Probable chondromalacia patella / kneecap cartilage damage

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08/01/2014 at 18:31

Hi all,

I'm new on here, somewhat out of desperation, but would really appreciate hearing from anyone with experience of the above.

I swim, cycle, run (of course) and was probably logging 30mpw and did several halves this year. I have had many months of intermittent problems, physio and GP. We have eliminated a number of "more serious" issues with ultrasound and X-rays. I will see a specialist in a couple of weeks, although my GP helpfully said "They will probably not be very interested because these things take ages to heal and there may not be much to do about it...". Thanks for the support GP.

On the basis that it is kneecap cartilage damage, and now that I have addressed the underlying muscle tensions (and erratic training!), my physio has advised on the usual strengthening exercises and to keep the leg strong with a steady baseload. Neither my physio, nor my GP has said to stop running, as such, unless it is painful, and the pain tends to be associated with when the knee is bent at around 75 degrees, so light/moderate running is largely ok, in spite of some aggravation which disappears after about 1km or so, and doesn't seem to result in any obvious deterioration or repercussions. Ironically, sitting at a desk, which is necessary for my work, seems to aggravate it worse than anything on a day-to-day basis. I cannot currently squat, or leg press through the full motion without a fair bit of pain, though it is quite variable.

I am attempting to ascertain whether I can "safely" run by doing no more than 10k every 2-3 days, mixed with swimming, strengthening, stretching, massage etc - i.e. keeping a constant distance level, and hope for possible albeit slow improvement.

I'm worried that this is not sustainable, simply because the damage is done, and also concerned that the next steps could be invassive operations, arthroscopy etc. So I guess it would be good to hear from anyone that has gone through this, particular if you made some kind of recovery!

Cheers (and a happy new year).


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