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31/12/2008 at 18:43

Interval session yesterday- 4x800m @ 13.4 kph (but did first one at 12.9 kph, as a 'warmer'), on treadmill at 1 degree incline- this is probably the first time I've come even close to doing one of these sessions as per schedule, so really pleased with myself!

Lots to drink last night, as working tonite, so sober. Can't get into gym for 2 days now, so will run outdoors tomorrow, just to show off the lack of hangover!

01/01/2009 at 10:22

Tricialitt - well done you! No wonder you're well chuffed with yourself!

I've had a bit of a set back and I've not even started training properly yet. Twingy leg after only 6 miles (hilly route, but stil!) and now I have the lurg, so resting up for a few days then, spinning Sunday then first set on intervals Tuesday. Well, that's the plan and one can never have too many of those!


01/01/2009 at 10:30

I love a plan mozzy, and a list!

Happy new year to you all.

Far to much wine and champas last night for me so its now sobering up for a few days ready for Monday (start of real training).

01/01/2009 at 12:27
HAPPY NEW YEAR (shouting annoyingly loudly, 'cos I'm NOT hung over!)- been out for a quick wee run in the sunshine this morning- the canal I run along side is frozen over, and beautiful crisp day! Was 'sposed to be 8km but only about half that.
04/01/2009 at 15:34

Had a good weekend doing pre-marathon training prep.  Did 9 miles 'slow' on the road yesterday then a 5 mile off road charity run today. Not a race as such but still pushed on a bit.  The lurgi is still hanging on in there and I can feel it when I run so maybe a trip to the doctor tomorrow.  Running neither helps nor hinders, which is good. 

Also, purchased a new running watch and latest RW for inspiration.  

With running the last 2 days the first day of my schedule will be a rest day followed by interval work with the club on Tuesday night.

04/01/2009 at 15:54
Minni, you put me to shame, I have the lurgi, but unlike you I cancelled the gym and have given myself pernission to do absolutely nothing until Tuesday (intervals)!
04/01/2009 at 17:07

15.2 sslow miles along the canal for me today.

Minni, well done. Hope you manage to shake it off soon...

The plan starts tomorro...

04/01/2009 at 17:30

15 miles.... you lot scare me!

What time are you going for this year AA?   

Mozzy - listen to your body.  I've missed a month of running which is why I'm out there.  Also I've found that its not really making me feel any worse.

04/01/2009 at 20:19
Minni - yes you're right, I had a go on the treadmill on Tuesday and could barely breathe at my marathon pace so apart from a 3 mile jaunt along the valley I've done absolutely nothing since then!
05/01/2009 at 10:20

Hello everyone! 

I'm doing the Furman (first timers) 18 week schedule for the FLM  so I'm already 2 weeks in. My legs are aching though because of the paces but I'm just not used to speedwork.

 I'm doing Wednesday, Friday and Sunday runs. I'm not sure how much to do for xtraining, I'm going to aim for 2 spin classes a week but I already cycle to work 5 days a week (20 minutes each way) and pilates twice a week. What do people think?

05/01/2009 at 10:33
Carol, I think that sounds like more than enough. I hope to always do the 3 runs then add in one swim, one pilates and then a gym session of some sort if Ican fit it in. Me this week, swimming today, 5 mile threshold Weds, 1k intervals Friday and 16 mile LSR Sunday. I'll try and fit in a gym session on Saturday. Early days though, don't want to annoy the family too much too early.
05/01/2009 at 10:37

My xtraining will be cyclings, and slow easy runs or long walk with the dog.  Usually walk or run about 5 miles a day with her so I think this should do.

Astride - I have to bring hubby and kids to London for the weekend of the marathon as a bribe!  When they complain I just say 'well do you want a weekend in London or not?' !!!!

05/01/2009 at 10:53
Minni - I live in London so not quite the same appeal. They did come and watch last year though and got soaked in the rain - they weren't really that impressed.
05/01/2009 at 11:16

Thanks Astride, I think I'll be listening to my body and and just doing what I can with xtraining. I get fed up if I'm just running all the time so hoping this schedule will keep me motivated.

My OH likes the peace, for a few hours on a sunday he can watch star trek without me pottering about!

06/01/2009 at 14:28

Happy New Year everyone.  I'm not a regular poster but I do drop in every now and again and I do like this thread in particular.  I bought the FIRST book in December, figured out my paces over Xmas and had my first training day today (intervals).  I nearly died.  Crikey, but this is tough. 

I have no access to a track but there's a park near my workplace with a near oval footpath that's almost exactly 800m for 1 lap and it's also pretty flat.  So I use that as my "sort-of-track"

Now, I do hate mile repeats because they are just too long and I am not very good at speed.  400m, 800m and even 1000m (albeit at a stretch), are manageable but miles are goddamn bloody awful.

From the three repeats I managed just the first one, which of course, was too fast because I'm a bit rubbish at pacing myself. The second one was 10 secs slower, the third one another 15 secs slower than number 2.  Eeeek!  On top of that I couldn't cope with just a 1 min recovery between reps, so I took a generous 2mins and something.  Mind you, it was freezing out there and I had trouble breathing but that's still no excuse for a crappy performance

I'm just very relieved to read that a few people are struggling with the pace so I don't feel a total failure.

I'm sorely tempted to try my next speed session on the treadmill instead (at 1% incline) - interval training feels somewhat easier there because it takes the guesswork out of pacing and once the belt starts moving you just have to stick with it and just trying hard not to fall off.

Curious to hear if anyone has used the FIRST programme successfully before and done their speed sessions on the treadmill.  There seem to be a lot of people that tell you only road miles are good miles and treadmill workouts don't give you the same benefit, so it would be interesting to hear if anyone has proven the road mile brigade wrong.

06/01/2009 at 14:43

I have just done my first dreadmill interval session today. It was challenging to say the least. I intend to do most of my interval and tempo training on the treddie, as my trusty garmin 101 is broken now and I am awful at judging my pace.

06/01/2009 at 15:04

I managed to strain a calf muscle the week before the 16 weeks was due to start -- largely I think because I overdid the effort in the speed sessions in the preliminary 'practice' weeks. Admittedly, that's from a background of no speedwork at all, so I was probably asking for trouble. I've just been out for my first 3.5 mile jog in 11 days. The calf survived, though I didn't dare do anything like the intensity that my Tuesday run is supposed to be, and I'm not sure that I'll be doing too much for a while.

My conclusion is that the book, and the FIRST plan, sets out the ideal plan for the ideal runner in the ideal circumstances. I'm thoroughly in favour of the plan but I think we have to make adjustments at the margin where necessary. If doing some of the intervals and tempo runs are genuinely causing you distress then maybe your body is telling you something. Doesn't mean a choice between strict FIRST intervals, or no intervals at all, but I think we need to give ourselves permission to make changes. I'll be picking up the plan again but toning it down just a little.

06/01/2009 at 15:11

RC - I completely agree. I think you have to go lightly into the intervals and gradually build up. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, just try to complete the session. So long as you are going faster than your planned marathon pace then you will be doing some good.

The times expected are pretty fast and as I already said in a previous post, I started to get close to them towards the end of the 16 weeks as I got fitter but still never reached them based on my 5k time. I real run with feel and I run outside. I think I am pretty good at pacing myself possibly because I don't run on a treadmill and I don't use a garmin. I go completely on perceived effort and a stop watch.

My rest times are almost always at least 2 mins aswell. I wait until I have fully recovered. It all worked for me last year. Dreading starting 16 interval sessions again this friday.

06/01/2009 at 15:31
SchmidtinatorIn 2004, I did all my training on a treadmill (3 runs a week: 1 interval, 1 tempo and 1 long run) and managed 3 hrs 29 mins for my first FLM.In 2006, I followed the FIRST plan and did all my interval and tempo sessions on a treadmill (in fact the only outdoor running I did was 3 x 20 miles). I completed the FLM in 3 hrs 11 mins. In 2007, I tried a different approach -- much higher mileage based on 6 runs a week , mostly outdoors and ran 3 hrs 8 mins (it was much hotter in 2007 and I think the heat probably cost me a few minutes.)Based on my experience you can get great results with the FIRST plan, and a treadmill is a reaonable alternative to outdoors for the faster stuff. BUT, the FIRST plan can be a tough plan to follow because every run is challenging. Towards the end of the plan I was dreading the sessions and so it may be a good idea to take in an easier week (e.g. only 1 speed session) every block of 4-6 weeks.Good luckITFAC
06/01/2009 at 15:57

Minni, I'll be aiming for 3:30 again. Managed 3:29 in Berlin 07, but have never gone under 3:35 in London on 8 attempts!

I do all my speed sessions on the treadmill. I did my 4x800's today. First speed session for a while, and not very quick

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