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17/11/2005 at 12:26
Can anyone advise on specific stretching or warm up routines which help prevent ligament and tendon damage?

My immediate problem has been a sprained ankle, which has now healed fine and I've been running on it for the past two months, but when I try and twist it in odd directions its still sensitive compared to my good ankle.

...and there also appears to be less mobility than the good one too.

My idea is that by targetting specifically the ligaments (and tendons)it may be possible to avoid more serious sprains or that if I go over on the ankle again, next time it wont sprain because its supple and strong. an ex rugby player, we went to great lengths to twist and turn the shoulders arms etc, such that on impact you didnt suffer ligament damage... hence there must be some sort of programme out there which could help.

what do you reckon?

17/11/2005 at 17:13
I had tendon problems earlier this year, and my physio recommended a dynamic warmup. This basically involves a few minutes of light CV work (ie a gentle jog), interspersed with high knee lifts, calf raises, jumps, lunge-walking, side gallops, backwards running, fast-feet drills, etc. The idea is that you "wake up" your legs and "fire up" your muscles and tendons before getting on with the serious business of running. Save static stretching for after your run. If you have a search on the net you should be able to find some more detail of what a dynamic warmup involves.

Good luck in overcoming your injury!
19/11/2005 at 23:00
Dave - I've just seen a physio because I've been getting a bit of achilles pain. He said the source of the problem is ankle instability due to ligament damage 10 years ago. My sensory receptors aren't doing their job properly apparently. He's advised me to stand on a wobble board with my eyes shut and aim for 2 mins. Sounds a doddle? I can't manage 20 seconds yet!
He's also told me to stand barefoot then go up onto my toes for a count of 2, then lower down again for a count of 4. Later I've to progress to doing the same thing on one leg at a time. These exercises will get my receptors working again and make my muscles take the strain when I run, rather than my achilles.
He's warned me it will take months to strengthen my ankles sufficiently but if your damage is recent, you should benefit sooner.
Good luck with your ankle - wish I'd dealt with mine sooner. Debbie
20/11/2005 at 12:55
thanks Guys, I'll follow up on your advice.

Currently I've been trying to go over on the sides of my feet and put weight on them. I can feel this really pulling, and it hurts the ankle that I strained a while back.

I'll see how I get on with this for a while, since I think that the key is mobility.

That said, I'll definitely check out wobble boards and dynamic warmups as well.

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