triple O, Overworked, On call and------Weds 18th

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18/12/2002 at 07:22
Here we go then
Very, very short jog around the block
1 mile, runners trots, ang no more time
Bring on tonights chips and beans
Enjoy the day , everyone, will try to log on later if posss
Pixie, welcome back!
18/12/2002 at 08:24
Hope the day's not too bad Benz. Morning to everyone, hope you had a good trip EP.

Thanks for improving my education V-rap. Had to look up gastropod and Raynaud's Syndrome to work out what they are. The Raynaud's sounds most unpleasant and I hope it goes away as quickly as possible.

Some gastropods are very tasty though!
18/12/2002 at 08:24
Morning Benz. Looks like we're the only early risers here.

Morning you latecomers.

No moreChristmas lunches - 5k round the lake this lunchtime. Definite.

Wish that mince pie left over from yeaterday would stop shouting at me...
18/12/2002 at 08:26
Gosh, what a lot of sleepy heads.

Just coz it's cold, icy, grey and dark - that's no excuse for not being up and bouncing.

Tea brewing about to launch into apple, no Xmas lunches today - today will be good for us all

Happy Wednesday

18/12/2002 at 08:30
No Christmas lunches Nick? Shall we go up the pub then?
18/12/2002 at 08:32
1 o'clock in your reception?
18/12/2002 at 08:34
18/12/2002 at 08:40
- see who says Glenn & I have no will power

focussed, dynamic executive decision makers us - anyone else in Hemel at lunchtime?
18/12/2002 at 08:44
Don't think I could stretch lunch out long enough to get there and back from MK.

Have one for me and I'll put in an extra speed session for you. Deal?
18/12/2002 at 08:54
Sax - done

If you travel by Silverlink today you'd need to leave now coz all their points are too cold (umm - its called winter, catches out everytime!)
18/12/2002 at 08:58
"What? Another winter? But we had one last year, didn't we? Surely we can't be in for another one now?"
- Silverlink (unofficial) spokesperson
18/12/2002 at 09:01
Gosh, another MK-ite! I've just e-mailed my cousin there to try to arrange a family gathering next week. Arranging a sesh with Saxplayer and Happy Hobbit would be much more appealing, though.

I was really late getting up this morning and am now having such of my breakfast as wasn't portable enough to eat in the car while my windscreen was clearing.

Almost had a strangled Kevin this morning. Summary:

6pm yesterday:
Me: Do you want to make some cakes for school, Kevin?
Kevin: NO! Why would I want to do THAT?

7.30pm yesterday:
Kevin sees that her father has bought lots of Christmassy icing cutters.

8pm yesterday:
Kevin: Mu-u-u-u-um, I really need to make something to take to school before Christmas, and it's got to be tonight because tomorrow's my last full day of school.
So the next two hours were spent making iced shortbread discs.

8am today:
Me: Kevin, your biscuits are in this bag. Don't forget it.
Kevin: What do you expect me to do with them? I mean, I can hardly walk into the class and say "Anyone want a biscuit", can I? Why did you make me make biscuits anyway?

I will not record what follows in case anyone involved in child protection is watching. Fay Weldon could use Kevin as inspiration for the supporting cast in some of her more vicious novels.

To work!
18/12/2002 at 09:19
V-Rap - actually MK is my work location, I live near Banbury in a little village with only about 1 mile of streets altogether. I'm running lunchtimes through the week to avoid hedgehog syndrome on the dark country lanes.
18/12/2002 at 09:44
Morning all.

V-rap, you make kids sound so appealling. I worked out yesterday if I got pregnant it might give me just enought time off work to get a puppy. Not too sure what to do with the kid after - would you like another one?

I had a good run last night, after feeling run down and lathargic (no I dea if thats spelt right) I thought a run in the icy cold might do me good. Not sure if it was the run or the twelve foot santa suck on someones roof that perked me up.

Anyway, lets hope for a better day and I'll see if I can persuade any of the dull lot in the office that a trip to the pub at lunch is a good idea (Glenn\Nick leeds is still too far away)
18/12/2002 at 09:47
Morning all, what a lovely day it is here in Purley. Just been for a 6 miler and the sun looked so beautiful through the trees. Really lifts the spirit. Injury still a bit niggly but better than before. Got to phone Physio to see what to do next.

V-rap, I love Kevin! I think I must have been like her and am now suffering form pay-back ;-) How are your hands this morning?

Saxplayer, you live in a lovely part of the country, you lucky thing. Take care of those hedgehogs - if you don't get them the cars and badgers will though.

Is EP back today? If so, welcome oh travelling one! Hope Stockholm was fab.
18/12/2002 at 09:49
I would usually suggest that you move to the civilised world Tulips, but Hemel doesn't really fall into that category. Makes Middlesborough look cosmopolitan.
18/12/2002 at 09:51
Didn't realise you were in Purley Redhead. It's so beatiful there with the hills and trees - used to live next to Purley Oaks, facing the park.
18/12/2002 at 09:55
Crikey Glenn, small world. We've been here 10 years now but are hoping to move in the next few months (fingers crossed that the sale and purchase go through OK). I love the Farthing Downs.
18/12/2002 at 09:58
Morning Redhead - 6 miles after a lay-off is well impressive. You must have got some sleep!
18/12/2002 at 10:01
Just acquired roasted vegetable and humous bap from the sandwich truck. Time for a small snack...
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