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06/03/2012 at 23:22
Legend Stoker...Legend.

Did a rare run at work today. must do more. will do more. It's hilly in that part of Surrey with 171 feet of elevation in the first 1.5 miles of my 5 mile route. Chest pumping-tastic is was as it sloped back down to zero and then a 100 foot climb to the last bit with a sharp downhill finish. Felt great.

Sunday's 7.6 in the rain has blown some cobwebs away. Time to get the stopwatch out and really push the progress.

07/03/2012 at 16:07

http://lakeland100.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/metabolic-efficiency-for-endurance-athletes-tapping-into-the-fat/ - I'll let you decide if you consider this relevent to your own marathoning experiance. Maybe not something to try first time out, but for an improver, the more you can get used to running in uncomfortable fat burning mode the easier it gets, the more efficient you are at using carbs and better you will go over the full 26.2 (or 27.2 incorporating the "weaving" in VLM ). It's probably not something to try on every long run, as it flys in the face of conventional thinking (i.e. porridge for breakfast). Something to consider during the MP + 90-120 sec per mile LSRs, it would certainly keep you from going too fast

Good running stoker, at last you've revealed the model of shoes you get for £35. a bargain, looks pretty similar to my similarly priced road-clogs. I was expecting a Hi-Tec Silver Shadow, Dunlop green Flash XL or suchlike  

Good hilling SB, my kind of training run

Edited: 07/03/2012 at 16:09
08/03/2012 at 18:53
Duncan euphoria thanks for posting I found that article really interesting
Okay I know you're not called Duncan but I am dictating this into my phone

I might just try 45 minute easy run before breakfast once in awhile. Something I would really hate!
Currently training for Milton Keynes marathon with Finchley 20 on Sunday to test myself.

08/03/2012 at 21:06
Hi guys just been told about this thread, got my first marathon in 7 weeks (Stratford) hoping for a sub 3:45 so thought I'd pop in and say hi.

Anyone else running this race?

Will have a read through later on and see if I can pick up any tips lol.

Cheers Jay
08/03/2012 at 23:37

g - Haha, np, anything adressing that is not obscene is fine. It makes sense really, I read this before last year, but promptly forgot to give it a try. I do this to ab degree already, will see if helps me in Hull marathon. Then after that I have several months till me target long trail runs to make myself into a carb-conserving, fat-burning machine.

Hi Jay - Can't say I know anybody that is doing Stratford, though I joined the party late on here so its possible some on here are and I'm just assuming they're doing VLM, except in cases I know otherwise.

Loads of useful tips on here as there are a few who've done more than one marathon, serial marathoners, returnee marathoners (me) and plenty in your first-sailing boat too. How have you fared at recent shorter distances? and how are the LSR's going? There's been much discussion on the best pace for LSR already if you look back a page or two.

Thursday night hard session tonight, the anti- was upped a few weeks back and seems to be helping me. After hard 2k reps a fortnight ago, long tempo last week, this week it was many-many 2 and 3 lamppost reps with 1 lampost recoveries (except for a longer stop at the end of each of 8 laps). very intense, legs worked out differently and felt quite quesy at time as the core took a battering that I'm not used to as a long distance plodder.

More over distance training at the weekend on trail, the "Wuthering Hike" over near Haworth. Can't wait

09/03/2012 at 13:02

If anyone is interested in the Olympic athletics test event at the staidum in May, you can get tickets on tickmaster today and enter the code BUCSPREPARES to get in ahead of the general sale next week.

Some bloke from the BBC posted the code via twitter yesterday.

Got mine!

Good luck to all you LSR people this weekend. not too quick and not too slow now!!!


09/03/2012 at 13:42

Little Stoker. I read your post, it made me smile. A mixture of lifes highs and lows and plenty of straight talking. I like that. Good luck with your race and beating your mate.

Sporty, thanks for the code. Will check with the misses and book I think. Good to hear your going to "push the pace". good luck with the training

Drunken ( hope you do not mind me calling you that for short). That is a good article. Also has made me feel better for going out on my long runs without eating much except a protein shake and taking a few shot bloks. Your over distance training must help when it comes to a "mere" marathon. I am doing brighton marathon BTW.

Giranit. I am a simple folk, so I have no idea about "dictating on a phone to post on a forum". Does this mean "gary" becomes "gay"? and "Tony" become "Tiny"?....  Good luck for MK

Jay. Welcome.  I have done stratford half a few times ( same race but only one lap). I liked the race, so hope it goes well for you...

A cut back week for me this week so only 42 miles.  I have a half on sunday that I will run at MP pace. I plan to run 4-5 miles before the start of the race too...

10/03/2012 at 10:09
Yes, very interesting article that Drunken.

Jay, good luck with the marathon, how's the training going so far....???

I've already done the weekends 15mile LSR, out at 6am this morning which completes a 38m week.... managed todays at just under 9m mile pace and its the furthest I have ever run, so it must be a PB!!!!! Ha ha!!!! 5wks down, 11 to go......

Now off to run an hour and a halfs footy training session for 20 6&7 yr olds!!!!!!

Good luck with your weekends runs everyone......

10/03/2012 at 12:56

Arnie, Cheers...so far so good mate, good my longest run yet tomorrow morning- 18 miles, looking forward to it.

 Which marathon you training for? I'm finding it tiring fitting 5 sessions a week in to be honest, with full time work and a family i'm doing all my runs before work which is tiring but you have to keep telling yourself it'll be worth it on the day

 I'm also booked into snowdonia (october) but doubt i'll be getting a mega time on that one LOL

AGF- thanks, i wanted to do london but got rejected so got into this for the week after. Maybe next year for london

11/03/2012 at 13:58
Guys. Took your advice on MP miles in a long run. 20 miles today. An hour run and then ran a half marathon straight after. Ran "controlled" at average of 8:15. Last two were 7:30 each. A real confidence boost. This target might be possible
12/03/2012 at 07:51
How did people's long runs go yesterday ?

Mine was 30km, took me 2hr 44min, fairly low HR all the way.

Feeling quietly confident about reaching target sub 3:45 if I can keep injuries at bay

7 weeks to go....well 5 weeks hard then 2 week taper
12/03/2012 at 09:03

Jay - well done mate, good running and a good timely confidence booster for that 3:45...

 I am doing the Edinburgh marathon at the end of May, it'll be my first attempt, so we'll see how things go... 5 wks into the training plan, so far so good - albeit very tiring, but I guess it was never gonna be easy right...??!

AGF - that sounds like some very good mileage indeed, last 2 @ 7:30 - you must have been feeling pretty good to do that - well done!!!

12/03/2012 at 09:22
Jay, an excellent run. Well done. Your well on track.
Arnie, thanks. I started at the back of the field and was one of the last over the start line. From then on I got in the rhythm of over taking folk as I gradually speed up during the race. Very satisfying!!
I agree it does get tiring this marathon training.. I try and get a few sneaky kips in when I can!!
12/03/2012 at 11:40
Cheers guys!

Out of interest...what gels do u lot use? I've ordered some new ones to try from vipvit, zv7c with caffeine. Will give them a whirl this week
12/03/2012 at 20:00

Hi all it's been revealed that energy distributed at Hull Marathon will be High 5 gels, which is great as I like these, so have orders a mixed batch alongside a top up of the 2:1 fructose energy drink. Having said that will use sparingly as want the benefit on race day

everyone seems to be LSRing well, signs look good for a job lot of 3.45s

Saturdays long run for me was the Wuthering hike. Only 4m longer than the golden fleece last week. But felt a whole lot more, with pennine hills and lots of mud on top of seemingly tireder legs I was out for 6.5 hours. Easy week now before my last marathon+ length run before Hull, the Hardmoors 55.

12/03/2012 at 22:38
Well done all you runners.
I remember the tiredness, but not so bad as some as I only ever did 3 runs a week. I do remember also though the runs where everything just clicks and I kept waiting on the fatigue to kick in but it never did. Thats when its all worthwhile. Although you may feel tired, you are probably fitter than youve ever been. And youll get fitter still. Badger mentioned his greatest ever training run in a post recently. Mine was on a hilly route Ive probably run a hundred times. Everything went right and I blasted it, all 9.57 miles to be exact at 7.10 pace. Im probably as proud of that run as I am of any of my halfs or marathons. On Sunday me n the mutt ran a 10 mile run at 8.42 pace, but that was probably down to the belly full of Guiness I drank on Friday night with my brother. A sociable teatime pint carried on thro till 11ish. I know now why football clubs fine players for socializing 48 hours before a match!
Made scones on Saturday with my daughter then watched the 10 year old boy play brilliant in the first match of the season Sunday with Brechin City Youths FC.
Maybe get up tomorrow forra run.

13/03/2012 at 13:23

You're right about the proud moments of running not always being in a race, Stoker. Mind you, overtaking a knackered looking Gordon Ramsey at 14 miles in my last London when I felt like I had only just started was an awesome feeling and a sign that the early mornings, dark evenings and will power sapping training sessions made it all worthwhile.

Stick with it all you 2012 marathoners!

I did my 7.6 undulating route on Sunday, much improved on last week. Played football yesterday, won, got top scorer but with the very last tackle of the game, fell on my hand and damaged my wrist. Normally wouldn't care but I have a game of golf on Friday. The race is on to get this swollen Popeye of a mitt sorted in time to have a blast with my new Callaway hybrid 2h club purchased for half price on Saturday. (Stoker will want one now...)


16/03/2012 at 23:36
Badger..... I could beat you off the tee if I sellotaped a breeze block to the end of my pool cue n hit a turnip. Im a Scotsman. We are born golfing naturals. As well as hatchet men centre halfs n gods pale faced n generously endowed gift to wimmin...
Sorry Im waffling. The wifes taken the girls overnight n left me with my 11 year old boy n 6 of his pals on a sleepover. They all attacked me earlier so I beat the living daylights out them like Big Daddy in his prime. Then we had 3 single mattresses on the stairs n they had a ball flinging themselves down there. Then we watched The Zookeeper on dvd n now theyre killing zombies on the xbox. All are sleeping in the front room in front of the log fire tonight. Will they be asleep by 2? Ive nearly finished a bottle of chianti. My mate did a 13 mile training run tonight! Im going out on Sunday morning.
Happy running all.
17/03/2012 at 22:04
So, this weekends long run was to race a half marathon... didn't enter a rate but after talking myself into it decided to do a half marathon on me jack in the rain and wind this afternoon. Came back in 1hr 36mins 48s, avg 7m23s per mile. Happy with that, a PB by some clear distance (previous being around 1hr 45mins) but now somewhat knackered........the last 2 miles were very hard indeed!!!!

Given me a bit more confidence for the marathon as me fitness must be improving....!!!!
18/03/2012 at 09:36
Superb running Arnie. Thats proper running that is.
Goes back to what I was saying about how on some pre marathon runs you just fly. The last 2 miles shouldve been tough at that pace! My best half was 1.37.58 at 7.30 pace n my best marathon 3.43 at 8.30 pace. Are most peoples bests about a minute per mile apart?
I awoke on the setee at 5.25 n new I needed to do a decent run. Got a text from my so called novice mate. He was just back from a 13 mile training run! ?! Im gonna have to train my nuts off these next 4 weeks to keep ahead of him. Absolutely beautiful morning with what I call a Forrest Gump style sunrise coming up over Montrose. Argued with the wife last night so took the dog out into the dark countryside. Cant remember ever seeing the stars shine so brightly. Anyway, got into a wee groove n added a bit extra to my planned route n did 11 miles at 8.14 pace. Not bad for someone who hasnt run in a week, but again makes me realise how far off my fittest I am when I did that same route at 7.10 pace once.
Woke my boy to draw his Mom a Momma's Day card before we go off to his football at 10.15.

Cheers folks.

Little Stoker.
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