Weird Sensations When Doing Cardio/Running

all of the weird things I'm experiencing running.

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05/04/2013 at 01:56

Hi I'm basically a beginner runner. I have gotten a little bit out of running shape recently because of knee and heart issues (SVT), but now I'm starting back into running and I've been experiencing a few of these symptoms when I run and it's starting to worry me. 

-arms hurt holding same position, hands feel like they're going to explode, they get hot and hurt.

-heart pumps really deep even though I'm only going like 50-60% of my hardest.
-the back of my head and neck are super hot, feel like it's going to explode.
-I get almost delerious, feel like my head is spinning a bit-it takes WAY too long for me to cool down, like I have to walk an extra mile just to calm my heart even though I'm not even going fast!
-sometimes I get headaches while running
-my head feels really weird and so does my face when I'm running I'm not sure how to describe it other than I know somethings wrong. Maybe pressure is a good word for it.
-my ears feel clogged, stuffy, and it doesn't go away until i completely cool down. (ears start feeling clogged the harder I push myself). I can feel my heartbeat in my ears.
-I noticed that I didn't hear any of the wind rush at my face when I was running. I could hear regular noises...but I couldn't hear the wind until I completely cooled down. When I cooled down they finally "popped" or something and I could hear again....but it wasn't the regular popping you get from elevation. It was like someone opened up a pathway to my ear again.
-head dizzyness, not thinking straight symptoms all leave when I'm cooled down to a certain point.
-vein in leg is popping out and hurting badly when I run, feels like it's going to explode.

So anywhoo, I believe I ran/walked a mile for a few months due to injury, and within the last 1 1/2 months I've gone from a 13:30 mile to a 8:30 mile today.

I'm not sure if this is pushing it too hard, I mean I don't try to push too hard.
I did get shin splints for a while though lol....that wasn't good.


So can anyone help me figure out what's going on? I don't know what's wrong with me when I run, it just makes everything awful. I never used to have these symptoms when I ran (did lots of sports a few years ago) so I'm not sure what's up.
(these symptoms happen whenever I do ANY cardiovascular stuff, biking, swimming etc)

any help/advice is appreciated!

05/04/2013 at 03:00

8:30 mile is pretty fast, especially as you were doing 13:30 only a month and a half ago.

Do you do all your runs at that pace?

I would slow right back down again.


But also, with your history of heart problems, see your doctor to confirm that you're definitey fit to run.

05/04/2013 at 05:35

None of these symptoms are attributable to exercise. I'd go and seek specialist help for a proper dianosis. In the meantime, stop exerting yourself.

05/04/2013 at 06:23

As above, you've come a long way 13:30 to 8:30 is really good going but why are you pushing yourself so much, run at maybe 10:00 to 11:00 pace and remember for training runs you should be able to breath easily and hold a conversation. A few runs at this pace would get you time on your feet in a less stressful manner. Also check with the Doc but remind him that you want to continue running.

05/04/2013 at 07:09
That is a good increase in pace and therefore effort, but I don't believe what you are describing is entirely due to running. You need to see a doctor
05/04/2013 at 10:16

Sounds like you need to go back to whoever you were seeing about the SVT! Was it supposed to be sorted out or is it just being conservatively managed? I also have heart problems (not SVT though) and I would be straight back to the GP/cardiologist with those symptoms. Good luck.

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