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13/03/2005 at 17:03
Hi Sorry to bring up an old problem that many of us seem to suffer from but I need some advise urgently. The problem is a torn Calf Muscle.I have had this rercurring injury for 18months now . The hospital has told me that I have torn fibres but because it is not severe they will not operate on it.I give it rest,then gradually build up my miles and it goes again.Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do to improve the calf. Can anyone tell me whether,given the injury it,it is ok to continue to swim and cycle.Any help anyone can offer would be warmly welcomed
13/03/2005 at 20:18
I have had torn soleus, and swimming was ok (do NOT push off the wall with the dodgy leg or do breaststroke kick).

Cycling was also OK if you 'spin' (low resistance, high RPM...or low RPM if you are cr*p at cycling like me!)

Find a sports injury physio and see if he'll give you some ultrasound treatment - at least I think that's what I had. Definitely some machine or other, followed up with deep massage to break down the fibrous knots from the healing (errr...that'll hurt lots...enjoy!)

Good luck!
13/03/2005 at 20:38
I had this sort of trouble with my calf
Tried everything physio's,ultrasound, rest etc
Only thing that worked for me was orthotics
Never had a problem since(touch wood)
13/03/2005 at 23:07
Heckenhocker is bang on with the swimming and the cycling, although you shouldn't use a toe clip when cycling.

The torn calf muscle could well be the symton rather than the cause of a problem althought it sounds like you might have a bit of car tissue that needs braking down.

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Do you toes/feet .............
point outwards, point forwards or point inwards?

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