why won't my groin adductor injury heal??

9 months injured going up the walls

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18/05/2013 at 15:21


Read this, Many groin strains are misdiagnosed by underskilled people. You may have a sports hernia, sometimes undetectable by MRI and doesnt show a bulge but remains unhealed because of specific tears in a specific muscle area and cannot heal properly remianing weak and painful..


19/05/2013 at 11:03

Thanks for posting Neas

To all following this thread I was eventually diagnosed with femoroacetabular impingement with labral tear and had an operation at xmas 2012 to fix it. There is a specific thread for this condition on this website and I have been posting regularly on there.

Currently rehabbing, but it seems I have similar condition on my other hip too which will require an op at some point.

Neas - your are not wrong I certainly felt I was treated initially by underskilled professionals - especially my first physio who was pathetic really. My 2nd physio is excellent.

I fail to see how anyone with a groin injury can be immediately assumed to have some sort of slight groin strain. Groin pain can be from a number of causes, and if it lingers then hip issues have to be considered. Here I am nearly 2 years after first getting symptoms still quite some way from activity, with probably a further op to look forward to!!!


19/05/2013 at 17:16

Good to see your getting sorted Parklife. I've put up with many mis diagnosed injuries over the years beggars belief how some of these people get employed.I know you can't take a sledgehammer to crack but I find the best people are those who have been in sport at some time and not just reading books.

Mine has existed for over 7 months and its not getting better or worse for that fact. More like a pendicitis dull ache that just makes the whole area feel weak. Strong core is so important and the surrounding muscles that hold the hip flexors need to be strong not just abs and back. Great advice from an ex Briitsh cycling physio. No ultrasound, no massage, just biomechanics and regular strength work.

Keep us updated with progress mate

02/07/2013 at 10:07

Hi all,I got injured during a rugby match in early October 2012. No snapping or sudden pain, I just finished the game and it started to tighten up. I continued to try playing through it for a few weeks, which was a bad idea. I have adductor longus pain, and also pain when i lift my knee: I'm told tight hip flexors are not helping this. It seems to rear its ugly head when I run/jog/sprint, or for example burpees (rapid knee raising in the lower part of the exercise).

I've been to 3 physios now, giving me a variety of stretches and exercises to do, as well as recommending ibuprofen, and massage roller. I've continued with swimming and biking as these seem to give little in the way of aggravation. The doctor pretty much refuses to give me a scan, or injections or anything, and has referred me to a 'sports doctor' - why he didn't do that some time ago i'm not sure.

I also have a sportsmans hernia (I had it about 5 years ago, it eventually went away but the symptoms are recognisable.) But this is the least of my worries.

I'm putting on bad weight because I don't enjoy swimming and cycling as much as running, and thus am less positive about doing them. Also, I can't lift heavily at the gym or do any real leg work, which is frustrating. The rugby season begins again in september 2013 (9 weeks), and I'm seriously doubting if i'll make it. I'm 27, and I just want to play again...

Could anyone recommend a course of action? Even if i rest it and it feels better, it's back to square one after one jog at 30% speed. Banging my head on the wall here


13/01/2014 at 23:49

Hi All,

i have also been suffering with the symptoms described. After a frustrating 9 months, including rest (didn't help) MRI (didn't show anything obvious) Cortisone injection (didn't help at all) I was just going to reside to the fact that it's unrepairable. Even my consultant said you may just have to deal with it as there is not much he can do for me. My X-ray did show up issues with my hips but he advised me not to go down that route. I have played football all my life and only took up running 9 months ago as my groin pulled every time I changed direction on the pitch. I try to mange my runs but it really aches for 2 to 3 days after but I can't just sit around and rest doesn't help. I'm 40 this year and without the release of running I will be doing no exercise which will drive me crazy. It's been a while since the last post so I wondered how you were all getting on as I'm desperate for a way forward. Thanks Justin 

15/01/2014 at 22:46

Anyone looked at osteitis pubis ?

16/01/2014 at 21:50

Justin C,

If your consultant is noticing hip problems but saying just ignore then he is burying the head in the sand.

He may be thinking you have Femoroacetabular impingement which an Xray ultimately diagnoses as it is a bony protusion which rubs against the hip socket cartilage/labrum.

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience on the Femoroacetabular impingement thread...if this is what your consultant suspects but you need to confirm it from him first.

17/01/2014 at 15:33

In 3 days time on Tuesday I will undergo my second direct inguinal operation as a result of running 4 marathons within 18 months. The first time I felt a sharp pain that slowed me down to stagger through the last stages of a HM in 2012. A year later I felt a sharp burning pain during a gut busting long run that slowed me down. I went on to run two marathon last year with hernia.

I have no idea when I will return back to gut busting marathon training. I hope this operation puts an end to my guts literally busting and resulting in painful hernias.

17/01/2014 at 20:20

Hi all,

Getting an accurate diagnosis is really important, but only the start. Once you know what the 'condition' is, in order to resolve it, you need to ask what is the root cause of that condition. Remember the body doesn't 'break down' for no reason.

The hip is an incredibly powerful and resilent joint when it is working correctly. Powerful supporting ligaments, strong cartilage, a deep ball and socket joint, tough labral tissue and a strong joint capsule. Added to that are incredibly powerful surrounding muscles which help stabilise the joint.

So what is going on? Why hip degeneration, arithitis, femoroacetabular impingement, muscle pain etc.? 

Basically the joint, and surrounding structures are not working properly, which means the head of the femur (thigh) bone is not smoothly moving in the ball socket of the pelvis. There are so many reasons why...perhaps one side of your pelvis is not moving correctly, so the thigh bones keeps grinding into it. Perhaps the muscles around the hip joint are unbalanced and so are not giving it the correct stabilisation it needs, so over the years it literally takes a beating. Perhaps the surrounding musculature is unbalanced, so other nearby muscles have to work overtime to help them out and eventually they show signs of pain. The list could go on.

The root cause often is something biomechanically is not working as it should, and the root cause of this is that the muscular system is out of balance. Remember, muscles position your joints. And the root cause of this is we don't use our bodies the way they were designed too. We sit for long periods and move less than anytime in history. If you correct the imbalances in your body the pain should go away.

So whoever you go see, its great if they give you a diagnosis but make sure to ask them why the condition showed up in the first place. Normal wear and tear, or old age is NOT a good enough answer as there are 90 year olds running marathons, so don't accept that answer from anyone. And always look for a permanent solution. Don't settle for temporary 'fixes' like straps, supports and stretching.

Take care and feel free to ask me any questions.

Ameet Bhakta

Postural Alignment Specialist



09/09/2016 at 08:44

I found this thread after suffering a groin injury which feels more like a tear. Ive had this for 5 weeks now and initially got it through football. I play footy about 4 times a week but nothing since the injury. It feels like someone has 'stabbed' me in the right groin area. Although the initial sharp pain has gone I now have a secondary ache as if it is trying to heal. I feel it more in bed when I turn the affected area or make sudden leg movements. I have gone to a physio who did massage and to do some excerisesand take ibuprofen but still the pain has not gone away. I wouldn't chance even a jog due to knowing the pain would come back although find I can do cycle and some weights in the gym.

My next steps is to go to the GP for further advice. Has anyone got any advice other than this? I'd hate to stop playing football. For your info I am 44
Edited: 09/09/2016 at 08:50

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