Shoulder injury....running with a sling?

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20/03/2013 at 12:11

Hi all!

I was really hoping someone could offer me some advice regarding running with a shoulder injury.

i was knocked off my bike a week ago and have injured my right shoulder when it hit the ground. Xrays have revealed no fractures but i am waiting on an MRI to check the soft tissues. I am currently unable to move the shoulder much and am having to take quite a few painkillers to manage the pain. I am however due to run the london marathon in 5 weeks and having had to pull out last year due to post viral fatigue I am desperate to get to the startline this year!

Training had been going well so I want to keep going and although I am able to use a bike to keep my legs fit I really want to get in the odd running session. I was therefore wondering if anyone has any experience of using a sling or another form of shoulder immobilser to run with??

I knwo it sounds crazy and I should just give up and focus on recovering but I am sure many of you can understand what it is like to be determined to do a race come hell or high water!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

R2R x

cougie    pirate
20/03/2013 at 12:13
Could you not try a ski machine in the gym - its a lot like running but without the impact ? Safer than running - and you'll be off balance with the sling ?

Hope it gets fixed for you soon.
20/03/2013 at 17:23

I've recently broken a collarbone and while my arm was in a sling (about 5 weeks) there was no way I could run!  Pain too immense.


In your case you could try it with plenty of pks.  It will affect your gait and be much more fatiguing.  Bear in mind in London you'll be jostled, etc.


Good luck.

20/03/2013 at 21:26

It is do able!  You have to be careful.  If you cant use your arms really focus on core work, you should be tapering now.  THe stronger the core the less pressure on your shoulders and arms

Good luck



22/03/2013 at 17:28

I got round a half marathon a week after shoulder surgery and against medical advice just by letting my arm hang at my side and not swinging it about. Started at the rear of the field to avoid jostling and walked the first mile to make sure I didn't get carried away with competitiveness and try running it properly. Started jogging slowly and eventually made it round in 2:45 compared wuith my usual HM time of 1:50-2:00... I tried shuffling with a sling on but found it more annoying and more gait-disrupting than without it on...

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