Tight lower back after run!?!?!

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01/12/2007 at 09:04


Ive been having some real tighness in my lower back recently about an hour or so after my run. Here is my routine ,

Good streching session before my run 10-15 min

2.6 mile run (im just a beginner)

Get back home and first grab a nice big drink of water. no sitting down.

Start my streching again, basically same routine as before my run.

 Now, all seems good, I have my shower and still im nice and flexible touching my toes as i get dressed. 

Walk the dog for 40 min, get back home and holy lumbar batman. I cant touch my toes as the pain in my lower back is quite painfull, but its like a tightness because after a few minutes it eases off.

Any thoughts?  

01/12/2007 at 17:33

I have similar trouble. I changed my routine and started cycling in the forest , atempting to xtrain.

this was a huge mistake and I had to have a week off work, muscle relaxants, pain killers and massages to try and relax the cramp. I fell off the toilet twice as I couldnt stand up, my kids had to put my sock on for me.

 I bought a swiss ball and started doing sit ups on it and laods of wierd sretching every evening for 3 hrs instead of slouching on the couch infront of the box.

the sit ups have really helped with the core muscles.

I run about the same as you now without the pain  and I can touch my toes too!!

it will take a couple of weeks to see any inprovements, but it is worth it.

01/12/2007 at 18:06

many thanks for the info. I will get me one of those swiss balls,



02/12/2007 at 13:58
Dave - current thought is to warm up ie start walking, walk faster etc until you reach your goal pace then warm down again at the end then do your stretching.  If you are stretching with cold muscles before you run you are at risk of injuring yourself.  You may be better off doing some more dynamic/active stretching pre-run rather than static stretching ie walking lunges, squats with over head press, pec dec type movements on the spot.  Any core strengthening exercises are vital whether you are a runner or not - stability balls are brilliant and you can do lots of exercises on them.  If you belong to a gym, they may also have a bosu ball.  Get the gym instructors to give you some core stability exercises as part of your gym programme.  Resistance/weight training is also vital so you are not just running for fitness.  Cross training is important (whether it is other cardiovascular exercise, resistance training to strengthen muscles or core stability work).  Some runners also do pilates classes or yoga to help with flexibility and core stability.  Might be worth finding a local class and doing that once a week.  You will probably find it hard work but it will help you with posture, core stability and take the load off of your back.  Good luck with it!!
02/12/2007 at 20:33

Thanks, ive just bought a few weights actually and am going to start on the swimming as well. I think my warm up and down need a bit more attention.

Great advice mate.

Many Thanks 

02/12/2007 at 21:39

Dave - no problems, glad to be of help.  I used to be a gym instructor so hope that my knowledge isn't too out of date...

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