Too fat to run now

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21/01/2013 at 22:36
Snowed off and on all day. Tried to walk the dogs in between showers but boy was it cold. Snowing again now. One good thing about losing nearly 3st is my big warm padded hooded jacket zips up on my this winter. It hasn't for last couple of years.

Worked out to my x box again today seeing as couldnt get out. Big pan homemade soup all ready for taking some to work tomorrow for my lunch. That is if I get therein the snow.
22/01/2013 at 07:00

Hope your road conditions allow you to get to work Speedy - wouldn't want you to miss out!
Well done for your X-box workouts. I was thinking of firing up the old Wii Fit to see if I could find some core programmes to help with my back pain.

Running still isn't happening here. 3 weeks of next to nothing. I know I'll get time again soon but it's a bit bothersome to be losing strength / fitness. Especially if I want to keep up with Eagle on some hills in a few weeks! 

It tried to do icy snow yesterday but gave up and just carried on freezing. I think we have rain forecast today although it currently feels too cold for that. Nothing surprises me though.

Have a good day my lovelies. Keep warm and safe. Keep smiling!

22/01/2013 at 13:15

Hope to run with RE tonight, we are looking at path conditions 

22/01/2013 at 17:34

Foul weather here. Wet freezing blizzard snow. Evil.

22/01/2013 at 18:56
Run not started as was snowing so asked RE to play safe and we went our separate ways
22/01/2013 at 21:46

Sensible boys.

We are alternating between blizzards and rain here. All the snow has washed away and the floods are deeper than ever. Gawd, it's miserable.

22/01/2013 at 21:59
You all seem to be having it worse than us up here. Snowed a lot today then it turned to rain. Roads slushy now.

My stupid car let me down this evening. Finished work at 6.30 and went to go home. Car was dead. Had to go search for someone with jump leads. I was lucky as not a lot of peeps left at that time. Battery now off and charging again but hubby leaves for work at 5am so he needs to fit it before he goes so days I have to get up at 4.30 to make his coffee and toast while he fits it!!!!!!!!!!

Are you still having a lot of pain with your back Limper. That's not so good. Take it carefully.

Boys did you run tonight?

I work out to the game 'Your Shape 2012' on x box kinnect. It can be as easy or as tough as you want it as each exercise has different levels. I did the easy boot camp last night. Easy!!! Not a chance. If level one was easy I dread level 4.

Oh well I should head to bed. Night all.
23/01/2013 at 23:11
No one been around tonight?
24/01/2013 at 06:53

Snowing again this morning. The weather forecast says it's mild and dry out - they obviously haven't got windows in their office!

24/01/2013 at 18:26

evening no run hope to run Friday

25/01/2013 at 06:53

... hangs out the bunting...
It's Friday  

Tippy - I haven't run for three weeks. Brighton marathon (my nemesis) in April 

Where's the poopy Eagle? Hope you are alright sweetie.

Payday down here Speedy; what about you? Is that pesky car about to get a new lease of life?!

25/01/2013 at 08:21

The Eagle is at home waiting for the man from BT to come and install our new vision box/hub/internet package.  Fingers crossed all works out, but knowing my luck as the words of the old song go "there will be trouble ahead".

25/01/2013 at 08:27

A few months back when i was very fatty everyone used to comment on me but thanks to manuka honey Health and fitness which is very healthy and natural  that has reduced my fatty accumulations and now i am having a slim body.

Edited: 25/01/2013 at 09:26
25/01/2013 at 09:07

Alexandra in the words of Limper "FECK OFF"


25/01/2013 at 19:43

Well said that man.
Let's say it again for good measure (and for the satisfaction it gives)...

Alexandra, you feckitty spammer, take your skinny @rse and your rank product and just FECK OFF

Aah, that's better! 

25/01/2013 at 19:56
Just got back from nice 10 miler with RE. I took him up one way they up a other, the poor lad did not know if he was up or down.......
Well done RE.
25/01/2013 at 20:05
Can I join in and say 'Feck off' too.

Well done on the run boys.

Heavy snow today. I made it in to work this morning as I left early to out run it. It got steadily heavier as day went on. I gave in and left work at 3.30 to get home in daylight. Still snowing now. Not good.

Car still misbehaving Limper. My pay day is not till last day of the month so new battery needs to wait till then. Getting less out of it now before having to re-charge.
25/01/2013 at 20:27

I needed that   Any run with TT is a good one but tonight's was sorely needed.


25/01/2013 at 23:08

Turns green with envy listening to Tippy and Eagle. 
Still, I suppose it's a colour that quite suits me!

Glad you were safe on the roads Speedy. Hope you haven't got the inconvenient sort of snow.

Our snow is all gone now, as is most of the ice. There's an awful lot of mud and flood though.
Is it me being old and gloomy or has this been a really rotten winter? And there's still a good month of it left (or a bad month more likely!).

Hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead of them? 

26/01/2013 at 20:54

evening all . 

No more snow today but it's still lying . It is starting to melt but only on the roads.  walk in woods with dogs was still through plenty snow.  Glad hubby bought me new neoprene lined wellies.  Feet were cosy.  Will need them for tomorrow's dig. Will need them for snowy fields . 

Yes it's been a gloomy winter Limped but I did notice today that the days were starting to stretch a little.  

Roll on snow disappearing so I can get out for a plod as paths too icy yet . 

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