Under-active Thyroid

Anyone else?

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26/01/2005 at 18:44
More questions - were you asked to have the test at a particular time in your cycle? If not, do you know what phase - it makes a difference to the LH/FSH.

Your TSH looks to be in a good place but getting at least one of the thyroid hormones tested would help to confirm/exclude TD.

I'm getting out of my depth here, but wondering about the possibility of a pituitary problem which could account for low TSH and low LH?

You really need Hippo/Vrap for this - high potassium should be of concern I think - I have no idea if 4.5 is high enough to be a problem. Are you on any medication, been injured, had surgery? You could post these results on a new injury thread for Hippo/Vrap to look at. They will probably be of more help.
26/01/2005 at 19:25
Popping in briefly
That potassium is totally normal
Tired all the time--a bloody difficult one
I have it myself
But i also thinkpeople do expect too much of themselves(BTW LMH I dream of times like yours)

Shirl, my depression i guess is the job-long story
and crhrnic low self esteeem
27/01/2005 at 09:55
Hi Shirl,

Thanks for you advice. They didn't ask me to go in at a particular time in my cycle, but it worked out to be the 3rd day.

I'm not on medication, had surgery or been injured.

Hipps - I appreciate some people expect a lot of themselves. I struggle to get through a normal working week (and I don't work extra long hours!).

Thanks to you both.
28/01/2005 at 12:24
Hippo - I dream of being to able to run for as long as you. :-)

Can't say I've noticed any difference since I doubled my thyroxine dose - guess it's too soon. My skin seems to be getting drier though and my tiredness progressing as my jab approaches, headaches increasing too. Such is life.
31/01/2005 at 08:31
Shirl - when will I feel a difference if the increased dose of thyroxine is having an effect? I'm sooo tired and down, don't know what is causing which 'symptoms' or the best way to tackle them. I know I have to shift my jab date (can't have it when I'm in Oz) but am loathe to try to tackle my GP again as he's likely to say that I have to wait for the results of the thyroxine increase - but if that's after my blood test it will be too late to adjust the timing of this jab and bring them gradually forward.

Sorry, looking for answers I can't expect you to have.
04/02/2005 at 12:45
Got my blood tests back (usual annual thyroid, plus RA test due to joint pain) - all normal (TSH 0.91, FT4 16.1) so no RA - why does my thumb hurt so much then? RSI from forumming probably...
04/02/2005 at 16:52

I have got the Rheumatoid Factor present but no finger/knee joint pain - but lower back pain/sciatica pre the anti-inflam's! But I suspect I will joining that club very shortly - after my appointment (which I am waiting for) with my Rheumatologist.

Good news on the thyroid results.

Can anyone tell me how it takes for the MedEx card to come through?

Many thanks.

06/02/2005 at 17:19
SG - turns out the thumb pain is linked to neck pain from an old whiplash injury - went to see the osteo and she fixed it with a bit of manipulation. Bizarre how the human body works.

The Med Ex card took about 3 weeks to come for me, but if you need anything in the meantime there's a form you can fill in (at the post office?) which you can claim back costs with.

Good luck with the RA diagnosis...
08/02/2005 at 22:54
chatting to totally non medical hubby about this

losing outer third eyebrow hair, skin dry, hair dry, no energy(or me-they laff if i even suggest hypo)

he thinks I should get tested again

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