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06/08/2002 at 22:32
A guy at work was telling me that he overdresses when he goes running to make him sweat in order to lose weight.I have just recently started running myself. I'm no expert but surely he is doing more harm than good?
06/08/2002 at 22:40
This depends ....is he a marathon runner who habitualy dresses like big bird off Sesame Street ?
07/08/2002 at 07:05
......errr - yes big mistake - he's obviously been watching too much boxing. Fluid loss is only temporary but I guess if he only ever weighs himself after a run then......
WildWill    pirate
07/08/2002 at 09:41
Sweating to lose weight is not the way to go (i.e. daft), all you are doing is losing water (getting dehydrated) and this will be replaced when you re-hydrate.

Regular exercise and a sensible diet is all you need to control weight.

07/08/2002 at 10:49
Ignore the guy at work.
He's very silly.
07/08/2002 at 11:57
Yes, you're right, at best he's making himself uncomfortable and at worst he's heading for a sick set of kidneys. Don't be tempted to try that trick yourself.

He may even be slowing down his weight loss, because you can run faster and further, and use up more calories, if you are properly hydrated.

Cheers, V-rap.

07/08/2002 at 16:20
Agree with Martinh, looks like he's been watching too many boxing films.
As WildWill says if he controls his diet and runs regularly he will lose weight all in good time !!
I think most people think that the weight will fall off in a matter of days. Don't know about you lot but It always seemd to me to take ten minutes to put on and ten months to take off.
07/08/2002 at 19:25
Thought so,I'll print off this thread and show it to him. As for the boxing films did hear him singing Eye of the Tiger yesterday.
13/07/2004 at 13:04
I've ditched the heavy weights in the gym and have been running for about 10 months and in that time i've lost 10 pounds!
mellifera    pirate
13/07/2004 at 14:10
not only will he not lose more weight that way, he'll probably lose less because it's much easier to exercise for harder and longer if you are properly hydrated and not over heated.

oh - just spotted that V-rap made the same point. I don't expect it'll do any harm to emphasise it :)

when it comes to gaining fitness and losing weight there are no magic short cuts!
cougie    pirate
13/07/2004 at 14:31
A guy at our gym runs (fast!) with several sweaters on and a hooded jacket and about 3 pairs of track bottoms on.

No idea why though, and not gonna talk to him as I think he may be a bit looooopy.
13/07/2004 at 14:34
Probably a bit whiffy too if he works out with all that lot on!
13/07/2004 at 14:55
Possibly acclimatising for a hot weather marathon Cougie.
13/07/2004 at 16:02
Does weight really matter though? Surely size (or lack of it) is more important.
14/07/2004 at 21:30
Popsider, sounds a little like a baseball ground term are u derbyshire born and bred - were u whippin my ass at the Derby 10km, got round in 52.26ish, bloody hot on the day! Thats what i call a sweat!
14/07/2004 at 21:38
Cougie - ditto what Popsider said.

Just finished reading Running your Best by Ron Daws. He did exactly that. But i'm sure you would need to re-fuel afterwards.
Definitely not the way to lose weight, probably end up in hospital.

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