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18/01/2006 at 21:40
My rice pud recipe is okay but it does come out a little dry, and it lacks that "just out of the Ambrosia tin" creaminess and flavour that Muttley Jnr craves.

Anyone got a good recipe to share?

Ta muchly in advance.
18/01/2006 at 21:54
I'll ask my brother in law ...
iron fraggle    pirate
18/01/2006 at 22:18
try www.deliaonline.com ?
18/01/2006 at 22:51
Vomits copiously

cant help on this one
18/01/2006 at 23:34
Not quite sure why this is on the injury forum - is it some sort of term for an odd or bizarre injury.

If it really is about rice pudding - here's a recipe using a slow cooker.

75g Pudding Rice
750 ml milk warmed until almost boiling
40g sugar
15g butter

Preheat Slow cooker for 20 mins
Butter Crock Pot
Place in all ingredients and stir well
Cook for 3 hours (high setting) 6 hours (low setting)

For a creamier pudding 170g of evaporated milk can be substituted for the same amount of milk.

18/01/2006 at 23:35
(pale green-please stop)
18/01/2006 at 23:40
Doncha like rice pud then Hipps ??
18/01/2006 at 23:41
I cant belive Im on a bloody thread about it
18/01/2006 at 23:43
Cos you wondered what it was doing on the injury forum - like me

Still think its code for some sort of bizzare self inflicted sexual injury...
19/01/2006 at 14:15
My fave recipe for rice pud is a low-fat version that isn't really like Ambrosia but is amazingly even nicer.

Boil up 1/2 pint pudding rice in 1 pint water.
When it's cooked (takes about 15 minutes) stir in a big pot of fat-free fromage frais, 1 tsp vanilla essence, and a heaped dessert spoon of Splenda.

It's yummy hot with a dollop of reduced-sugar jam.

It's even nicer cold with a sliced banana and 1 block of Dairy Milk grated on top.

From my (forthcoming) book entitled "How to eat better on a diet than you do normally".
19/01/2006 at 14:20
You could just open a tin of Ambrosia.
19/01/2006 at 20:38
Cheers chaps. I knew I could rely on you.

Unfortunately I don't possess a slow cooker, but I've been half-tempted for a while (didn't know you were such a domestic goddess, FR).

Fair point MB, but I like to avoid pre-made meals if at all poss.

I shall have a go at Chickpea's recipe :-)
19/01/2006 at 21:59
This is an old-fashioned creamy rice pudding, baked, with no eggs.

1 quart milk, scalded
1/4 cup long grain rice
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 300°. In a 1 1/2 quart baking dish, combine all ingredients. Bake for 2 1/2 hours, stirring every 20 minutes. This will give the pudding a creamy texture.

>>did a search on a site I know and it threw this up at me.
20/01/2006 at 09:37
You should see me in my pinnie and marigolds...

Slow Cooker is a good investment.

You can do all sorts with 'em, but they're very good for casseroles and hotpots. You just chuck all the ingredients in before your go out in the morning, and when you come in at night - presto !!
Duck Girl    pirate
20/01/2006 at 22:13
i like my slow cooker, it is really good for doing bean stews in. only problem is persuading other housemates not to leave their stuff in it for days :(

i do a recipe a lot like PPB's, (with soya or oat milk) except with apricots chopped into it. 'tis very delicious. Can also speed up cooking by starting in microwave (needs oven for a proper skin - which is even better with cinnamon on top).
this is a good recipie to do at the same time as baked potatoes.

actually i don't think timmed rice pud is particularly much worse than home-made (except i like mine better) - given that either way it is cooked for ages, don't see how canning would affect nutritional value much.

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