Sore toenails

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29/10/2008 at 13:00

anyone else had problems with tender/sore toenails after running? After I've been out for my long Sunday run my right foot is always a mess -  tender nails and bleeding. Any advice, I don't want to lose them!

29/10/2008 at 13:29
Sounds like you need some bigger running shoes to me.....your feet swell as you run, so that would explain why it's occurring after your long runs.
29/10/2008 at 14:17

but you might also need smaller shoes.......ha ha.....

i bought a pair of size 9 ascis as my work shoes etc etc are all size 9.....

got black toenails on the first long run.....(over 13miles) after talking about it to a load of runners they said even in large shoes you can damage your nails as the toes slide about in the "toebox" area.....

don't they often say,,,,put your thumb sideways across the top of your big toe and that should be the space you need in your trainers....

some say you might even need 1 full size larger shoes to allow for swelling when hot,,,in my case with skinny narrow feet, i needed to go down 0.5 size....

good luck with the running and shoe size.


29/10/2008 at 14:50
thanks for the advice, going to go back to the running shop on Saturday where I got my running shoes and see what they say. The running shoes I have (Brooks) have quite a firm front, maybe need to try on other brands and see if that makes a difference too and go up a full size rather than just a half.
29/10/2008 at 20:13
My toenails are a permanent mess .  I've tried bigger sized shoes but that's not the problem for me.  Apparantely some people do something weird with their toes and lift them up when pulling the foot up so hitting the top of the shoe (rather than the damage coming from toes being pushed against the end of the shoe).  Not sure if that makes sense, and it may not be absoloutely technically correct (I forget the details!) but just wanted to sound a word of caution - I think I caused other problems by going too big in my shoes when that wasn't actually the culprit.  Interesting though if it's just one foot  (I guess if it's running style, it would be both feet like mine) - maybe you have one foot bigger than the other?
29/10/2008 at 22:18

I have had this problem.  Changed my trainers and got a bigger size which helped to a point, but  now realised that also my socks were to blame!!!!  I happened to wear hubby's one run and my toes felt so much better!   So think socks that arnt too tight is also something to watch x

29/10/2008 at 23:32

I buy running shooz 1.5 sizes bigger than normal shoes (5.5 vs 4) and I've never had a problem with toes/toenails.  My feet tend to puff up during race and I run with laces quite loose. 

 I did have a blister appear on the end of my middle toe in the middle of the Loch Ness marathon (thank you nice paramedic for the micropore tape) which I put down to a slightly twisted sock.  Always wear twinskin socks and apart this slight aboration, no problems over many races/miles.

31/10/2008 at 05:05
My local pound shop does a nice line in false toe nails....

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