What do I do?

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19/09/2002 at 19:48
Cold on thursday (head cold)
Race on sunday (1/2 marathon)
What do I do?

If I shouldn't run, why not?
If I should run, can I expect a drop in peformance? What experiences do you have?

Please help me resolve this dilemma. thanks
19/09/2002 at 20:54
one rule of thumb is:
above the neck = run
below the neck = don't

so if it stays above the neck with just head cold symptoms: runny nose +/- sore throat, then you are probably safe to run
But if any symptoms below the neck:
fever, cough, shivers, upset stomach or urinary symptoms, then don't run. You'll feel awful if you do and there is a very slight risk of a condition called myocarditis were the infection spreads to heart muscle.

I have run a race with a heavy head cold. I actually felt better afterwards but my performance was below par, because I took it easy.
good luck if you run,
if not, good luck with the next one
eamonn clarke

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2 messages
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