like when i have a baby/child to look after! my husband is lovely, helpful, considerate and generally wonderful (if very messy!). and yet i love it when he's away for a week. i can't imagine how i'm going to feel when i have to look after something totally dependent!? the next time i will get some time to myself like this will probably be in about 18 years' time!! OMG!!!!

now i'm depressed!
07/02/2006 at 10:39
Morning all,
Actually although my training is going really well again (and my size 12 trousers are baggy!! Hooray!!) I am back into the cycle of doctors appointments all the time because of my blood pressure which still isn't back to normal :o(
Have been for cholesterol and glucose blood tests this morning and once the results are back in I get to spend the rest of my life popping whatever pills they deem necessary. Ver depressing! But hey, could be a lot worse too.
Backtracking slightly on a couple of earlier posts - I ran after 4 weeks of delivery with full approval of my consultant and obstetrician - I did not do any stomach exercises until after 6 weeks and then only core strengthening and am only introducing gently crunches etc now (9 months later). Slow plodding after 4 weeks did me the power of good - but it was just that - 20 minutes sloooowwww plod :o)
My obstetrician is a research fellow at Imperial College and amongst other things is doing a lot of research into effects of exercise before, during and after pregnancy, and definitely feels that within reason and subject to medical conditions, exercise is beneficial.
I think that a lot of midwives like to lean towards the whole rest and relaxation ethos, and I understand why. But for those of us who are generally fit, active & healthy there is no reason not to start exercising whenever you feel OK.
By the way, sorry if this sounds really preachy - not intended to!! Just want everyone to feel OK about whatever they choose to do.

Oh and Caramel - life does change a lot after baby arrives - and I admit that I missed my "freedom" a bit, but boy is it worth it :o)

Hegs x
07/02/2006 at 14:44
Ok, going to confess as i'm fit to burst, tested positive last tuesday, its really early days i know but just wanted to tell someone and because you lot are all 'anonymous' and i don't actually know you, doesn't feel like i'm 'really telling' anyone. The fertility clinic said it was ok to keep running and doing yoga as i have been doing that regularly for ages now. Went for a run last wednesday and actually felt better, went for one yesterday and deliberately took it easy, but felt very slow and pretty tired after, even though it was only 40 mins. Go back to the clinic for a scan in a fortnight, then after that i go to see GP and take it from there. Having a lot of the normal symptoms, sore boobs, more tired than usual, going to the loo more often. No morning sickness yet, although my stomach feels like butterflies a lot of the time (possibly just nerves/excitement). Had cramps initially for about a few days before and after totm was due, but they seem to have stopped now, is this normal ? or should you have mild cramping for longer as the womb expands ??
07/02/2006 at 14:56
mrs o!

this is amazing news! oh wow!!!!!!!

have to dash off to rather nasty appraisal (i'm doing one for someone; it's not my own appraisal!), but just wanted to say that my cramping was just around when totm was due, and stopped shortly after. some people have it for longer, but mine was only a couple of days.

oh this is the most fantastic news!!!


lots of luck and glue

07/02/2006 at 14:59
oh and my nausea started really noticeably at about 7 weeks. and is still here!! so you have time yet...
07/02/2006 at 16:03
Thanks for that, caramel, was worrying a bit about the cramps, wondering if i should still have them or not, but you've put my mind at rest. Suppose i'm just a bit paranoid and worrying about every little thing as this is my first time and still very early on and seems like its taken a long time to get here, two and a half years since i started on fertility treatments. Hope all the other bumps are doing well !!!
07/02/2006 at 17:28
it's natural to worry - i still due it profusely, about everything.

in fact, i still haven't told my colleagues at work (although i have told HR), because i want to wait until my 20 week scan. i know it's daft, but i really do worry about everything.

it's absolutely totally and perfectly normal!

i'm so thrilled for you. it's such excellent news. i realise just how lucky i am to have had no problems conceiving.
07/02/2006 at 19:58
Mrs O, can I add my congratulations too, just great news for you :-)
07/02/2006 at 20:09
Congratulations Mrs O - I am so pleased for you!!

I have logged on to have a moan I am afraid. I just wanted vent my frustrations. I have had a really queasy day all day. I am never sick and sometimes I feel it would be a relief if I was. Anyway despite feeling very sick & tired all day i worked myself up to go for a run. I have not been out since Saturday.

As you might recall I posted earlier about underwire bras and following our advice put them to the back of the draw and resorted to my old sport jock.

I had not realised how much my boobs had grown so much and after a frustrating 15 mins where my husband tried to the do the zip - it broke. With no spares - I have had to for go my run and sit on the sofa and sulk instead.

It is sooo frustrating to be up for a run having not been out for a few days and not be able to go. Sorry to bring down the mood but I am fed up with feeling sick and a run would have made me feel better

Off to my local running shop tomorrow for a bigger size!!!
07/02/2006 at 21:45
Mrs O, congratulations, I'm so pleased for you!!!!! You've made my day! I went to the gym today and ran 10km, hadn't been for more than 2 weeks and was getting serious withdrawal. I started to think I would never run again. So dragged myself out of negative blip and feel much better now. Only have to look at my daughter to feel great though, she's so cute, I found her laughing at herself in the mirror today for the first time. Time goes too quick...
I didn't know I was pregnant for the first 8 weeks; then found out and started feeling nauseous soon after, but it went as soon as I would eat something. Oh, Clare, I wear a Sportjock sportsbra, which keeps my boobs well and truly secure. It's one of those vest-type bra's and although I have breastfeeding boobs, they don't get chance to bounce in it at all!!
08/02/2006 at 07:14
Congratulations, Mrs O.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you. It is easy to say don´t worry, but I can relate to your feelings since this is also my first time being pregnant. But anyway, as long as you eat sensibily and work out regularly (but also sensibily) you are doing what you can.

Working out regularly with care, off course (I´ve been told) is actually as healthy for your baby as it is for you. I, myself, however have on my last run felt some light discomfort: I am only in week 13, but it is as if there is a little ball bouncing around inside my bottom belly. I am unsure whether to keep running, because it does not hurt as such.
I am scheduled to have my first scan today (I´m excited but also a little nervous), and I think I will ask them about running with this "little bouncing ball".

Congratulations to you once again Mrs. O.
08/02/2006 at 07:44
Massive congratulations Mrs O - that is such fantastic news :o)
My nausea also kicked in around 7 weeks (like Caramel) so don't be alarmed. Also many of my friends have had no nausea at all and have all gone on to have completely healthy pregnancies. I actually experienced cramping right up to about 11-12 weeks and spent a lot of time panicking, and ended up going to my GP who just told me to relax and let nature take it's course (easier said than done!)
We will all be thinking of you here and do keep us updated on your progress.
Clare - I sympathise with you - I often had days like you have had, but just think it is only for such a short period of time really ;o) I am still wearing a fantastic Marks & Spencer non wired sports bra that I got when I was breastfeeding - I'm not sure what it's called but it is so comfy and has a really wide elastic band around the ribs.... I would recommend that, although I don't know what size you are (I am pretty small busted).
Marijke - glad to hear that you are feeling better too. My son also likes to look in the mirror - actually we think he's in love with himself :o)

Hegs x
08/02/2006 at 08:55
Clare i know what you mean about bras, even at this very early stage my everyday bras are starting to get a bit small and i definetly have a bit of 4 boob syndrome (spilling over the top) and also am finding the running a lot slower. I am making sure i take it easy and don't get breathless when running, but to do this i'm needing to slow down quite a lot. I go running with a bunch of girls at work at lunchtimes (we have flexi time) and am going to run out of excuses soon as to why i'm suddenly so slow !!
Also it seems a long time till the end of the first trimester when i can tell folks. However hubby and i have booked a holiday to Egypt at the end of March as it is the only time he can really get away with his job till the late autumn, i should be about 11 0r 12 weeks by then i think. We've got B&B in a 5 star hotel in sharm el sheik for 7 nights, so if folk wonder why i'm looking so happy, i can just tell them i'm looking forward to my holiday !!! Just hoping i'm not rotten with morning sickness and spend the whole time feeling ill !!!!
08/02/2006 at 09:21
clare - sorry you had such a rotten day. but when you re-read that post in about 4 weeks' time, you will laugh at you and your husband trying to squeeze you into a bra! (i'm not mocking, honest - because i know EXACTLY what it's like!). these pregnancy hormones are just horrible. i had one night of sobbing until about 3am about something - can't even remember what now. i'm sure it was something totally minor but at the time it seemed like the end of the world.

mrs o - your holiday sounds absolutely wonderful. do make sure you are very very careful with what you eat in egypt though, as it's extremely easy to get upset tummies. i'm sure you will be fine in the 5 star hotel, but if you can avoid meat and dairy products outside the hotel, it would be wise. bad stomachs can be quite dangerous for baby, as i'm sure you know. and egypt is a very easy place to get a bad stomach (i have a friend who spent a year there as part of a degree, so have this information on good authority!). i'm not trying to be a doom monger at all, by the way... just in case you didn't know.

you could tell the girls at work that you have got an injury or some kind of twinge which comes on when you run too quickly, which is ok if you slow down. something like a feeling of stitch in between your shoulder blades, or else a lower back pain. you might need to keep rubbing the 'affected area', though to make it look more genuine!

marijke - hope you continue to feel a bit better. the sun is shining in s. wales this morning - hope it's shining where you are.

turtle - how did your scan go???? i also have that bouncing ball feeling when i run, except it's more like a bouncing concrete slab these days, or feels like it on my bladder. it does the baby NO harm whatsoever, but many people do stop running because they don't like the feeling or worry about it. i think mini mojo said she stopped when she could feel the baby bouncing around because she didn't like it. so it's up to you really. there are PLENTY of other forms of exercise you can take which are lower impact and which won't cause baby to bounce around, and they are all very good for you, as you say.

good luck to all bumps and mummies (new and to-be!)
08/02/2006 at 09:57
Yes, caramel, going to be careful out there, will drink only bottled water, no ice in drinks, avoid salads and stick to hot cooked food. We are in Naamay Bay in Sharme el Sheik which i've heard and read is quite upmarket so hopefully the food etc will be quite a high standard.
08/02/2006 at 10:27
mrs o - that's a very sensible approach. i had assumed that, in major tourist resorts, the food would be ok. but my friend and also my husband BOTH had horrendous stomach upsets when staying in sharm el sheik in very good hotels (certainly, in my husband's case it was a 5 star place). in my experience of my husband, though, he is NOT that careful with what he eats and also not fastidious about washing his hands! as soon as i get the slightest rumbing in my stomach, i stop eating, whereas he will still to go for a big greasy, spicy, meaty meal, even when he is already being very sick!

don't eat any ice cream either - that's a breeding ground for bacteria!

we were thinking of going to egypt in april, but i wanted to do a sailtrek holiday, with some of it being spent going down the nile on a felluca. in the end, my friend convinced me it wasn't sensible because there are no loos on board and also because of the risk with the food (the crew cook food onboard, and there's no fridge - they probably wash up in the river, etc! it was way too risky!). i had thought i would be ok as long as i just drank fanta and ate crisps for the duration, but as it was a 2 week holiday, that *may* have been a bit much for me! so in the end, we have decided just to drive down to the dordogne instead. very boring...
08/02/2006 at 11:42
Thanks for your feedback!!! I have picked up a bigger size today and can laugh about it today, although still itching to get out!! It is my daughters 2nd birthday today and we are having a birthday tea tonight - so I will just have to hold fire until Thursday now!

One plus side my husband was well impressed with the cleavage as we both yanked at the zip on my sport jock.

08/02/2006 at 14:12
Mrs O big congratulations, so pleased for you and Mr O. Holiday sounds wonderful - as Caramel says careful what you eat and drink. Try to remember to take out ice cubes from drinks aswell as these will be made from local water which could upset your stomach.

Just got back from the Doc's. Don't know whether to be pleased or worried. Blood pressure seems OK and no headache today (so far!) but have been popping paracetamol the past 2 days like they're smarties!!! Doc totally confused so they are refering me to the Neurologist at the local hospital. OMG - now they'll find I haven't got a brain. Totally scared now, but at least something is getting done I suppose. Hopefully the waiting list won't be too long.

Turtle - I gave up runnig at 15 weeks because of that bouncy ball feeling, it felt like the baby was all over the place. Like you said it didn't hurt whilst running just felt rather weird. I continued with the cross trainer after that, along with swimming and pregnancy yoga.

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