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06/06/2003 at 11:13
Meerkat you always make me smile, my patella being 'nibbled' away is just about spot on. The strange thing with my knees is although I've had discomfort and the obvious feeling that something wasn't right, i've never had any real pain.
10/06/2003 at 09:23
Hi Paula,
I have exactly the same problem...I did the FLM and had no problems during, the following week I did two 30 minute runs, after which I had a slight ache on the outside of my knee. Then about a week later I did about 7 miles, after that I couldn't walk without a serious limp. I could bear weight on the knee, but the action of bringing my leg forward really hurt. I had a couple of sessions of physio, where they applied unltrasound, the pain went away after about a week.
However since then, if I try and run I get pain after about 5 minutes. I don't really know what to do....have you had any luck?

10/06/2003 at 10:12
Hi Jo - sorry you're having knee problems, especially after running FLM smoothly. Did your physio say what s/he thought was wrong? Sounds like it could be ITBS...this was part of my problem, but it was a symptom rather than a cause. Did the physio recemmend any stretches/exercises? (Sorry, rather a lot of questions!)
10/06/2003 at 10:44
The physio said it was the collateral lateral ligament, but I think you might be right about ITBS, this morning I have spoken to a runner friend who had the same problem. I am seeing the physio again on Thursday, so I will let you know if they recommend any specific stretches.
10/06/2003 at 22:34
Have just had a look at the injuries section on RW and don't think I am any the wiser on my problem! Please Help! I ran a half marathon a few weeks ago and started to get pain on the inside of my left knee after about 10m, by the finish it was agony. Rested up and after a week it was OK, but used a knee support on my longer runs as a precaution. Ran another half marathon at the weekend (with knee support) and although the inside of my left knee niggled a bit at 12 miles, the outside of my right knee started to hurt!!, but nothing like my left a few weeks ago. Right knee felt fine today so tested it with a gentle 3 miles, but by the end it ached a bit. I was knock-knee'd as a child but not anymore. Any help would be much appreciated before I see my GP
11/06/2003 at 12:49
Yes I'm another boring runner with knee problems. The pain in my right leg started during a race, it was almost like bone rubbing on bone on the lower inside of my knee. Pain goes when not running. I was also experiencing a sore thigh! My physio says its to do with the IT band and has given me exercises.Apparently my left kneecap also tends to go inwards. But since doing the exercises religiously, my right knee has been sore. It seems to come from under the kneecap and is there quite a bit of the time. I have seen a chiro as well, to be told that my hips are out of line. So that is being corrected with treatment. Ahhhhhh the cost of it all!!!! I have now been having treatment for four weeks and do not seem to be getting anywhere. Do I just need to be patient or is it something else? I wanted to run in the British 10km next month, but I haven't run since the beginning of May. Is this now out of the question?Help I want to run again!!!!!!!!!!!!
14/06/2003 at 19:24

I'm in the Crocked Knee Club - ran R4L last weekend and tripped on a wet grassy verge. Consequently since then inside right knee is sore. Tried running through pain on Wednesday - made it worse (I know, I should know better). Am taking painkillers and have decided to quit running for now.

I think it's a possible meniscal tear - had one in the left knee 11 years ago. Might need arthroscopy, might not.

Any ideas how long I should leave off running before trying again.

Also have gained weight (again) despite lack of appetite and exercising more.... which as you can imagine has thoroughly p***ed me off. But the weight gain definately isn't helping.

15/06/2003 at 14:36
sore knees sore knees / well 10yrs ago i kept falling over when running ,knee locked doctors couldnt find anything ,after three yrs they decided to open and look they removed carts in both knee that was on a friday out saturday told no training for 4months was playing american football next sunday never had a problem since / rebuilt knee with heavy weights
15/06/2003 at 14:48
I'm pleased to report a success! Years of left knee problems and blowing hefty wedges on poddies and physioterrorists have cleared up (touch wood). It was a patella tracking problem, and it looks like a simple £7 Boots tubigrip support has held it in place long enough for the imbalance to be rectified.

Sometimes the cheapest and simplest remedies work. So far.

Holding my breath, but in the meantime I'm a happy Muttley! Good luck to all.
20/09/2006 at 23:00
Hi, outside knee innjury feel so angry, I know it's not my fault but...think I might have this IBTS malarky, did an 11 mile run monday am and pain set in after 6 miles ran for another 4 miles(had to get home like!)by the last mile my knee was sceaming so walked(ok limped abit), have had a support on it for the last 2 days how long do u think this will put me out of action guys.I have a rotten feeling it could be a while if I run to soon I think its gonna come back.

20/09/2006 at 23:09
Leelie: outside knee might well be ITBS. Lots of threads on the subject, search and check them out. And you're right, it might be some time :o(
01/10/2007 at 16:22

My knee was fine untill i ran a 5k race and as soon as i stopped running i was limping in pain.Rested for week and had massage which helped but ran 5k again and same happened ten days later its sore to do stretches where the leg is straight then i bend it i get pain in middle and outer side of knee for a few seconds and my knee clicks alot and i can feel it like a grinding feeling.Massage women said its chrondomalasia patella.Do you think shes right?

And how long till im able to run again?

03/10/2007 at 13:08

Hi folks,

I'm afraid I want to join the club!  I have ITBS on the left side.  I have been doing some exercises given to me by the physio, but am doing the Inverness Marathon at the weekend.

At the moment I plan on just walking the marathon with the odd jog when people shout at me, but i was wondering...

Will Ibuprofen Gel, Capsules or paracetomol help?  I would dearly love jog more than walk??

Cheers folks,


03/10/2007 at 13:45
Becky - I think chrondomalacia patella is another term for the generic 'runner's knee', which can cover all sorts of knee issues including maltracking patella. As you may have gathered, everybody is different and there is no way of knowing when you will be able to run again. If I were you I would go see a physio. At least that way you're getting a proper assessment (not dissing your masseure, but physio will know more) and hopefully start some rehabilitation.

I've had problems on and off over the years with my right knee. I need to wear orthotics and they certainly helped re-align things properly. However about a year ago started getting knee pain again (think I overdid some hill runs) and have spent the best part of 9 months getting physio for it.

Not only do I have a foolscap size page of strenghening exercises to do on VMO, calf, glute and overall balancing, but had to have my orthotics adjusted as they were throwing my hip out, which in turn was affecting my patella. Think this is why it has taken so long.

Have been building up distance very gradually. Did a 5-mile run outside last night and knee is a bit stiff with mild discomfort, but physio seems to think it's still a case of building up all the muscles surrounding the knee.

Interestingly, I only tend to get discomfort now if I'm sitting for long periods of time.

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