Stiffness and swelling in back of knee

Baker's Cyst?

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16/09/2006 at 00:21
I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced stiffness and slight swelling in the back of their knee. I have not yet been to the doctor, but the symptoms of Baker's Cysts seem to be very similar to my knee's current condition: stiffness when running, resulting in puffiness and swelling in the back of my knee. I am supposed to be running a marathon in a month, but this has halted my training. Has anyone had any recovery success with this? I do plan to see a doctor.
04/12/2010 at 13:11

Hello. I've just been diagnosed with a Baker's cyst. I first became aware of it whilst I was driving. Later on inspection, I noticed a swelling at the bad of my leg behind my knee. It is achey and very painful at the moment and much to my annoyance,  cannot do much exercise as it hurts too much.

I am using some painkilling/anti-inflamatory gel from the dr, but if it doesn't work, have to have a scan and possibly drainage and or surgery. 

Have you got a lump? It sound's like a Baker's cyst, but to be sure, visit your gp.

Good luck.

27/02/2011 at 23:15
i woke up this morning with extreme stiffness in my leg. it hurts real bad to extend out and I even have some difficultly walking normal. Im only 17 and I am an athlete. Do you think this is caused from just a lot of running (soreness) or is it something like a Baker's Cyst?
28/02/2011 at 20:35

The symptom you describe M G20 sounds like what I have if I have had a really bad cramp in my leg in my sleep.

However if you even mildly suspect that it could be Baker's Cyst then you should go and see a doctor, the symptoms are very similar to blood clots symptoms so it need to be ruled out. I had stiffness and swelling to my left lower leg in 2004, even though I was only 25 I was straight away sent for ultrasound to rule out blood clots due to family history. Also Baker's cyst can cause blood clots. For me rest, elevation, heat and anti inflammatories made it go away after a while.

07/03/2012 at 10:11

I am not a runner, but have been researching 'Baker's Cyst'.

I too woke up one morning with acute pain & stiffness in my knee, I walked through it which caused mine to rupture, this is extremely painful & very debilitating, it feels like extreme cramp in your calf.  I understand this is not common & it is most important that you get it checked out for DVT, which carries a higher risk with Baker's Cyst.

I have been resting for 5 weeks & am still very restricted in moving & in a great deal of pain.

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