Too fat to run now

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16/08/2006 at 19:49
evening all.

sorry folks, I haven't read back to friday.

well done hippo on your ultra.

welcome back francy.

Hello to all others - if I've missed anything major could you give me a quick run through??!

Can't remember if I posted at teh weekend but I managed 12 very hilly miles on saturday morning but haven't run since. The plan is to run to work tomorrow although the weather forcast says pouring rain. If I don't then my next run will be on saturday when I'm going to aim for 15 hilly miles.

16/08/2006 at 19:52
btw Speedy. I did see you've been prescribed citalopram. I took that for a bit about 5 or 6 years ago. It does make things easier if you're struggling. But it will take a couple of weeks to kick in.

The only side effect I really had was when I stopped taking it! But that was because I just stopped dead rather than phasing it out.
16/08/2006 at 19:58
Hi mava

well done on the runs. You are doing well.

How is life treating you these days?

Started on them this morning but have a headache and feel a bit sick tonight. Not sure if I am just not well or what. Can't have any side effects after just one.

Main thing - and I am sure you will agree is important - can I drink with them? Can't life without the wine or gin.
16/08/2006 at 20:06
I just behaved normally with them so drank as normal. Have you read the leaflet with them? That will give you some idea of what, if any side effects or whether you should avoid things. Alcohol is a depressant though so that would be the main reason to cut down or cut out.

They're in the SSRI category (selective seratonin re-uptake inhibitors I believe) rather than being something like valium or whatever that would interact badly with alcohol.

I'm sure they won't have caused headache & nausea but keep an eye on it (so to speak) just in case.

One of the things I do remember when I took them (and prozac when I took that too) was that my dreams were really vivid. Not unpleasant at all, just really vivid. I love to dream so didn't mind at all!
16/08/2006 at 20:08
I'm not putting myself forward as an expert or anything - just someone who has taken prozac twice and citalopram once over the course of about 15/16 years. I also did a year of a psychology degree with the Open University and we covered a little bit about SSRIs in that.

You could pop into the 'blue room' if you wanted - people there have much more experience than me of this kind of thing.
16/08/2006 at 20:13
Thanks for that mava. I think I am just a bit off colour tonight.

Read the leaflet and headache and sickness can be a side effect and it does say no booze but if you still drank on them then I intend to.
16/08/2006 at 21:18
Hi all.

Bit knackered tonight and eyes are fuzzy [dry contact lenses all day] so I won't hang around on the computer.
Speedy, I will re-post the e-mails I sent you next.

Take care everyone, see you tomorrow.
16/08/2006 at 21:44
Thanks limper. Got them ok.

Hope the eyes feel better tomorrow.

Watching The F Word and I so want to eat.....
16/08/2006 at 21:45
speedy - my mate who took 'em was a drinker looking to stop so the pills gave her the reason. when she does every now and then she feels really foul the next day
16/08/2006 at 21:48
Oh PS that is not good news. Going camping with daughter and her hubby at weekend and its going to be a boozy weekend.

Only taken 1 so far so maybe I should leave them till after I come home.

Might be a lot of drinking as the weather forecast is rain rain and more rain just like our last camping weekend!!!
16/08/2006 at 22:36
Tired now so heading for bed.

Catch you all tomorrow.
16/08/2006 at 22:38

((((((((anyone else who needs it))))))))

just popped in

have new specs, can see in parts only


16/08/2006 at 22:53
evening all!

Been to the gym and done an hour spinning class - mega knackered now. I'm only here so late cos I've had to do some last minute work and emails, otherwise I'd be in my pit now.

Just might have a game of Mahjong!!!
17/08/2006 at 07:36
a level results day today.......

the thin one works very hard, but cracks up on exams. hope she is ok today. otherwise she might get even thinner and disappear..... she already looks like a pencil with hair - defective genes if you ask me.... don't understand why she isn't short and fat like me.....

17/08/2006 at 08:38
fingers crossed for the thin one francy.

7 miles run to work. I did actually run most of the way except the stop/start through idiot pedestrians who don't appear to be able to multi-task i.e. walk and look where they are going.

and so, here I am for another day at work with nothing to do. Yawn.
17/08/2006 at 19:58
evening all.

how were the results francy?

tedious day at work. Then walked 4 of the 7 miles home.

17/08/2006 at 20:08
evening folks.

francy - how did the thin one fare?

mava - well done on the run.

Bit of a low day today. Felt it as soon as I woke. Still plodded 4 mile tonight. Getting slower not faster though.

Hope everyone is fine.
17/08/2006 at 21:40
No one been around tonight. I thought I was just not getting any notifications.

Been deserted.

17/08/2006 at 22:15
I'm sort of here speedy. But doing boring stuff like washing and sorting out stuff for the weekend.
17/08/2006 at 22:30
thin one dun good thanks gels.

she got a couple of A's and that has boosted her confidence. she is soo happ she didn't think she could ever get A's. so ia m really pleased for her. she is like a new girl....

still looks like a pencil with hair though

eats like a horse, people ask me if she is anorexic. 5ft 6 weights about 6 stone is a size 4. defective genes is what is say no other cause....
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