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15/08/2002 at 12:45
I just wanted to share a personal first with you all.

All the time I've been dieting and going to the gym/running I've always worn long or just below the knee pants and a baggy tee shirt. I know it sounds silly but I felt as if I could hide the fat a bit (silly woman!).

Today I went to the gym in.......ta da....lycra shorts (well not too short, shorts!) and a running vest. Even better, I felt quite good in them. My next goal is to wear one of those crop tops that the beautiful people wear, without a spare tyre hanging down underneath (well I can dream.....)

15/08/2002 at 13:47
For some reason I've never been in this forum before - I was 17st 12lbs at start of year I'm now 15st 12lbs. I still need to shift 20lbs so if you don't mind I will join you from here on.

Not least of all because I had two all day breakfasts yesterday and drank several beers too!
15/08/2002 at 13:53
Hi Mij. Know what you mean. I lost 2 1/2 stone last year and managed to put some back on. Its difficult once you get to shifting the really hard stuff, especially when you have a McFlurry habit to feed! Anyway, hope you enjoy this Forum, the craic has been excellent so far.
15/08/2002 at 13:55
BTW, great picture.
15/08/2002 at 14:15
Hi Mij and welcome. Lovely dog, glad he's the right way up now! Good weight loss so far, well done. You've made me hungry thinking about cooked breakfasts, YUM.
15/08/2002 at 14:42
Thursday Report -
A big fat 0! I just 'weighed in' and haven't lost anything! I thought I had been quite good all week, but looking back I did eat a lot last Friday, so that may have something to do with it. I had an induction at a new gym thismorning though, and on their scales I was 4lb less. I only ate a Special K cereal bar and drank 750mls water in between weighings (and went to the toilet twice!). Do you think that could have made the 4lb difference, or that one set of scales is wrong?

15/08/2002 at 14:49
Oh no, I hate when that happens. I reckon one set of scales has got it wrong - certainly hope so! I use my gym scales for "weigh ins" on the basis that even if they are out they are always out! Apparently the best ones are the electronic ones, but I refuse to have scales in my house. But, look on the bright side, there was no gain, so your on track.
15/08/2002 at 14:57
I hate the gym scales because you have to wear clothes and then subtract their weight. I always weigh myself at home, in the nuddy, before I've had anything to eat.

Don't worry, it's just a difference in the scales/
15/08/2002 at 15:25

My gym scales put me at about 2kg heavier than the electronic ones I weigh in on at WW (which is why I prefer the electronic ones!) Don't be too disheartened - you didn't gain anything - which is always good!
I've really tried to stop weighing myself anywhere else now, but the temptation can sometimes be too great!!
15/08/2002 at 15:45
I've just realised I should have said the two breakfasts were 6 hours apart.

I only use my home electronic scales whish also have a fat% calculation using a measurement of resistance to a small electric current. However I use them first thing in the morning and for some reason the fat calc is a little more erratic then.

My gym's scales take nearly 7lbs off my weight - BUT they don't make me thinner!
15/08/2002 at 15:47
where's your gym?!
15/08/2002 at 15:48
Oh dear, I'd better get myself sorted out with a proper "weigh in". Will report back. This could be nasty, especially if there are gym scales out there that take off 7lbs! Fingers crossed.
15/08/2002 at 16:53
Good luck She - Ultimately what the scales say shouldn't matter - it's the difference they record. I'm looking forward to measuring loss in which trousers are too big - and will have to go shopping!
15/08/2002 at 16:53
No weigh in today, so just watching very carefully what I eat. It always seems a little, then you add it up.. oh help. Can I say about bike's, get a new saddle, I got a ladies gel filled sofa !! makes all the difference as I was really in pain and considering forgetting the cycling, the shorts do help too.
15/08/2002 at 17:13
Haven't lost an ounce this week, despite having run 28 miles and cycled 40. Must be all that heavier muscle that's doing it. I think I'll stop weighing myself and just measure my waist/hips once a week instead.
15/08/2002 at 19:13
Hi all,
Haven't weighed myself today and too late in the day now (I like to weigh in the morning as I'm always thinner - cheat!). Now, I've not been running for 2 days - went to the gym yesterday & did a bit of cardio & some weights and I was intending to go running this evening but I am soooooo hot - it's like the tropics here in Essex!! Been very good with the diet though (only cos I feel to hot to eat!) and I've been drinking loads of water (fills you up!).. I'm gonna go for a run early tomorrow morning...honest - try out my new Enell sports bra!!!!
Michelle x

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