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09/07/2004 at 23:06
Does anyone have any suggestions for vegetarian alternatives to glucosamine and chondroitin.My recovery times are poor even at the 3-6mile distances that I am currently capable of and I am just trying to anything to allow me to run more than a couple of times a week.
09/07/2004 at 23:28
09/07/2004 at 23:29
i eat lots of steak and i was fully recovered and back running three days after an ironman this week. so steak.
09/07/2004 at 23:31
I've been a veggy all my life, for no other reason than don't like meat although I do eat white fish, I haven't had any problems with my running and have completed 5 half marathons this year all with what I consider respectable times. I do drink sports drinks before a race but other than that I compete equally with my running mates.
09/07/2004 at 23:33
Is steak on the vegeterian diet candy?
09/07/2004 at 23:43
dunno, but it should be!
09/07/2004 at 23:47
but seriously, you aren't running far so you shouldn't have recovery problems. so its not something that's being 'leeched' by exercise, so it would seem to be more of a deficiency you have or had before the running.

how about anaemia? try taking iron. it will be difficult because we dont absorb 'vegetarian' iron very well at all, so rather than eating lots of seaweed, which might not help, go down holland & barrett for some iron & d vit supplements
10/07/2004 at 00:04
I like a couple of tinnies a night and I'm also a crisp addict and always have plenty of energy. One reason I have to run is to burn them off.
10/07/2004 at 00:34
tee hee so much junk food. i thought veggies were trying to be healthy.
10/07/2004 at 08:06
I agree with Andy not about the steak...LOL but about iron supplements I take Spartone which is a liquid source from a spring In Wales;-) you take it with OJ and has the same amount of iron as 8LB broccoli....I know which one I would rather take!!!!

You can buy in in Holland and Barrat or boots

Some of us veggies do eat healthly;-)
10/07/2004 at 11:37
Be careful about Vitamin B12 as it is sourced mainly through animal products. There are always difficulties ensuring that supplement sources are ethical. I was a vegetarian for 25 years but now eat ethically produced meat and fish in small quantities so that I can be sure about provenance.
10/07/2004 at 16:34

You can get Iron in True Food formula - lower dose, greater absorption.
What is vegetarian/vegan is clearly stated.
mellifera    pirate
11/07/2004 at 15:46
Udo's oil and/or plenty of linseed (freshly ground) if you don't eat fish for the omega 3 (tho it also has 6 and 9)

b12 as mentioned.

re: iron from veggies - you get much more if your don't cook them. i think the following reasonaning is correct - spinach yields oxalic acid on cooking with binds up the iron (and other metal ions) rendering it less absorbable.
11/07/2004 at 19:15
You want iron - drink Guinness, or Murphys, or similar stout or porter beer. Tastes better too.
11/07/2004 at 23:01
Muttley your going back to my tinnies.
12/07/2004 at 10:26
what about irnbru? its made from girders apparently.
12/07/2004 at 10:50
GNC have glucosamine sulphate that's sourced from shellfish so would be okay if you eat fish. They've got quite a good range so may be worth popping in to your local, even though they aren't necessatily as cheap as the internet. There is nearly always a staff member that really knows their stuff also (Oxford St.).

You can also get a 20% discount card for a tenner. It's worth it for me as I go in to get stuff for my family also.

Ironh supplements give me headaches. Bag of watercress any day - much nicer & doesn't block you up.
mellifera    pirate
12/07/2004 at 12:21
oops - sorry - didn't read your message properly so didn't realise you wanted alternatives to glucosamine and chrondroitin specifically.

12/07/2004 at 12:48
Several pints of guinness definitely won't block you up either!
12/07/2004 at 14:31
I've tried to find a vege alternative to Glucosamine and chondroitin, seen some advertized only to find they meant the capsule isn't gelatin! -the contents are still shell fish derived.
The best i've come up with is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) often found in a supplements with glucosamine as it also helps joints, but can be bought separately
calcium and magnesium are good for muscle recovery.
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