Stupidly low heart rate? Or am I just born very fit?

Am I getting slower or is my heart slowing me down?

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12/02/2013 at 20:10
When I replaced the battery on my Garmin chest strap I didn't replace the cover properly, moisture got in, and it was giving inaccurate readings. Was giving an average of 215 and a max of 245 on a run where the figures are usually more like 145 and 165. Drying it out solved the problem. But yes, they can give duff readings while still apparently functioning okay. Never heard of a low battery giving low readings though...
12/02/2013 at 20:13
Thanks RWD. I think the point is that a low battery or badly connected battery can give duff readings. No great surprise there. High or low? Nobody knows.
13/02/2013 at 03:22

Well, just to get back to all the replies- and thanks everyone for the replies- I hadn't expected anyone to comment let alone suggest helpful things so thank you


I have actually got eight heart rate monitor straps and three separate batteries- all have had the batteries changed since buying them, I have only one watch but that has had it's battery changed at least twice and I only got it 3 years ago (or nearly 3) as it's the second one I have had. The results are really not changing per strap or battery. They are far far worse first thing in the morning but nothing else differs per day. I don't think the batteries are the issue, sadly. I have the Polar FT60 and the battery for either the watch or the strap clicks on pretty firmly, its something even I can't screw up!


I have had a few days off around Christmas, but my days off are still spent being fairly active mainly because I don't have a choice. I live in a tiny noisy flat, my neighbours are veering on neighbours from hell and so I'd go out if I had days free, but to get anywhere I've got a 15 minute power-walk (longer if I don't) to the train station, 20 minute walk to the bus. I don't drive, my bike was stolen, the reverse journey awaits me if I come home but all uphill. Generally on days free I clean up my home, it's the only chance I get to! This is how I spend my "rest day". 


I had assumed my blood test included iron, I know they included thyroid and white blood cell count and everything was normal. It was done because the Doctor in question thought all my issues were about a vitamin D issue, turns out my vitamin D was all fine but I got given a shot anyway- made no difference. I'd like to blame it on a virus but my white blood cell count was on the low side of normal which apparently means I am fit and healthy, no viruses in my system. This isn't a new thing but it does seem to be getting progressively worse. I seem to have been in a steady energy decline for at least a year, not really sure as to why but do know the result is not being able to do what I used to do and I feel so sad about that. I can't seem to change it either

14/02/2013 at 03:01

Yeah, kinda stuck with the insomnia...(its been YEARS!) I do have the luxary of being able to lie in a little longer then most to compensate and the weekends I don't need to get up at all! (Still do though). Ah the 'joys' of shift-work...

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