Shoulder Pain

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11/08/2002 at 11:16
I'm a triathlete/runner with pain in my left shoulder and upper arm. My orthopedist diagnosed rotor cuff syndrome, prescribed rest and injections. It worked for several months, but one session in the pool and it's as bad as before! Ice only gives temporary relief, so does heat treatment. Sounds funny I know, but it affects my running training as well, because I can't swing my arm properly, and sometimes the pain wakes me at night. My training has suffered badly this summer & I'm running Berlin Marathon next month. Anyone had this experience? Any ideas how to fix the problem??
16/08/2002 at 14:41
Sheila, Try some light weight training. Hold some weight in your left hand about five lbs (if you don't have weights anything will do). Stand with your arms at your sides. Keep your arm straight and extend it out to your side away from your body until it is level with your shoulders. Do this about five times and then switch arms and repeat a few times. Do at most every other day. This will help strenghten your rotator cuff. Good Luck
16/08/2002 at 17:15
Thanks for the advice Robin - I've done weights for years as strength training, but since this problem started I've not used the arm. As resting hasn't helped I'll give it a try.

09/09/2002 at 16:01
Hi I started running seriously again in March this year after 12 years out. I'm 45 and have got my basic fitness back and have completed a couple of half marathons, 5k's and 10k's.I need to build my self up to increase my speed. Can anyone help with some weight training tips.I have just started the dreaded effort sessions with the club I'm in. Yours in hope, Pete.
09/09/2002 at 19:40
Hi Pete. Do one weight training session per week and don't use really heavy weights, you want to be a strong runner not Arnie Schwarzenegger. Do a basic set of exercises - start with 1 set of up to 10 reps building to 2 sets of 12-15 reps. Major muscle groups (chest, back, upper legs) - bench press, squats or leg press, lat pull-downs, leg extensions, leg curls. Medium muscle groups (pectorals, deltoids, gastronemius) - dumbbell pullover, shoulder press, calf raises, upright rows.
Small muscle groups (biceps, triceps) - Biceps curls, triceps extensions, lateral raises. And don't forget your abdominal exercises! Courtesy of the triathlete with the most ever Ironman wins, Paula Newby-Fraser, it's part of Paula's '7 Months to Ironman' training plan and it really works.
Have fun!
Sheila Anne.

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