Too fat to run now

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09/01/2005 at 19:13
if ignoring them fails tell 'em you'll get Hoose onto 'em - keep on ploddin':O))

Hoose X
09/01/2005 at 19:17
Will do. The hardest part is past the skate board park where the kids are older. I tend to walk past there.
I have looked put my photo of me finishing Reading last year and am going to carry it with me. It is so horrible that just looking at should make me stick with the diet and the running remembering how I struggled at the end. I am not even recognisable as me in the photo. Just this huge huge blob. I will keep repeating to myself 'I can do this' all day. It is def a case of mind over matter is it not.
09/01/2005 at 19:19

you finished Reading?

you are hardly a sofa spud if you can run a half babe?
09/01/2005 at 19:21
Won't say I ran it. Well over 3 hours and if it hadn't been for Evil Pixie it would have been more.
09/01/2005 at 19:22

and how many people in this country of ANY age can even walk 13 miles?
09/01/2005 at 19:23
but you still did it and you can again one day

but for now just concentrate on getting out there and make sure you reward yourself when you do
09/01/2005 at 19:26
Thanks folks. Off now to enjoy my healthy dinner. Will catch up with you tomorrow after my plod. Thanks for all your encouragement. It means lots believe me. You are all great.

Bye for tonight.
09/01/2005 at 19:28
enjoy speeds and have a lie down on the carpet as long as it's got good "underlay underlay!!"
sluggie    pirate
09/01/2005 at 19:38
Speedy G, my heart went out to you when I read your first post - I have a couple of pals at the moment who say they have similar feelings about running alone outdoors, and I've had a few low-confidence moments myself over the years (I'm 50 and my running has had more comebacks than Elvis).

You've done a brilliant first step now and we are all proud of you.

Stickless is right about having a retort for hecklers (unless you think they are likely to be violent crack-heads in which case keep running). My usual one for teenagers is to look them in the eye and say in my best grumpy old woman voice "Would you talk to your mother like that?". And for old codgers who say "Get a move on love", "You don't know how far I'm going mister"

Re running partners- don't suppose you have a Women's Running Network group near you? (also Running sisters (?) in Scotland I think)
09/01/2005 at 19:42
<passes Hoosie his coat>
09/01/2005 at 19:44
ta Sam:O)
09/01/2005 at 19:55
Speedy G

You and I ran part of the GNR together 2 years ago and we were talking about what we had done and what we are going to do.

You are much fitter than the vast majority of the population and are actually doing something.

I still need to lose 2 - 2.5 stones in weight and vary between the "I am too fat it's embarrassing to run" and the "I can only lose weight if I exercise". However I know which one will work!

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you at some events.

09/01/2005 at 20:14
Well Done Speedie G !!
I'm looking foreward to hearing of your next plod, it won't be as hard as the one you did today!!

Great Start!!!
09/01/2005 at 20:15
Speedy - re the kids.

The best approach I've heard of came from another forumite, Candy Ollier. He is always encountering idiots, of all ages, and takes the "ignore them, they'll go away" approach to a brilliant extreme. He treats them simply as an obstacle that has to be passed. No eye contact, no attempt at humour, no defensive or aggressive behaviour on his part. Even if they're strung out across the pavement (goading him to react) he just runs around them. Just as he would a fallen tree or a patch of roadworks.

They're not people, they're not worthy of your attention. They are inanimate lumps of something unpleasant.
09/01/2005 at 20:25


By the way, I don't say anything back to hecklers, what I say is in my head, and is quite sufficient usually to leave me shaking my head looking at them in a pitying way.

(Can't resist this - the last word on heckling. When the primary schools were desegregated in southern US, the first black kids to go to white school had to run the gauntlet (escorted by police) of white parents behaving like monsters. One girl was seen to mumble every day as she passed these fiends. She was later asked what it was that she was saying. Her answer? "Father forgive them for they know not what they do...")

I am so pleased. I'll be posting tomorrow on training. I'll look for you there. You can do it!!!!
09/01/2005 at 22:51
Excellent speedy!

I agree with just ignoring hecklers---have to say ive also then ignored some nice comments cos ive been so focussed on running
FWIW, I met you at reading and you looked fine to me
10/01/2005 at 11:16
Hi Speedy.

You WILL get back to running again.

You are still the same person who finished the Highland Cross (20 mile on foot/30 mile cycle for those who don't know it) despite recovering from cellulitis/dvt and having 2 punctures. That kind of determination doesn't grow on trees lady!

As the others say, ignore the hecklers and anyone else who says you can't (I remember our conversation when you were up) and just go out there and prove them wrong.

And punch your doctor on the nose the next time you see him!

Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
10/01/2005 at 11:27
HI Speedy - we met at Reading last year as well! You did not finish far behind me - I also have a continuing battle with weight and age. I am fast losing the age battle - just can't hold those years back ;0) But the weight is another matter - just keep on keeping on, remember this is the time of the year when we all need much determination to get out there! If you are having problems geeing yourself up - picture yourself in six months time scooting around your village and the look of respect in the eyes of the yobs as you prove that guts and determination work!!

Sorry for the waffle, but you know what I mean - I'll shut up for now :0)
10/01/2005 at 14:11

Can't really add to all the wonderful words posted above but am growling with indignation over what your doctor said - what medical evidence is there that you won't see 10stone again? Grrr.

For completely different reasons from you, I sometimes find it hard to get out of the door and go for a run. But I give myself a firm talking to, and ask myself what I will gain from not going out. A clean house? An hour spent on the forum? A bit more work done? The washing up? Pah! I can do all of those when it's late at night or when I've done my run. So a run wins every time. and I rarely regret it.

And as for the hecklers? After the second week of seeing you running past them, they'll stop noticing you; you'll be as invisible as traffic to them. So persevere, and they'll turn their attention back to whatever kids do on street corners.

Keep at it - and as Stickless says, come and post on the daily training thread. There's all sorts there, and room for everyone.
10/01/2005 at 15:41
In my case, literally behind you!
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