Typical...achilles heel!!!

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29/10/2012 at 11:53


Any advice greatly appreciated!....

Local running is pretty flat, so in August i took advantage of running up/down very gentle hills whilst on holiday in Norfolk (yeah, i too thought it was flat!)...only to develop mass achilles tendonitis after one rather poor run on the flat on my return home!

I have tried strapping up, ibuprofen gel/pills, and rest....consequently tried twice to get two miles under my belt...both times ended in failure and extreme pain!! I am soooo frustrated! I've been suffering for 10 long weeks now!

What should my plan of action be???...i have a few calf raise exercises from GP...but i NEED to go running!!!

Thanks, in anticipation!

31/10/2012 at 16:49

This question is asked a lot on here, Achilles Tendonitis is now called Achilles Tendinopathy.  I'm just recovery from it myself and have been doing eccentric exercises twice a day for the last several weeks.  Is the pain on the tendon itself, about 1-2 cm up from the heel bone? Does it hurt if you squeeze the tendon in this area?  If you google / youtube 'eccentric exercises achilles tendinopathy' you'll see how to do them.  But first I'd strongly recommend you see a Physiotherapist experienced with running to make sure they are the right treatment for you.

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2 messages
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