Too fat to run now

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17/08/2006 at 22:37
Well done thin francette.

Limpette got AS results today - 5 A's. Lowest mark 89%, highest 97%. Quite pleased with that!!

Hope everyone is well and happy?
I'm getting fatter. Well heavier anyway.
17/08/2006 at 22:38
Well done to thin one francy. What is next for her?

So unfair these genes. I have 2 daughters who are both size 10' not fair. Got tiny hands and feet as well. Not like my shovels and spades.
17/08/2006 at 22:39
Well done to limpette as well.

All the youngsters seem to have done well then.

17/08/2006 at 22:40
congrats to francette and limpette

of course, a'levels are getting easier....

[mava makes quick exit]

17/08/2006 at 22:43
oh well done to limpette that is fantastic

thin person is carrying on for another year they were AS things so the same as limpette and then she wants to go to Kings to do very geeky computer stuff which she is very very good at.

what i don't understand is that when i was on holiday in italy, i had a huge breakfast, ate out twice a day, sat by a pool did sod all, never craved sugar or choc and drank like afish and didn't put on any weight.

i have been back three days and can eat the contents of my fridge, your fridge and marks and spencer biscuit counter..........
17/08/2006 at 22:52
Limpette wants to go to Kings to read maths!!

I have my first ever enell bra to try out on a plod tomorrow. I jumped up and down infront of the bathroom mirror in it and wobbled and bounced all over the place, so not too impressed.
I bought the bra instead of putting my pocket-money towards a garmin. Maybe that would have stopped the jelly-on-a-plate display better.
17/08/2006 at 22:54
Oh dear francy its not fair is it.

I thought I had been good this week and the scales still say the same. What do I need to do.......starve myself!!!

Don't matter how much I run I still gain.

Fed up with it.

Running is absolutely crap right now.

Pee'ing down here and guess where we are going tomorrow - yes camping. Great!! Another weekend in the rain. Campsite all paid for so will be going. Taking smaller tent and can't face putting up and taking down huge luxury one wet. Well not going to risk it anyway.

Weather forecast is not good.

Should no better - anything I do is crap.

Oh well wine and gin still go down well even in a wet tent.
17/08/2006 at 22:56
What clever girls you both have. Well done to them.

Oh dear limper. Hope it fares better on the run.

I can't find my garmin. Not seen it since we got new carpet. Moved it with everything else. Will have put it somewhere safe but too safe 'cos its lost.
17/08/2006 at 23:03
Hope your wet weekend turns out to be fun Speedy, where are you camping?
I also gain weight from running - it aint fair is it. I try to judge more by how my clothes feel these days as I know the scales hate me.

Think I'll turn in now. Had a bit of a lousy day at work and my brain needs to shut down.

See you all tomorrow.
17/08/2006 at 23:05
Night limper.

WE are going to Blair Atholl.

Bodjit, Hippo where are you?

Think I will get to bed too.

Night all.
17/08/2006 at 23:08
Im here but going to bed
17/08/2006 at 23:08
am still a big fat pig
17/08/2006 at 23:09
good results for the youngsters
this is a good thing
18/08/2006 at 11:33
Speedy - a long long time ago I camped at a site in Blair Athol, the site 'manageress' was the spitting image of Sybil Fawlty!!! Even sounded like her. She was really strict and told us off for not putting our tent door exactly in line with the flagstone marking the pitch. I'm ashamed to say we responded with some very immature behaviour!

Today I am practising being a slug. I am dragging myself from one point to the next and eating anything that's in the way.
18/08/2006 at 14:09
enell bra no good limper? have you got the right size?

today i am practicsing being one of my clients. complaining and whingeing and taking no responsibility for my own actions....... oh its fun.....who cani blame now? let me see...........
18/08/2006 at 14:20
the government! hmm no too remote

the doctor! hmmm no might need him

the postman! hmmm might stop brining my mail

the woman on the till in tescos! hmm not really her fault she must have a tough time too

i know

i will blame my solicitor its his/her fault that i am getting divorced. its his/her fault that the court staff are rubbish (apologies to any non rubbish court staff) it's his/her fault that the house i want to buy is too expensive and that i can't get a mortgage.

and just to be sure i will also complain about any bill i might get because i don't see why i have to pay for legal services they should be free like the health service.......

thats it thats my rant for the day :)
18/08/2006 at 15:23
Well ranted Francy.
May I ask - is it expensive to go to a good divorce lawyer? I have a relly who's partner is being evil and he's not taking any legal advice and she's gonna cost him billions. Well, thousands.

I've bought the right size enell Francy, I think my problem is that I seem to be very short from shoulder to chest or summat becuase fixed length shoulder straps [ie vests] are always too low on me. No problem with adjustable bras, I just heave 'em up as far as they go, but the enell has no adjusters for the shoulder plus the seams are all flatlocked so I'm reluctant tp pick them apart. But it's either do surgery on the bra or send it back and I do kind of like the sturdy structure, especially on the back.
18/08/2006 at 17:03
a good lawyer is never expensive in truth but vlaue for money
any good lawyer should give you half an hour free anyway
18/08/2006 at 20:58
Well done to Francette and limpette. Oh! to be young and thin again!! Hang on, I've never been thin - too tall and (in my Dad's words) built like a brick shit-house!!)

Buying sports bras is an exact science - one that I've never got the hang of. Shame the Enell hasn't got an adjuster, I thought all bras did!!

Well done on running everyone - no matter how slow you think you did!!!

No run for me yesterday - too blooming wet and I hate running when lightening! And today - drove to Redditch and back so an early start and late getting home has tired me out! Plus thunderstorms and torrential rain up and down the motorways!!
18/08/2006 at 21:21
no running for me either Roz but then i seem to have lost the ability to move one foot in front of the other at any speed

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