What do I do next?

Diagnosed with cartilidge damage a year ago.

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08/03/2012 at 04:29
Tom Goom wrote (see)
Hi Jenn,
You've said maybe the running isn't aggravating your knees and that sometimes cycling hurts more. Some knee problems are fine with running and worse with cycling or prolonged sitting. If the problem is beneath the patella you might find you can run with minimal aggravation. Depends on you! Everyone is different and I have patients who run pain free but can't kneel or squat!

So to get a clearer picture be scientific about it. Make a list of potential aggravating factors. Cut out all but running for a couple of weeks, keep a short diary of pain, rating it out of 10 each day. See what happens. If your pain is less despite still running then that tells you running might be less of a factor than you think. Then you can gradually bring your other activities back one at a time (e.g. Start cycling again but nothing else) and see how the knee responds. It'll take around 6 weeks and some trial and error but you'll have a clearer idea of what really is aggravating your knee.

Thanks for the tip- I'll do that! I will probably cut one out at a time rather then everything in one go! The idea of zero exercise quite frankly, scares me! I've not taken more then two days in a row off for about 5 years -though some days are far more minimal then others (anything from 20 mins jog to a full day of cardio, yoga and resistance classes). The diary idea could also be very useful for the many running-hating NHS specialists I keep being sent to!

08/03/2012 at 21:40
Hope it works out for you. Definitely go and see Greg if you can. Seeing a physio who runs and understands your view point will be a great help!
15/03/2012 at 14:13
Hi Jenn

Hope all went well at the consultant?
As previously mentioned, we are having a free injury assessment day on Saturday 24 March from 9am to 1pm.
Sessions are about 15-20 minutes.
Call reception at 111 Pilates 02083185221 to book your slot.
If any one else is reading this is near the Blackheath area and would like to attend then just give us a call.

Hope you can make it Jenn.

16/03/2012 at 03:52

Thanks Greg- will try to call tomorrow. My phone broke! I tried to replace it but it would seem Tesco value phones are that cheap for a reason, it took me roughly 10 minutes just to get the thing to work to hear any messages left! (Its going back to the shop this weekend.)

I saw the doctor last week, she has now decided to form a third opinon and thinks its not bone related (as the specialist does) and not joint related (as I think) and says its muscular skeletal. (eg muscular related) and the same with my knees despite the consultants own opinion. The consultant discharged me immediatly at the end of the appointment where I had the diagnosis so at this rate I doubt I will get to see hom again.

The doctor has referred me to the pain clinic for my back and possibly my knees though I am still waiting for the appointment. I've not had any appointments come through yet, I know its only a week but my back is so painful! I can't sleep properly despite being on codine.

I have also just had a lot of bad news over the past few weeks, everything from minor things like my phone and TV breaking down (can't really afford to replace either), burglary and losing my grandmother, with the back pain getting worse and all just feels like a bit too much all at once so I've not really been on top of dealing with the back and knee pain. it would be wonderful if I could just go to my GP and get clear answers and everything sorted but thats a bit idealistic! My GPs seem to work on the route of do as little as possible or wait to hear what I request and then see if its plausable to refer me. I never feel like I'm taken seriously as I never seem to get anything done unless I specificly ask for it! Had it not been for me almost demanding a physio and orthopedic appointment I'd have never had the stress fracture diagnosed for example.

So hoping -if I do manage to get an appointment tomorrow- that I get something sorted!

16/03/2012 at 06:11

Hope to see you next week and see what we can help with. Try bring any reports etc you have relating to your injuries.

Hang in there


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