Tremendous Tantric Tarts!

Triple F - Sunday 8th June

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08/06/2003 at 00:06
Well dince Benz didn't do it...
08/06/2003 at 00:07
Damn I mean since!
08/06/2003 at 00:44
naughty boy!!
08/06/2003 at 06:34
this tart is off out for a run
08/06/2003 at 06:49
08/06/2003 at 06:51
dont you sleep, fruit tart/
08/06/2003 at 06:55
I must have had six hours - you went to bed at around the same time as me, and you were up before me.

If you spend all that time in water - you must be quite a soggy tart!
08/06/2003 at 06:55
08/06/2003 at 06:57
About to get soggy now, it raining

Woken up at 3 am by very loud noise
Petrified, first time ive thought about the fact that im living alone, and am vulnerable
Didnt help my sleep at all
08/06/2003 at 06:59
What was it?
08/06/2003 at 07:00
still dont know:(
08/06/2003 at 07:01
Nasty :(

Enjoy you running! I must get out and run again, but I seem to have developed a blister on my little toe and it's making me walk funny so now I've got a sore muscles on the outside of the same foot.
08/06/2003 at 07:02
see you later
hope my foot doesnt hurt
08/06/2003 at 07:03
Is it still giving you grief from when you bruised it?

Enjoy xxx
08/06/2003 at 08:02
4 miles
Now for a walk

its my instep Fruits
Not sure how i did it , but been a problem for3 or so weeks
08/06/2003 at 08:19
I suppose this tart had better get dressed
08/06/2003 at 08:21
You went for a run before you got dressed ?

Hellooooooooooo nurse !
08/06/2003 at 08:22
not exactly:)

You at work?
08/06/2003 at 08:30
Yep once again I am working, missus M was sooooo cheesed of with the kids yesterday that she asked me to take them too work.

Yeah right ! How unproffesional would that be ?

Are you on call again today doc ?
08/06/2003 at 08:31
oh yes, have been since Sat am
1 to 20 of 383 messages
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